I’ve never had an injury.

Yep – never. There have been times I felt a twinge of something coming. When I did I pulled back. I rested. I lowered my mileage, even stopped it for a little. I listen to my body. ALWAYS.

Listening to my body is what I credit to this no injury streak that has lasted 10 plus years. I also believe that because I didn’t get sucked into running crazy miles from the get go, my body has been able to adapt properly to the increased mileage. When I started running – 20 miles a week was HUGE for me. When I trained for my first marathon 40 miles a week was HUGE for me. Now 70+ miles is HUGE for me. It took me 8+ years to make it up to 90 miles and even then I’ve only done that once. One day I hope to make it to the 3 digit weekly mileage, but I am in no rush. I want my body to be able to handle that with out breaking down.

Along the way I’ve made some not so great decisions. Running 3 marathons in 5 weeks comes to mind as my last INSANE running adventure.

This year it was going to be 2 marathons in 1 week.


I wanted to run NYC this year *for fun* because they lowered the automatic qualifying standards and this is the last year that I would be able to have a guaranteed entry to the race. After this year the time I need would be sub 3. While I do believe I will go sub 3 one day – it’s not going to be easy.

The plan was to train my butt off this summer – run Marine Corps Marathon for the 7th time and get my sub 3:10 and then double back and just putz at NYC.

Plans change.

The more I thought about Marine Corps and running two marathons in one week the more I decided it was a recipe for disaster. Could I do it? Probably. Do other runners do it and not get injured? Yes. But I’m not comparing myself to any but me. It’s not smart for me. My end goal is to be a runner for life. YES I love love love PR’s and yes I want a 2 in front of my marathon number, but I’m not willing to risk a lifetime of being a runner just for a time on the clock one fall.

Is this a bit dramatic? Yes. Two marathons in one week might not hurt me at all, but I’m just not willing to take that risk right now.

So I’ve decided for now NYC it is.

Am I being a crazy person and looking for other marathons that might fit into my time schedule but that are farther away from NYC? Yes. Do I think I will end up running another one? Probably not and I’m OK with that.

If I have an awesome day at NYC then I’ll get my sub 3:10, but I don’t want to head in to the weekend with a time goal pressure looming over me. So the goal is to have fun. If fun means 3:0X then I’m good with that and if fun means 3:30 – I’m good with that also.

What this new low stress attitude to my running means? I can race shorter races this fall and not feel like OH shoot I’m missing a long run or stress OH NO what about my marathon time? I know at this point I can finish a marathon on just about any day of my life [it may involve run/walking – but I can finish]. This means I’m not the least bit worried about NYC or how many long runs I do or do not get in this training cycle. I’ve done 3 – 18’s and 1 – 20 – so I have a pretty good long run base if I can just maintain.

Last weekend I ran 11.5 miles instead of 20 on Saturday and raced a 10K on Sunday. It wasn’t my fastest race by a long shot, but I had fun and came in 3rd female overall. It reminded me that I love RACING. Not just marathons, I love racing period. I also don’t feel the slightest bit bad about the fact that I didn’t finish a super long run.

Low stress is what I need right now and it seems to be working in terms of how my body feels and how I’m running. 70 miles last week in 6 days felt AWESOME.

11 miles yesterday to start the week off right.

8 miles this morning with my speedy friend. This morning she said she hoped I didn’t mind that we took it easy. If this is easy then I literally can not wait for what BIG DREAMS might come true in the future.

  • mile 1: 8:01
  • mile 2: 7:32
  • mile 3: 7:25
  • mile 4: 7:26
  • mile 5: 7:27
  • mile 6: 7:24
  • mile 7: 7:30
  • mile 8: 7:25

7:31 avg – 8 miles in 1 hour



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  1. Aw, I can feel your struggle thru your words. Probably a wise decision. You could always come run Route 66 Marathon with me Nov. 18, great followup to NYC! :)

  2. Oh man, I was hoping to finally meet you at MCM! But no, this sounds much better for you and that’s awesome. I can’t even fathom trying to run 2 marathons in one week!

