Thank you Body Glide for picking Mile Posts as the blog of the month for May!

I’ve been using Body Glide since I first started running. I don’t go running with out it. NOT JOKING.

I know girls who have been blessed with stick thin legs – I am not one of them. I have what I will just call powerful thighs and the truth of the matter is they rub – even on short runs. I learned the hard way in my first marathon that thighs are not the only place that can chaffe.

The day was hot – I over dressed [think UA heat gear?!?!] – this led to a ridiculous amout of sweating.

Marine Corps Marathon 2003

When I went home and undressed I looked in the mirror. I was wearing the Melbourne Bra from Moving Comfort [circa 2003]. If you wore this bra way back when – you might feel for me. At this point the company was not using soft thread and I literally had the entire interior lines of the bra chaffed on to my body. It was painful and for years I had faint scars from the wounds the bra left. YES they were wounds. That first shower was EXCRUCIATING.

Now I know better……

Body Glide is giving one reader of Mile Posts a prize package that includes a stick of Original, Sun & Sport, WarmFX, and a bottle of Skin Glide and a hat.

To enter:

  • Tell me if you use Body Glide or if you don’t why you would like to give it a try.

Extra entries: [please leave one comment for each entry]

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Disclaimer: I was not paid by Body Glide for this post. I use their products and like them. Sweepstakes is open to US residents only. One winner will be chosen at random. Sweepstakes ends at Monday 5/14/12 at midnight. Winner will be notified via blog post shortly after and has one week to claim their prize before a back up winner is chosen. For more information read the Mile Posts disclaimer page.


  1. I’ve never used body glide because I’ve been fortunate to never have any chaffing issues. I’ll occasionally rub some vaseline on my toes. But, I’m getting into some ultra trail runs, so I think I might have some chaffing due to the longer runs + my hydration pack, so I want to give Body Glide a shot!

  2. I too was blessed with strong thighs and I couldn’t live without Body Glide! Such a great product.

  3. I use Body Glide on ever long run and race…lifesaver!!!!

  4. Oh gosh this would be wonderful to try this product! I’ve been chafing SO BAD between my legs during my runs lately. It’s so painful!

  5. I now follow Body Glide on twitter and I let them know you sent me 😀!/krissymmurphy/status/201037571080466432

  6. and of course I follow you on twitter 😀

  7. I ran The Flying Pig over the weekend and with 90% humidity at the start and finishing temperatures in the low 80s it’s safe to say that I sweat a lot! I thought I had covered myself with Body Glide, but I was sorely mistaken (pun intended). I had to stop at every medical tent and get additional petroleum jelly in order to survive. Needless to say, more Body Glide is in my future. Less is certainly NOT more in this case!

  8. Of course I follow you on twitter! @jax_and_jewels

  9. oh, man. I discovered body glide when I was training for my first marathon. Someone gave me the tip after they saw me walking strangely post humid mid-summer 15 miler. Never looked back.

  10. One of my best friends is body glide! Under arms, toes and thighs!!! I hope I am the lucky winner! Love you too!

  11. I do use Body glide for longer runs! Particularly when I am running a relay!

  12. I needed it 2 weeks ago at the Philadelphia Broad Street run. I’ve never had issues in my 1/2 marathons but for some reason my armpits got really cut up that day. Would love to give it a shot for my next race in June!

  13. Danielle McDonald says:

    I have what I call “lumberjack” thighs. I love body glide. Not only for race day but for anytime I wear shorts or a dress. I love it because it doesn’t smell and mostly because it WORKS! What an awesome giveaway.

  14. Debby H says:

    I have never used Body Glide. I had my first half marathon this past weekend. 90% humidity.. This wouldve been a skin saver!!!

  15. Debby H says:

    Follow you on twitter

  16. Debby H says:

    Follow Body Glide on twitter.

  17. I’m currently taking a break from running, but carry a stick of body glide in my purse to use when wearing skirts and dresses on hot humid days. It’s a lifesaver!

  18. Congrats on blogger of the month! I love my Body Glide and don’t head out for a long run without it. Great giveaway, thanks!

