I was inspired the other day by a picture posted on instagram to give my office a little book makeover. Instead of having my books half organized by topic and half organized by the ones I had started and needed to finish, I decided to organize them by color. I’m in love with the way it turned out.12-30 post 5

One of my favorite instagram accounts to follow is @artsyville – the colors in all her posts make me happy and always inspire me to make my living space a little bit brighter. Once they were organized I felt like it was a book shelf she would approve of :) 12 -30 post 1

I started with white, moved to black and then did the colors of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Obviously you could organize yours in any color order you like and it would still probably look pretty cool. The bonus of things being organized this way is that I am forced to look through my books to find what one I’m looking for, which really has made me VERY aware of the fact that I have a ton of books to start and probably shouldn’t buy anymore {you know…after those couple I just ordered from amazon arrive – shhhhh don’t tell my husband}. 12-30 post 2

If you too are a big fan of color look at this absolutely wonderful present Aimee sent me for Christmas.

12-30 post 6

The print is absolutely gorgeous in person – even better than her instagram picture – I can not wait to hang it in my office!! I had to take pictures of the wrapping….because hello even that is adorable. I bought some magnets from her and hung them right next to my tea kettle in the kitchen – they greet me every morning with inspirational messages that I like to remember. Here is a link to her Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/shop/artsyville – and no I am not being compensated – I just really love her stuff and wish I was half as talented as she is.

12-30 post 4

12-30 post 3

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Are you a fan of real books? Or are you the e-reader type?


  1. I love real books and keep a little library in my home. I love your color coded shelves!

  2. Both! Depends on the setting and the book. Most recently a Book CD fan. Public Libraries for the win!

  3. I love Artsyville too! Super talented, and I absolutely love her prints. The washi tape she sells is adorable! Love how the book arrangement turned out. I have too many books too. I feel like I collect them like some people collect handbags.

  4. Cool! I’m entered. Nice to meet you, just found you this week. Amd happy new year, congrats of your marathon and cute office redo!

  5. Great blog you have here! I love books, but not as much as my husband. We are surrounded by them. I think it would take a year to color code them! Great look!

  6. My girlfriend just did this to my bookcase a few months ago–I must say it was quite an epic awesome surprise! We have to spread the word (wish I can link to a pic on here!).

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