Last Thursday little people and I decided to head the other direction on the trail near our house. The first little bit was downhill which is exactly why I hadn’t wanted to run on it. Downhill in the first part meant that it was going to be straight uphill on the last little bit home. I find it very discouraging to end on a slow mile. On every run – not including speed work – I work on my final kick in the last mile. I envision it being race day and I push harder than I have on all the other miles.

We ended up running 6 hilly miles. Up down – up down. The run gave me a new understanding of hilly when it comes to stroller running. I had previously thought that where I ran before was hilly but compared to this – my old town was flat.

The pace was fairly even because there was no part of the run where I could just cruise. It was 6 miles of hard work – discouraging was the only word I could focus on during the run. Needless to say we won’t be making that run a regular part of our routine.

The other direction on the trail is uphill for 3 miles. It’s hard, it’s miserable even when solo, I want to quit on every run I go on. I DON’T. Mentally I know that I only have to be strong for 3 miles and then I can cruise and semi get into a groove on the last three that are downhill. I’ve decided I’d rather an uphill run followed by downhill any day over a run that is just plain hilly.

I really pay no attention to pace on the first three miles of the run. I know they will be slower and I don’t much care how much slower – only that I get through them.

I noticed on today’s run that I was a bit slower on the first 3 than I was last week, but was pleasantly surprised that the 3 back down were faster than normal.

I’m really enjoying the time with the kids in the stroller. Chloe will start school in less than a month and my regular days of triple stroller running will be over for good. Next summer the three of them combined will weigh more than the weight limit on the stroller. It will present a new challenge for me, but I am not worried. I have overcome all challenges that running has thrown my way. I know that it will all work out because I have FAITH.

She loves him

Dancing on the back porch - I love watching him create his own happiness

Jumping Beans


Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hilly stroller runs are just plain hard! I do all my double stroller runs in central park, which compared to my native Florida, is pretty hilly. I can tell that it really strengthens my legs though, so when it gets hard I keep telling myself I’m getting a great butt! :)

  2. My seven year old rides her big girl bike in front of me while im running. Its a nice challenge to try and keep up with little miss speedy pants!

  3. I know you said last Thursday’s hilly triple stroller run was “discouraging” and as a result wouldn’t make it into your regular routine, but have you thought that maybe that kind of a run, if you keep at it could actually build confidence and mental strength. I know you push through on so many other challenging things (think specifically of your treadmill 20 miler;-) Maybe pushing through that hilly six miler would really strengthen you and build your confidence.
    We live in a really hilly area of New Hampshire, the only way for me to fun on flat ground is to go to the track or the treadmill. I have this mantra when I’m running: “hills are my bread and butter” and “embrace the hills.” I repeat these to myself when I’m out there feeling miserable running up and down and up and down. I’ve found that because of that I can run hilly races with confidence knowing that when other people shy away from hilly runs, I embrace them. In the races I’ve run while pregnant (even though they are at a slower pace) I am ALWAYS passing people on the hills. It makes me feel freakin’ awesome! I love passing people on hills and then staying strong after, and I know I can do it because EVERY run is like that (if I run from my front door its gonna be hilly no matter what). Maybe “embracing the hills” in your new area will yield a major confidence boost. Yeah, your times may be slower at first, but you’ll gain valuable confidence and physical conditioning in not letting the hills get you down. :-)

  4. I give you so much credit, Stroller Run has been a challenge for me, I find I get winded pretty quick, I am not giving up though, I will keep trying.

    Your kids are way too cute!!!

  5. Congrats on making through those hilly stroller runs! I just wanted to say that your kiddos are just adorable! Glad to see they seem to be settling in to your new home with big old smiles on their faces :)

  6. Much as I understand how horrible they must be, hilly stroller runs will make you impossible to beat in the longer term…so much stronger and tougher. I agree with Sara that they would be great to incorporate into your weekly training….but I’m not sure I’d have the guts to do it myself 😉 But you’re tough!!

  7. Hill runs are hard…hill runs with a stroller are insane! Hats off to you woman!

  8. Yep, hills and strollers are hard! A stroller will tell you about every hill, even the ones you wouldn’t notice out on a solo run. I think it’s a huge accomplishment to push even one kid on even the tiniest hill, so pushing 3 up big hills is impressive!
    Being in Seattle for the summer it’s been very hard to find anything flat, and I’ve had the stroller on almost every run because of daughter’s sleep schedule and husband’s work schedule. I just keep thinking of it as my strength work and tell myself I love it and it’s become a pain I like. I haven’t been doing real speedwork so I think this has been a good replacement for the summer. One day when I got to the top of a pretty steep hill that goes for 3/4 mile (ends at the zoo) I saw a girl with amazing quads. She was on her way back down the hill. I thought to myself “I’m going to have those strong quads by the end of summer” and now that’s a small part of my motivation each week to tackle the hill.

  9. Katie @ msfitrunner says:

    You are going to be one strong and super fast chic after pushing those three on the hills!!! Keep it up lady:) and even though you want to quit, it’s likely that you never will, so your mind is getting a decent amount of training, too!
    And your house, or the outside patio at least, looks BEAUTIFUL!! I’m seeing LOTS of warm toasty night time fires in your future:)

  10. Too big for stroller runs just means the kids move to bikes!!! It is fun although pacing is hard….but it fun when the kids get exercise and enjoy it :)! I can’t believe you push all three!!!

  11. Your children are seriously adorable. :)

  12. So glad to have found your blog (I’m working with Restored 316 on my blog and first saw it in her portfolio). Your photos are stunning and your running is inspiring (I struggle enough running myself let alone with a stroller :-) ). Looking forward to being a regular reader!

  13. I miss hills. I know that sounds odd to say, but I grew up in the Catskill Mountains and couldn’t go more than a quarter of a mile without coming across a hill. Now, the B&A trail is just flat, flat, flat!

    More importantly, can I camp out on your back patio? That space looks amazing! I can cook and clean in order to earn my keep.

  14. Sounds tough but nicer than running in SR, no?! Once my kids were too big for the stroller they had to ride their bikes with me. Made running a bit more of a fartlek which presented its own challenges, and there was the time my youngest came out on his scooter and went careening down a hill cutting his lip open, and I had to run home carrying him bleeding profusely, but most of the time it worked out! Then they both went to school and I got to run solo again! Anyway, I am hoping you are going to post some more pics of your new home – so far back patio looks great!

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