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As a girl in her 20’s I have often found myself regretting decisions I have made, things I have said. I am not sure there is a person in this world that has not at one time or another felt this way. 
In 2011 I found peace.

I started to realize that all the wrong turns I made in life were the right ones. I am exactly where I am today because of the things I did and said, good and bad.

I was not a runner growing up. I did not run cross country or track in high school. I am what I would consider a late bloomer. At times I have wondered what my life would be like if I had been active as a child or if I had been pushed to do sports from a young age. I felt sad that I spent a good portion of my childhood reading, my high school years feeling shy and inadequate, and my college years being a mess [literally and figuratively].

I’m not sad anymore. All the experiences of my life have made me who I am today. People ask me how I find time to train with three little kids. I don’t find time I MAKE TIME. I push myself because I know I do not like life with out running. I like challenging myself. I love pushing myself harder than I thought possible. I like DREAMING BIG and then breaking through those dreams and coming up with new ones.

Every mile I run gets me closer to who I want to be……

I do not regret anything in my life. Yes there are plenty of things I wish I did differently – but who knows maybe I wouldn’t be a marathoner if I had.

Riding my marathon high for as long as I can….

Have I told you lately how much I love running?

Do you have regrets? Or do you know inside you are who you are because of all the right and wrong decisions you have made?


  1. Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I had started running earlier since I didn't do cross country or track in school like a lot of others. I loved figure skating though and shunned running (my parents were runners) so I can't say I have regrets exactly. I know I will keep improving since I have only been running 2 years and end up where I need to be :)

  2. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Celia – sometimes I wonder if I had started running earlier if I would be burnt out by now :) I also think it's fun starting running later in life – then you can keep improving like you said!!!

  3. Regret is a waste of time! I love this post : )

    I ran track in high school and college and it totally shaped who I am. But I'm a distance runner newbie. The longest distance in HS is the 2 mile. I ran the 400- a far cry between that and the marathon!

  4. I'm a very late bloomer, in my 30's and just started running. I did my first half marathon after I turned 30 so I agree I feel like if I had the drive a few years ago like I do now maybe I'd be a little faster and better BUT I still get out there and run and push myself, plus working full time, plus being a mommy. I do want to have another baby next year so Dorothy has inspired me to keep running while pregnant AND I can push two kids in a jogging stroller because she is a rock star and can do 3 :)

  5. Beautifully said, I'm going to nick a line and link back to you from my blog.

  6. Shellyrm ~ just a country runner says:

    I am very aware that I am the person I am today because of the path I have traveled. Without all the twists and turns I would not have arrived at where I am today. The great part? If I'm not happy with who I am or where I am at, I can ALWAYS make changes to become who I want to be and get where I want to go. It's never too late to take a different path or add variety to the scenery of the path you are on.

  7. Dorothy I know you carry a Nathan water bottle, which one specifically have you found works best? Also do you carry another little holder in your other hand?

  8. Wonderful post! You know I relate to this 100%. I admit, I teared up a little when reading it. :)

  9. Jerilee E. says:

    I regret all the years that I told myself I could NEVER be a runner! I wish that I would have tried to run further than a mile before the age of 30! BUT- I'm glad I decided to give it a go and I'm glad I still have lots of years left to enjoy and improve!
    Awesome job on your race!!

  10. Jennifer P says:

    I didn't do any sports when I was younger, and found swimming, cycling and running as a fat mid-20s newlywed. I love this post Dorothy and agree with you 100% – you need to make time for running after you have children. It isn't an option!

  11. Great post!!! I started running in my late 20's and within the few years I'm running it taught me so much!! I do have regrets (almost daily) but I'm working on it and try to have a more positive outlook.

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