Dream Big Run Long is my personal mantra.

On a run one day I was thinking about how much I like my initials. This may seem like a weird thing for someone to think about, but when your name is Dorothy you do allot of thinking about your name. I have gotten asked my whole life if i like the name. I’ve also endured countless jokes about it. We aren’t in Kansas any more are we. Why don’t you just follow the yellow brick road. I don’t mind them. I might think you are a few brain cells short if you say something to me about my name, but I don’t take any offense to it. Why? Because I LOVE my name. It’s unique.

Typically people tell me that their great aunt or grandmother is named Dorothy. Old names are coming back in style – Stella, Sophie, Sadie, Emma – for some reason, that I still don’t understand, Dorothy is NOT back. I’m okay with it. It just means when I tell you my name, you will more than likely remember it because you don’t hear it every day. I digress.

My last name before I got married started with T. I was at the end of the alphabet. Always listed last in class as a child, and last in race results as an adult. When I got married, I moved up in the alphabet to a B. My friends called me DT, so it only seemed natural to keep the T as my middle intial instead of Lesley [my moms name]. So now I’m DB or DTB. I digress.

DB stands for Dorothy Beal or as I now like to think, DREAM BIG. I love running and I especially love running long. Dream Big Run Long.

Sunday I ran my last 20 miler before Columbus Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon. It was not my best run, but I won’t say it was my worst. I felt like I was going to throw up the whole time, but I pushed through and finished the last miles strong and in the 7’s thanks to a friend.

Monday I took a rest day.

Today I woke up and felt like I needed to DREAM BIG.

I would attempt a single stroller timed mile, since it’s the only timed mile I have tried with a running stroller yet. The 4th mile of my run was a 6:08 – slower than my triple stroller mile, but faster than my double stroller mile. I was happy! I slowed up the pace for a little and was going to end my run at 6 miles. Colton was sleeping and something inside of me told me to DREAM BIGGER. I would RUN LONG.

13.1 miles for a new single running stroller distance PR, up from the 11 miles of my previous record.

I Dream Big and Run Long because I am Dorothy Beal and I don’t know how to live life any other way.


  1. You are awesome. I love that you got up knowing that Dreaming Big would make for an amazing day.
    I have yet to go over 7.5 with my single stroller and 6 with the double. We are working our way up, but the kiddies still get restless when we near an hour. Any suggestions for entertainment on the run?

  2. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Hi rungiarun! Here is a post I did on tips for keeping your kids entertained. Hope this helps :) http://www.mile-posts.com/2011/07/how-to-keep-your-kids-entertained-in.html

  3. I am so in awe of you still! Who does that?! WOW.

    My grandma is named Dorothy and so is my Hubz grandma. :)

  4. Wow, very impressive!! I like your mantra: DB-Dream Big, it's a good reminder to not let go of our dreams because God gave them to us for a purpose and He wants us to achieve all that He has put in our heart to do. Thanks for the inspiration today. I like your name too :)

  5. I love talking about names. My fiance's aunt is named Dorothy. My name is unique too, though was never common. I grew up being last for everything also (last name W.) and will soon be in the middle of the alphabet. I'm sure it will be quite a change!
    Keep dreaming big. Maybe I'll see you at MCM for my first marathon.

  6. Lauren @ The Running Cook says:

    My grandmother's name is in fact Dorothy, but she is an amazing and beautiful woman and I aspire to be like her one day! So naturally, when I hear that someone is named Dorothy, I think of my grandmother and I think that they must be pretty awesome 😉 I wrote a post about my grandmother's kindness on my personal blog (which hasn't been updated for far too long…):


    I hope you like it! I love your mantra, too and I think it's awesome that it matches up with your initials.

  7. You continue to amaze. I wish my body would hold up as well as yours!!!

  8. Great post! You are very inspiring. :-)

  9. Shellyrm ~ just a country runner says:

    Ive only either pushed a single and 13.1 (and a little) is my longest run with the jogger too. I'm not sure I'll ever go farther…my littlest is getting older and not as easily occupied. Although he wasn't so happy about that run come to think of it.

    Nice job DB on the Dreaming Big!

  10. Suz and Allan says:

    That is awesome! I'm so impressed. You could kick my tail pushing a stroller at the same time!

  11. breathofsunshine says:

    Can I be you when I grown up? Or at least after I have my baby! You are such an inspiration!!!!

  12. breathofsunshine says:

    Oh and I love old fashion names! We are naming this baby boy Chet (after my grandfather). I hope he loves his name too! Every time I tell someone his name, they know a grandpa with that name!

  13. I'm named after my grandma. Everyone with my name who isn't 85 or older was also named after her grandma! And my name isn't coming back either. I hated it as a kid, but now I really like it :)

    You and your stroller running BLOW MY MIND!!!!! Go, you :)

  14. Love the sigle stroller timed mile. That's awesome. Definitely echo the comments above in that you are a rock star and I wish my body would hold up like yours. And Rungiarun is awesome too! Didn't get very far with my twins in the double stroller. But helps to have a good stroller!

  15. Carolina John says:

    Distance PR's are just as good as timed pr's in my book. And I like the name Dorothy as well. we have an Ella and a Lena, both old school names.

  16. We named our daughter Willa (after no one, we just couldn't agree on anything else) and I've been surprised to find that a lot of people like the grandma names. Not surprisingly, I love the name Dorothy too.

  17. Yay, my middle name is Dorothy (named after my grandma – both, actually, my first name is my other grandma's name) and I like it – it's a great name :)

    Woah, I'm in awe of you, girl, 21km with a stroller!! Way to go!

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