51 miles last week in runs – only 16 of those miles were solo – all others were pushing a stroller. Instead of this making me feel sorry for myself that I have to push 100+ lbs of little people, it’s making me feel just a little bit bad a$$.

I’ve got the motivation in check as far as working out this summer now I just need to get two things under control.

I need to not eat the entire house and I need to drink more water.

In temperatures like this it’s easy enough to get dehydrated when NOT working out and LORD knows drinking water and staying hydrated is seriously a HUGE problem for me. It’s actually laughable at times. Why oh why is it hard for my 30 year old self to just drink enough water? After reading Jackie Warner’s book I started drinking 3 liters of water a day. It’s seriously the best I’ve felt – the problem is that I am only motivated to drink this much if I am drinking out of a giant 1.5 liter bottle. So strange….anyways I’m going to have to come up with ways to keep myself hydrated this summer.

I am also fairly certain that my hydration problem relates to my overeating problem. My body often mistakes thirst for hunger. NOT good.

I didn’t do any speed last week – I’ll start to add that back in this week.

My long run paces are a bit all over the place. In the early miles I saw my local club running group and wanted to catch up to them. It took me 3 miles to finally catch up with the runners in the front and then I slowed the pace down so I could stick with them and have someone to talk to. I didn’t stop my watch when we stopped for water hence the 10:xx something mile [I really recommend you don’t stop your watch on long runs – you need to see how long it’s going to take you to run whatever the distance is – stops and all]. I was happy that even though it was a zillion degrees out I still got my pace back down into the 7’s on the last solo miles.

All in all I’m pretty pleased with my week and my first 16 miles in a very long time. I was also excited to see a triple stroller miles in the 7’s – I look forward to HOPEFULLY seeing many more as my fitness improves. Sub 3:10 here I come. YOU ARE MINE. [Remember there is HUGE power in positive thinking and positive self talk]

One of the many things I love about blogging is being able to track my running progress. I enjoy going back and looking at how far my fitness has progressed in a year. {I do not however enjoy reading my old posts – seriously I was not a good writer at all – most posts don’t even make sense to me – YIKES – thanks for sticking around and still reading my blog – I promise I actually care about becoming a better writter} The only stroller runs for this week about a year ago, was that Monday and I was only pushing the double. Hard work pays off. Keep track of your workouts so you can see your progress.

If you have a moment and it literally only takes a moment, can you please VOTE for me in the Women’s Running Magazine Cover Model contest. I am one of 8 woman who made the finals and to say that I am just a little bit intimidated by the things that some of these amazing women have done is a total understatement! They don’t ask you to register and you don’t have to share any information – all you have to do is click vote. You can only vote once from each computer. Thank you so so very much for helping me DREAM BIG on this!!!





  1. Awesome job lady! What race are you training for?

  2. you GOT it! And I hope you WIN! So exciting.

  3. Wow that’s awesome!

    And I voted for for you :)

  4. Holy goodness! I can’t believe we’re training for the same fall marathon and you’re already up to over 50 miles a week. I’m such a slacker!

  5. This is so funny – I am EXACTLY the same when it comes to hydration. I get busy during the day and catch myself saying “I’ll be sure to down lots of water later to make up for it.” I actually say that to myself – ridiculous. I made time to eat croutons out of the bag last night while I was famished waiting for dinner to be done, but I can’t make time to drink water? Additionally I cannot consume water out of cups/glasses – I too must use a giant, refillable water bottle in order to get enough down. It’s cracking me up that there’s another strange one out there. One thing I find helps is to drink a glass of perrier or pellegrino in the evenings – the bubbles are refreshing & make me feel like I’m getting something more special than water but I don’t have to worry about having calories/sugar.

  6. I voted for you. Being on a cover of a magazine would be so awesome.

  7. In regards to water, I am bad at it too but I went and bought the Starbucks Venti cup and I keep that filled at all times and in front of me, I notice I can gulp down 4 of those through out the day, that is the only way I drink my water.

    I did vote for you at home and work, you are a big inspiration, keep up the fantastic work and you are a rock star!!

  8. Katie @ msfitrunner says:

    You are unbelievable pushing that much weight – you are going to crush your 3:10!! I will be there, too! It’s exciting to be training again for a marathon. I can’t imagine getting all three of mine in a jogger, let alone to sit still for more than 10 minutes. And I voted!! YOU should be on the cover :)
    Have a great week:)

  9. One of the ways I get myself to drink more water is to rotate through my water bottles and to buy new ones. I have a big liter Nalgene which I put three rubber bands around and every time I drink a liter I take a rubber band off. But I find that I get bored with this system after about two weeks, so I switch to a different one: a smaller 24oz Nalgene that I can easily fit ice and lemon slices into, so I’ll drink icy-lemon water for a few weeks until I’m bored with that. I also like lime slices. And buying a new water bottle or new stickers for my water bottle helps, not sure why? Kind of silly:-) maybe it’s the novelty of something new. But the key is to change it up every 2-3 weeks so I don’t get bored, it makes it easier to stick to the habit. Hope that gives you a few helpful ideas:-)

  10. Have you ever tried electrolyte pills? I take them on my runs and I used to get SO dehydrated. Maybe doing that would help you be ahead of the game for the rest of the day??? Also, I have two nalgenes that I have to drink while I’m at work. Maybe setting goals like that will help you track it better. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR HOUSE AND YOUR CONTEST!?

  11. Melissa (@StatOfLims) says:

    Do you have a good excel system for tracking your training? I’d love if you did a post about the best ways to track run progress!

  12. Looks like you can vote once per day, so people should keep voting! Good luck!

  13. I like the way you keep track of runs so you can actually see splits too! I may have to try that!

  14. They just changed that!! I was super excited for obvious reasons!! Thank you for voting for me :)

  15. I’ll do a post :) I mostly keep track of my training in a journal – I’ve been using one from http://www.believeiam.com for the past couple of months. But I do like doing it in excel when I can remember to do it.

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