Missed out on registering for Marine Corps Marathon?  Had a terrible time getting through the online system the day of registration?

Still want to run?

RW Challenge

Register for the Runner’s World Challenge for your entry into MCM 2013!

Runners who sign up for the challenge receive VIP treatment race weekend including:

·         Entry into the always sold out Marine Corps Marathon

·         Private baggage check

·         Private bib pickup

·         Shakeout run with Bart Yasso and other Runner’s World editors

·         Course strategy session with Runner’s World experts and editors

·         Private pre and post-race receptions at the start and finish lines with nutritious food to help you bounce back quickly

·         Post race reception and private family meeting destination at Top Of The Town in Rosslyn, Virginia (near the finish line)

·         Technical RW Challenge Shirt

·         Choice of Runner’s World Book (Complete Book of Running, Long Run, or Runner’s Rule Book)

·         Your choice of one of more than 18 marathon training plans

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This will be my 8th time running Marine Corps Marathon. Marine Corps Marathon was my 1st marathon and first BQ. It only seems fitting that this 26.2 miles will be my 26th marathon. Every year I tell myself I’ll run another marathon, but once the crisp fall air hits I always think to myself – who am I kidding? I love Marine Corps. Why would I run anything else?

Marine Corps Marathon 2011

Frustrated by the online system used? Read this article from Run Washington on the fiasco — http://www.runwashington.com/news/4165/314/Marine-Corps-Marathon-lottery-under-consideration-after-registration-melee.htm


Do you think Marine Corps should keep it’s first come first serve registration system or go to a lottery like other major marathons?


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  1. I am running MCM as my first marathon this year. I deferred last year so I didn’t have any issues; however, I think a lottery system would be a good idea.

  2. You certainly get a lot of benefits when you sign up to the MCM. I have not been able to sign up at the moment due to an ankle injury I received in training….Not letting it put me off for the future though. Can’t wait to get started again.

  3. I love that they’re first come first serve… it truly is “The People’s Marathon” the first come attitude keeps it feeling that way. Love MCM, and wish I were still back there to make it my home town race. Now, it’s Malibu Marathon which is much hillier! Not that I’m complaining, but still.

  4. So bummed that I did not get in this year!! Not fun sitting at my desk trying to get registered for over 2 hours! I was ready and prepared right at noon but no luck. I think a lottery system is a good idea. Wish I could run with Runners World but way to expensive for me!!

  5. I have been planning this as mt first marathon since I ran the MCM 10k Last year in Oct 2012. So when the Marine Corps website announced doing the 17.75k with a golden ticket entry, you better believe I was right there at my computer on Jan 23. I got a slot in that race to get the golden ticket with 11 miles of grueling hell, i can say that I had just as tough a time as the registrants who had issues with active as I was having foot problems also. I will say that as much as the registration process sucked and as much as Active didnt do the load testing they claimed to do (load testing = testing their servers to ensure they could handle the constant pinging of the registration process), I gotta say there is some appeal to having to compete to get your own spot although I can see the appeal of a lottery also. Because I got burned by the NWM DC half lottery, i don’t particularly care for them but I can see how others would think it could be beneficial. I will say that there will probably be bibs for sale come june when the transfer opens…

  6. i would keep an eye on craigslist and the MCM facebook page as people often throw bibs up for sale in June when they open up the bib transfer.

  7. I ran the MCM ten times , it was my first marathon and my first BQ, too. It’s too convenient and too well organized not to run! I have a few friends that ran the MC 17.75K just to guarantee entry into the MCM. Good luck with your training!

  8. Not sure why you have been coming here for years?!? Good news is that I have so many things in my life that fulfill me that running 1 minute faster than my pr to get a sub 3:10 isn’t the be all end all of my life! If I never run a sub 3:10 I’m still a happy person who doesn’t feel the need to leave hateful or stupid comments on someone’s blog. Hope you had an awesome weekend!!

  9. This will be my 3rd MCM and I can’t wait! I’m going for my first BQ and actually am hoping to do better than just eek out a qualifier and run sub 3:20. I wish I could do it with Runner’s World. I signed up for that last year, but ended up having to defer my entry and just can’t afford to sign up through them again right now. I’m super pumped to still be doing the race though!

    I always liked that MCM was first come first serve, but if there isn’t a vendor that can support the traffic to the site that day, then maybe it’s time for something new. I wish I had a better solution than a lottery, but it seems like that may be their best bet.

  10. I am excited that you are running! Perhaps we can meet? It will be my first time running MCM (I have a charity bib so I didn’t have to worry with the registration fiasco). :) The boyfriend is also running MCM but he registered on opening day and had a heck of a time, but he got in.

  11. I am a former Marine and have wanted to run the Marine Corps Marathon for over 20 years, but never have been able to. I am finally in the area and will be here through the end of November, but I was not able to get a ticket. If anyone knows anyone looking to sell theirs please email me! Thanks for your help.

  12. Unfortunately I tore my calf and can’t run, so I put listed a bib transfer on ebay. Good Luck all. http://r.ebay.com/o6ypeI

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