  19. I normally dont wear body glide. I’ve always wore compression short so that my thighs would not chafe. I would give anything not to have to wear compression shorts, especially during the summer. Just with in the last month I got chafe from a bra that I have been wearing for quite a while now. Boy that sure stings. For some odd reason my shoe have given me some blisters on one foot. I read on a blog how she body glide her feet. I never thought of that. I tried it and it seemed to work. So wear I’m at right now is trying to wean myself off of my compression shorts. I love the way it feels to not have to wear compression short. I feel so light and free. I would love to win the package to see if it is possible to go with out those darn compression short.

  20. I am training for my first marathon and I am sure I will need a body glide for the long runs in hot summer days. I have never used a one before so that would be a perfect start!

  21. I love body glide. It has gotten me through some situations that otherwise would have been really ROUGH.

  22. I don’t use body glide, but I definitely need to! My thighs especially need it with the upcoming summer.

  23. Julianne says:

    Love Body Glide. Use it under my arms especially in the summer time!

  24. Julianne says:

    Follow you on Twitter!

  25. tweeted on bodyglide and let them know you sent me

  26. I already follow you on twitter! yay

  27. Follow you on tweet

  28. And I followed Body Glide and told them you sent me =)

  29. I use Body Glide for running because I too was not blessed with skinny legs. My thighs touch and when I run long, they rub. I also use it under my arms sometimes too to prevent chafing. I’ve also discovered it’s use for other sports as well. I love the water and kneeboarding, well that leads to some pretty bad wounds if you spend long hours out on the water bouncing on that foam board. I used my body glide and it didn’t look like I dragged my legs on pavement. After my first half marathon, I was glad I used it, I tried to convince my sister and she passed, After that race, she uses Body glide now too!

  30. I’ve never used it, but am just starting to do some longer runs and would love to try it.

  31. Jenn Requist says:


  32. Jenn Requist says:

    I follow you on facebook !!

  33. I just bought Bodyglide for the first time. I’m excited to try it out!

  34. I follow @mileposts on Twitter.

  35. I use Body Glide when I wear my wetsuit for triathlons. I haven’t used it for running yet, but I think I need to try it out!

  36. let’s just say, if BodyGlide came in vat form, I’d dip myself in it before every run.

  37. I use it for long runs and love it!

  38. I also follow mileposts on Twitter! :)

  39. I haven’t used it yet, but after my last race and the terrible chafing I ended up with, I think I need to!!!

  40. Ouch!!! Right now I do not use Body Glide, but feel that I should try it out on my toes – they do some weird rubbing at times & also for my camelbak during my long training runs.

  41. I follow Body Glide on twitter @runningwtg

  42. I follow Miles Posts on twitter @runningwtg

  43. kathryn says:

    I have never tried B.G., but I’ve been meaning to. I got a running skirt with a boy-short underneath. The first time I wore it running, the boy-short totally rode up and congregated at the top of my thighs. I ended up with chafing issues for the first time and it was terrible!

  44. carolyn says:

    Heck yeah! It’s the only thing that keeps my ribcage from getting rubbed raw by my bra band…

  45. I just used Body Glide for the first time last weekend. It was a life saver! I bought the tiny pocket size, so I need to go out and get the full size.

  46. I don’t use bodyglide every run but I do have some and love it! It sure makes a difference with certain clothing items!

  47. I don’t use body glide…I don’t really experience chaffing unless I wear stuff that doesn’t wick the moisture…but since I’m running my first marathon on October–I know I might start chaffing in places that may not have chaffed before…would love to try this!

  48. I follow you in twitter!

  49. I use body glide for every run. I have learned the hard way when I forget!

  50. I use body glide for my longer runs. It’s great. I like how it is not super sticky or greasy, but it works.

  51. Congratulations on the award!! You deserve it! Yes, I use body glide. I, too, learned after a hot 18 mile run, when I got a painful mark under my arm!!

  52. I have a serious love of Body Glide, heck I even wrote a sonnet about it. If you want to check it out

  53. i have the worst luck with giveaways… so i never enter them.. but just wanted to comment! body glide is AMAZING STUFF! swear by it. also, those are some STRONG looking legs! i’d take strong legs over toothpick thin legs any day!

