Today is a big day for those of you who entered the lottery for the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon!!

So what do you do if you didn’t get in to Marine Corps Marathon?

If you have been a runner for a long time you are likely aware that some races offer the option to transfer your bib to another runner for a small fee. If you are newer to running, like many first time Marine Corps Marathon participants you likely don’t know this is an option.


In a couple of months there will be PLENTY of Marine Corps Marathon BIBs available for transfer from runners who either no longer want to run, got injured while training, have a schedule conflict that came up, etc.

For a $40 fee Marine Corps Marathon will let the runner who no longer needs the BIB to transfer it to someone who does. You can find these entries on the Marine Corps Marathon Facebook page, Craig’s List or other running related message boards where people will post they are selling their entry. It is between you and the owner of the BIB to work out a price for the entry, Marine Corps Marathon does not have anything to do with that process, only the transfer fee.

While it may seem like a cheaper idea to run under the other persons name, it’s NOT a good idea. Runners who run under another persons bib are considered bandit runners and run the risk of being banned from any future Marine Corps Marathons. Running under someone else’s bib also messes up the age rankings, as well creates a dangerous situation should the bandit need medical help and the Marine Corps Marathon organization mistakenly believes their identity is that of the original owner of the BIB. {JUST DON’T DO IT. There is nothing to be gained and more to lose when you run under someone else’s name other than your own. }

For more information on the transfer process you can check out this page on the Marine Corps Marathon website –

If you would like to confirm you have an entry before the transfer process begins you can run for a charity {involves fundraising} that has guaranteed entries!! is one such charity that has entries for this years race.


Congrats to everyone who was accepted today!! Marine Corps Marathon is simply one of the best!!


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