This past weekend I had the honor of covering the Crossroads 17.75K race for It’s one of 12 races put on by the Marine Corps Marathon, my absolute favorite marathon!

The article is my first to be included on the website, and must admit I couldn’t be more proud. If you want to check out it out – click here. Be sure to also check out next months issue of Washington Running Report, pictures I took at the race will be featured!

I had a moment at the start line. The chaplain said a prayer before hand, he quoted one of my very favorite Bible verses. Let us run with patience the race that is set before us — Hebrews 12:1. I started to feel that ever familiar feeling of a knot in my throat, as a suppressed tears of happiness and joy. The gun went off and I just started to cry. Darn it, I love running. I love it so much that I even love it from the sidelines. I watched as people ran by and thought to myself about all their stories I did not know.

From each race, a book could be written, of all the reasons we run. What motivates us. I know among those runners that day, there were some great stories, ones that would inspire us all.

Next time you are at a race, take a moment to get to know the person standing next to you. Ask them why they run – you might just make a new running friend – or at the very least hear a very inspiring story.


  1. loving that last paragraph. I did this when I ran my marathon in May and – wow! You are so right! One story I will NEVER forget!

  2. MCM Mama says:

    I enjoyed your article. Wish I'd known you were there – I'd have made plans to meet up with you. It was a really nice race.

  3. I love that verse. I memorized it for my first Half Marathon last year. Great to meditate on on run. I too love the energy at the race, nothing else like it. Glad you had a good race.

  4. Ashley Claire! says:

    I read your article and it is great. It was a really fun race – I had the opportunity to run it. After the race, I turned around to the people who I was trying to keep up with for the whole 11 miles (I was surrounded by the same three women for much of the race, funny enough) and I told them they helped me finish – and one I think will ultimately become a training buddy for me! You are SO right!! I love runners! :)

  5. Great article. And I always try to talk to people nar me at the starting line… but most just look at me like I am crazy.

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