  54. Definitely use it, but I don’t need it on my legs so much, more my upper arms. Big old swimmer arm and back muscles means chafing in that area if I don’t watch it.

  55. Jennifer says:

    I have never used Body Glide before, and thankfully have never experienced any rubbing on a run :-). BUT if I ever do, then I know what to get!

  56. Carissa says:

    I love Body Glide! It is a must for runners.

  57. I learned the hard way. On my first half-marathon I chafed under my arms. I never leave home without my body glide…lesson learned.

  58. I already follow bodyglide on Twitter @NattieRuns

  59. I follow you on twitter

  60. MaryEllen says:

    I have never used Body Glide, but by the looks of all the comments, I think I need to start!

  61. I use Body Glide on just about every long run from my neck to my toes. If I skip it or miss a spot, I find out about it in the shower :)

  62. I have used some products for chafing but I have never tried body glide and would love to!! I definitely don’t have stick thin legs and on those long runs they will chafe if I don’t put something on them!!! Thanks!

  63. Tweeted them! Already tweet you! Yes I use it – was introduced to it for my first half marathon. I think I was lubed head to foot but nothing chafed. I didn’t realize the value until another race where I was very hot, very sweaty and there was a lot of dirt…. Butt cheeks chafe too!!! Very unpleasant!!

  64. Use Body Glide on every long run – works like a charm!

  65. Just followed you on twitter!

  66. I use it to keep my underboob from chafing! :-)

  67. Love me some bodyglide, never ever leave home without it!!!

  68. I’ve never tried body glide, but I’m gearing up for a summer of long runs in hot humid VA so it seems like something I need to try.

  69. I use body glide on my “powerful thighs” too! Also on my inner tricep…it is true, you chaff in the weirdest places!!!

  70. I follow @mileposts on twitter!

  71. Laurel C says:

    I follow you on twitter!

  72. Laurel C says:

    I follow BodyGilde on twitter too!

  73. Laurel C says:

    I use BodyGlide under my sports bra for every run because chafing is the worst!!

  74. I do use Body Glide after painful lessons about how important it is. The lesson of reapplying in ultra length events is a lesson I am still learning!

  75. carolyn says:

    after my first 1/2 marathon in 2010 my sports bra chafed so bad i had to literally peel it off me. For weeks, it looked like i had gotten a Tijuana boob job. I had always “heard” of using body glide but thought it wasn’t for me. wow, was I wrong.

  76. i don’t use body glide but i really should! in my last half, i had some horrible chaffing on my thighs. and then in my marathons, my sports bra leaves a rash for like a week!

  77. follow them on twitter and told them you sent me :)

  78. follow you on twitter too!

  79. like body glide on faceboook

  80. and i like your page on facebook too!

  81. Christina says:

    Cannot run even 0.5miles without Body Glide! I don’t want to ever relieve another painful chafe :(. Thighs are definitely not the only place that can chafe haha!

  82. I follow Body GLide on Twitter (@runningmoose13)

  83. I follow you on twitter (@runningmoose13). I use Body Glide on my usual hot spots for long runs and most run on my chest to avoid nipple chafing!l

  84. Yes, I use body glide! Wouldn’t complete a marathon or long run without it! I have an uneven rib cage, so one side always rubs against my bra. Ouch. I glide up the bottom elastic for long runs, and for marathons I also glide my ankles (shoe tongue rub) and chest area if I’m stuffing Gu down my bra 😉

  85. I’ve only been running since November and didn’t have to worry about chafing because it was cold. Last week I ventured out in 88* and high humidity in shorts for the first time. OUCH. I’ve not tried Body Glide but would like to because I don’t want to repeat this experience but I haven’t gotten my hands on any yet. Still running in black capris, hot but I don’t chafe.:-/

  86. I LOVE Body Glide! I was also blessed with powerful thighs! I use it when exercising and when wearing skirts.
    I’ve thought about using it for my sports bra… thanks for the idea!

  87. As a runner I only used Aquaphor or Vaseline for years. Last year when I started doing triathlons I needed something that wasn’t petroleum based (petroleum degrades the wetsuit) so I started using Bodyglide. Now I use it all the time!

