270Last night I headed to Georgetown to meet up with my mom and attend the awards ceremony for Marine Corps Marathon! A little mother-daughter time was just what the doctor ordered – that and two glasses of wine.

My mom ran a HUGE personal PR at Marine Corps Marathon which was good enough for 6th in her age group! As someone who wasn’t athletic as a child and for most of her adult life I could see her in eyes when she accepted her award how much this meant to her.282


This morning Chloe came in to my room for a snuggle before school – something she hasn’t done since I don’t even know when. As I hugged her tight it really struck me that I am my mother’s daughter. As I’ve gotten older the idea that I was once a little child has become something that seems so far away. I strangely don’t have many memories of when I was very little – I don’t really even remember being Chloe’s age. One day, that honestly doesn’t seem all that far off even though it is, she will be an adult. I truly hope {though I will never push her in to it} that she too becomes a runner so we can share the same passion just like my mom and I do!


After the awards we had a late dinner at Clyde’s of Georgtown and then did a little retail therapy at TJ Maxx. My idea of a perfect night.




Do you share your passion or love of running with someone else in your family? Do you think it makes it that much more special?


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  1. HUGE congrats to your mom! My dad is a triathlete and running track in high school and running now is something that brings our bond closer than ever before. Always daddy’s little girl!

  2. Wow, congrats to your mom!! My twin sister and I share a love of running (and “I run this body” shirts). We live over 1,000 miles apart, but try to do races together. We did our first marathon together in October, and I also ran with her when she did her first half. We’re the only runners in our family- everyone else just thinks we’re crazy!

  3. I share my passion with my husband but he is probably the most passionate of us both! He was 6th in his age group too and 18th overall in the MCM this year! I was so proud of him and watching him! Too bad we were too far away to be able to attend though! He definitely is the speedier one of us!

  4. I have a couple cousins that run, but otherwise I am by far the only runner in the family! Congrats to your mom – what an awesome accomplishment!!

  5. 1. Congrats to your mom!
    2. How in the world do you keep the kids out of your room?? A night without a child showing up is rare at my house. This morning (4:30!) it was the two year old. =)

  6. My dad was my running inspiration and continues to be. However, I have added my mom into this category as she ran her first half marathon last year at 58 years old. I regularly go on runs with my mom and our entire family runs the same races. My dad is the fast one of the family, my mom and I and my then 15 month old son cheered him on at the Boston Marathon which was amazing! My husband runs with me as well but can be much faster when he goes alone:-) I love the joy it brings my family and the joy I already see in my son at 3.5 years old!

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