Second recap in a month. I feel like this is some sort of giant step for me. Two recaps, means two races. Two races that made me really happy even though they went nothing like I had imagined.


I don’t really plan anymore for how things will go in races. I’ve been running races for 14 years or so and I’ve learned that you can plan all the live long day and sh*t can still not go your way. If you don’t on some level know that everything could go completely wrong, despite your best attempts at keeping it together, the heartache hurts more. There isn’t much heartache for me when it comes to distances shorter than a marathon, because if you fall off the horse in a race of a shorter {remember shorter is relative to the person}, you can just run another one. Marathons are a different story all together.

I had a seriously case of FOMO this weekend. My old training partner was running the marathon {we don’t live close enough to each other to really train together anymore}, 54 people on Team Beef were running the marathon {I was the only 10k’er} and just about every person I talked to that weekend was in it for the long run 😉

I was in some ways struggling with accepting my decision to back off the marathon this fall. Yes, I could physically run 26.2 miles, and a few people tried to convince me to figure out a way to get my bib switched back, but plans had changed and Eric and I were going to the Redskins game immediately after the 10k so I knew there was no way to pull a last minute stunt and try to wiggle my way back into the marathon and run for fun.

In many ways I’m thankful we had tickets to the game because the marathon wasn’t the right decision for me. The weekend was packed {will write more about this later!} and my legs were really tired at the start of the 10K. The marathon would have been a painful disaster.

To make a very long story short, last minute we found out that we were able to get extra {free} tickets to the Redskins game. Eric was super dad on Saturday – soccer game – figuring out someone to watch Colton – driving to MD to get said tickets – then driving to DC. Things that aren’t actually that hard or complicated, are always 10 times harder and more exhausting when you have little kids.

I’m a fan of last minute plans, so I was over the moon when the three of them arrived right after my talk at the Team Beef dinner. Chloe and Miles had never been to a Redskins game, they had never taken the metro before {little things are big things to little people}, and this was only the second time Miles had stayed at a hotel {other than when he was a baby}. So needless to say they were beyond excited and their excitement rubbed off on me.


Race morning I got up at 5am, got ready, and ate some food I would later regret. We left the hotel to walk to Union Station at 6:15 or so. Metro at that point was pretty empty. One switch and a short walk and we were at the start of the 10K. It had beautiful views of the Capitol, which I happen to think looks pretty even with all the scaffolding on it.


Eric, Chloe and Miles left me before the start of the 10k because we were worried that it might take them longer to get to me at the finish than it would take me to run the race.

A short warm up – too short – some leg swings, stretches and it was almost time for the start.

I lined up right where I thought I should be. If my legs felt great, I had planned to be closer to the 40 minute range, if they felt terrible my goal was under 45.

After my warm up, I decided that there was no shot that anything in the low 40’s was happening that morning.

Mile 1: 6:59

I felt good about this pace, didn’t seem too fast for a 10K

Mile 2: 7:02

This felt like I was holding an even effort pace from the first mile

Mile 3: 7:09

A little slower than I would have liked but I went with it

Mile 4: 7:08

Even though it was only 1 second faster it increased my confidence

Mile 5: 7:04

I started to get excited after this mile because I knew that the last mile was going to be a fun one on the last mile of the marathon course

Mile 6: 7:17

At the beginning of this mile I started feeling sick to my stomach. I prayed like a crazy person that I wouldn’t get dizzy. I really did not want to have to drop out of a 10k, especially not this one. I started dry heaving, which was violent enough that it was stopping me dead in my tracks. I threw up. Then started running fast, probably too fast considering how my stomach felt. I started to dry heave again, at which point I was really annoyed. So I stopped and made myself throw up because I didn’t have time for this nonsense. I was really angry at my body – this wasn’t a marathon – this was a 10K and I wasn’t killing myself on the pace either. The anger turned in to running quicker because I didn’t want to not meet my sub 45 goal because of this. I actually run pretty well when I’m angry, which is both a blessing and a curse. Sprinted up the hill, saw my little family cheering me on right at the top, waved and the busted my butt to barely make it in under 45.


love this picture of Chloe’s little hand waving to me

7:15 average pace for the last .3 – probably the fastest I’ve ever run that last hill – lol – and based on the fact that my fastest pace during that bit was a 5:15 – I’d say I’m not exaggerating on busting my but to get that sub 45.


Finished the race, ran to the grass and got sick one last time.

MCM 10K 2015

So things went my way and didn’t go my way. I probably should not haven’t eaten breakfast. I typically don’t eat before I run and the race was short enough that I didn’t really need the energy. On the other hand maybe it was the caffeine – I’m becoming increasingly more sensitive to it. I drank a 5 hour energy instead of some sort of coffee. I did this during Ragnar Relay and felt like it was easier on my stomach but who knows anymore… feels like every run and every day is an experiment when it comes to food.


That being said – I’m over the moon with how I ran. My PR for the 10K is little over 40 minutes and sure I’d love to be back at that point, but you have to start somewhere and like I said in my last post about Hershey, I’m getting too old to be heart broken over race times. The girl who ran a 1:06 for her first 10K would have died and gone to some sort of running heaven if she was able to run a sub 45 minute 10K.

MCM 10K 2015 2

I’d write more but somehow I managed to already write over 1,100 words about a 10K so I’ll leave it here and write more another day!

xoxo Dorothy

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