  88. I already follow you on Twitter!

  89. Followed Bodyglide on Twitter (and told them you sent me)

  90. I don’t currently use Body Glide but I was actually just looking for something to use this week after my heart rate monitor cut my back in two places during my last race. I think it seems like it’s a stand-up product, and I’d definitely be willing to give it a go!! :)

  91. Jo Anna Leuck says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but would love to!

  92. I don’t use it yet. I’ve used a natural version for the marathon because I got some free samples at a recent race. It worked out fairly good. But I’ve heard so much about body glide that I would really like to try it an see the difference.

  93. oh body glide is one of the first things I tell every new runner to get. It’s a less best not learned the hard way, but oh yes I did. now i lather up before every run!

  94. i follow you and them already :)

  95. I use BodyGlide a decent amount on warm runs and I’ve recently discovered it’s awesome for preventing chafing in my wetsuit during triathlons!

  96. Steel Springs says:

    I’ve used Body Glide a few times and I like it. I definitely need to start using it again now that I’m pregnant and my body shape is changing.

  97. Steel Springs says:

    I follow you on Twitter.

  98. Of course I love and use bodyglide! Last week unfortunately I missed a spot… still recovering on the inside of my right thigh… damn us with these big powerful runners thighs!

  99. Actually, I’ve never tried it I’ve got “strong thighs” as well so would love to give it a go.

  100. Ive never used body glide but d love to give it a try because… Wait, you should know why

  101. Heck yes I use BodyGlide! Just completed my first half marathon. As part of my pre-race prep, I had my husband put BG on my entire back, just to make sure my sports bra wouldn’t rip holes thru my skin. And I always use it, even on short runs, to avoid thigh-rub. I’ve even used it on my face during ski season to protect from wind chapping on my throat. At some point, I’m going to try it on my feet just to see if it can help prevent blistering, too. It’s an awesome product.

  102. I have tried several different types of anti-chafing products and Body Glide is my favorite. I use it on my inner thighs and around the sports bra area. I also use it on my feet to keep them from not getting so hot when I run. And surprisingly I chafe on my inner knees as they knock together when I run, which is also a great place for Body Glide.

  103. Ive never tried it but I think now that the summer is almost here I will need to use some!

  104. I also follow mile posts on Twitter

  105. I started using body glide for all of the reasons you mentioned above while training for my first half marathon in 2007. Still won’t go on a long run without it!

  106. I’m not a Body Glide user, mainly because when I get the chance to hit up running stores, I’m so overwhelmed by everything I forget to purchase some! However, I would definitely love to try some because I have “strong thighs” and usually forego running shorts for capri’s, but boy do I get hot in the summer. Body Glide would definitely help out that issue!

  107. Body glide is one of the best things ever invented! I use it on just about every run and sometimes when I am not running. I don’t have thin legs and will sometimes use it when I am wearing a skirt and know I will be warm 😉

  108. I’m a huge fan of Body Glide! With my healthy thighs (ahem!) Body Glide is a must for any run!

  109. I follow up on Twitter (@RunAttitude)

  110. Love Body Glide and hate it when I forget it!

  111. I love Body Glide…never go for a run without it!

  112. Kristen says:

    I have never tried body glide but really need to! I always get red marks and they are still visible when I show up for work!

  113. Kristen says:

    I follow miles post on twitter!

  114. For my first marathon I had no clue. And grabbed vaseline from the sticks the volunteers were offering along the route. I took 3 more marathons and a lot of chaffing (from bras, from thick thighs, from iPod shuffles, you name it…) before I found Body Glide and I haven’t looked back since! I love it, use for every distance race I do. It is a MUST for every runner!

  115. I follow @mileposts on twitter!

  116. I’m now following @bodyglide on twitter!

  117. I’m a huge fan of BodyGlide. Lets just say my thunder thighs are well acquainted with the “chub rub”. Either longer compression shorts or mass amounts of body glide are an ABSOLUTE MUST for me. Period. End of story. lol

  118. I follow you on twitter (@JessLK721)

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