As someone who for the majority of her life considered herself un-athletic there were two things sporty that I grew to love and felt like I was decent at. Running and core work. Core work doesn’t really qualify as a sport, and to some running doesn’t either….but either way this was mostly the extent of my athletic ability.

When the clock struck midnight on 2013 I had A TON of thoughts racing through my head. They may have been champagne induced or not. That’s what people do surrounding the new year – right? They think about things they want to change and set goals or resolutions. I’m not a fan of resolutions so many of the thoughts swirling around were goal oriented. I wanted my future self to be happy with the changes I would make in 2013.

One of those changes reflected the fact that I was tired of feeling like a just a runner – so I set out with the goal of trying new fitness related things. I wanted to not let my fear of being the new girl keep me from finding new things I enjoy.







…..all classes offered at my gym and I set out to try each of them. {Yoga was the only class I had already done prior to 2013}

Along the way I found two things I REALLY enjoy Spin and Pilates and a couple of others I’ll stick with because I like the way they make me feel.

This summer instead of counting miles ran each week, I decided to run whenever I wanted to and to do whatever classes made me feel good.

I liked this approach. It made the summer easier to manage with three little’s who are WAY more important than working out or running ever will be.

Summer 2013 2

When I headed to Hood To Coast I honestly felt fitter than ever. Not because I had spent my summer at the track, or running 80+ mile weeks, or because I was following some awesome training plan. I felt fit because I spent the summer enjoying my kids and doing what I wanted, when I wanted. I didn’t feel that nagging pressure of HAVING to do any sort of run. I felt comfortable in my own skin.

Summer 2013 4

photo snagged from Catey’s blog –

Now that fall is here and schedules are back for the kids, I’m realizing that at times I miss having a set schedule of knowing what I should run that week, so I’m softly jumping back in a bit.

I signed up for Marine Corps Marathon “for fun” because my husband, mother, uncle and sister are all running it {and truthfully because MCM just seems like a part of my life each year – I feel a bit lost without it}. I’m fairly certain the 5 of us may never all run a marathon together again, so I had to seize this opportunity. I’ve upped my mileage a little bit {70 miles last week}, brought back some speed work {6 mile tempo and a fast finish long run last week}, and I headed back to the gym today to start back up with pilates.


I can promise you I won’t be running 90+ mile weeks and I won’t be at the track every week either, but I am making more of a consistent planned out effort so I feel GOOD at the finish line of MCM and not dead. I want to finish just as I did last year with a HUGE smile on my face. I want to wave to photographers instead of standing tall and looking serious.

2013 will mark ten years for me of running marathons. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that ten years later I’d still be training for these things. Yet here I am. As time marches on I know that there will come a time in the future when my kids are a little bit older and need me a little bit less, then I will throw myself in to the marathon more, but for now I’m happy with my version of balance. I may not be the fastest girl at Marine Corps, but I will be one of the happiest.

Summer 2013 3

I don’t often talk about tragedy on this blog {there seems to be way too much of it lately}. I know I am one of those few people that is never at a loss for words, I could talk and talk all day every day…..this is one of my personality traits I love and hate……but I find when there is something terrible to talk about, I just don’t have the words. It just simply makes me cry and feel sick. What happened yesterday at the Navy Yard, makes me incredibly sad, and like I said I’m at a loss for words. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected.


  1. Good luck at Marine Corps! I will be there cheering on my husband even though I wish so badly I could run it! It is my husband’s favorite marathon and holds a very special places in our hearts – it always is a great experience and we love going there every year!

  2. Good luck at MCM! It will be such a special race, being there with your family! That race is definitely on my bucket list. Love the pics with your kids as usual :)

  3. Good luck at Marine Corps! I can’t decided if I want to cheer with the Annapolis Striders or meet up with friends and cheer with them. I definitely plan to cheer at Marine Corps every year I don’t run it.

  4. They’re are so many things I’d like to try too – but scared I won’t “get it” and look dumb in front of everyone there. I really admire your goals. Since I discovered your blog awhile back, I have really grown as a runner. I’m setting big goals and believing myself. Thank you.

  5. Although I’m not putting up big numbers AT ALL, I feel the same way with not having a training plan, going by feel, and being really really happy…most of the time 😉 I crave a good long run, and I’m slowly working my way back there. Can’t believe I didn’t hear about the Navy incident until late last night…I was busy the whole day. My heart and prayers go out to those victims and families!

  6. Trying new classes at the gym is alaways one of my goals but unfortunately I am a creature of habit when it comes to working out and tend to stick to running and yoga. I have started to incorporate more strength training at home with 20-25 minutes circuits and I’m enjoying that. I hope to feel as physically and mentally fit as I can for the WDW Marathon…a few months left!
    You are going to rock the MCM!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  7. MCM was my goal race this year and while i am sad i won’t be able to run it due to unexpected injury (recovering presently), i will try and be on the sideline cheering. seeing as how i live near crystal city i may be somewhere over there. either way, i wish you and your family the best of luck. one day i will meet ya in person (darnit!) heheh.

  8. I have been taking Pilates sometimes 1-2 times a week along with everything else I try to tackle, but I do enjoy it and like the way it makes my CORE feel. It has a lot to offer for both strengthening and stretching. Best of luck in the MCM! And it is so awesome to feel your best when doing an event. It’s usually when you are your happiest, most relaxed, and doing it because you just love it! Very grateful for those moments. XO

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