  3. Wow…I am very impressed with your mileage. Great job listening to your body and doing the smart thing instead of just going for it. Good luck with NYC training and your fall race schedule!

  4. Those shoes are SO cute! Are those kinvaras?
    We all have to make the right decisions for ourselves, based on what we know is right for us. Sounds like you know yourself and made the right choice for you at this moment in time.

  5. They are the Kinvara 3’s. One of my favorite color ways they have for this fall!

  6. Heidi — I may still come cheer!!

  7. Yep, I think it’s smart to listen to your body (and what your gut is telling you)! I’ve done 3 5ks in 3 days and you know I’m contemplating racing 3 days in a row this weekend, but it’s looking less likely based on gut feeling right now. 2 marathons in a week wouldn’t work well with my body. I think you are making a great decision!

  8. I can’t believe you have never been injured! That is awesome. I have only had runners knee once and it took me out for about 2 weeks but as I am increasing my mileage I am seeing how easily an injury could sneak up. Do you do a lot of stretching? That is a weakness for me…I never take time to stretch good! I am so pumped for you in NYC! You will be happy I think with the way you decided to go…just listening to your body!

  9. It’s hard for me to comment…I’m so much slower than you, I run so fewer miles and am not as driven as you as regards running. However this sounds like such a wise decision. Yes you may be able to run both but if you got injured, it would be such a blow. And how lovely it must be to not HAVE to run long every weekend but to be able to shake it up a bit and run shorter runs and races. I bet it really restores joy to your running and wil give you the chance to come back stronger and keener for 2013!!

  10. I’m so glad that you are pulling out because you decided to and not because you were forced to with injury!

    And thank you for this post. As a super slow, newbie runner of 2.5 years in a running group with people whose easy pace is something I can’t maintain for 10 seconds and people who do multiple insane adventures, it is hard to draw back and think about what MY body (and mind) can handle.

    You are absolutely right – there is the rest of our life in front of us to run.

  11. Its a crazy world where you have to justify NOT doing two marathons in 8 days. Have a great NYC marathon and enjoy not getting sucked into marathon madness!

  12. Sounds like the smart thing to do! You can def PR during NYC- it’s the best race with the best fans in the world!!! Train on hills around mile 16 though- the bridges can be brutal!

  13. Good for you! Listening to your body can be hard when your dreams are so loud. Good luck with the rest of your training.

  14. Very smart move!!

  15. This is exactly why I trust you as my running Coach. Even though it is completely your decision, it makes me trust you even more. You listen to your body (to avoid injury), and therefore I know you are concerned with not getting me injuried.

    Not to make this about me at all :)

  16. I had to defer my MCM entry to next year. I am suffering from a stress fracture. I’m pretty bummed about it but ready to hit the pavement once I am recovered.

    Listening to your body is a very important part of running.

  17. Your words came at just the right time for me. My first marathon is approaching in November, and I’m in the middle of getting my 17 and 18 milers in. This week, i had to change the training plan because of a little virus and because I felt some twinges that I knew required some rest. I kept telling myself it was wise not to complete my long run this past Saturday, but there has been a battle waging in my head that needs to be quieted so I don’t hurt the foundation that I have been building to be mentally strong. Good to have others remind me to listen to my body and to stop those creeping doubts from disrupting a solid training base.

  18. I, too, credit listening to my body for my 10+ years of injury-free running. You always, always have to keep the big picture in mind.

    I think your plan is a good one. I’m enjoying taking a break and just running HMs this Fall!

  19. First, congrats on never being injured and always listening to your body. I wish I could say the same for myself. While I have suffered few injuries, the ones that I have suffered have ALWAYS been made worse by not listening to my body. (Most recently, I didn’t listen to my body in June and am just now getting back to running after having to take a 3 month hiatus!)

    Second, it sounds like you are making a very wise decision. You’ll still have a great time running NYC and won’t worry if you are doing too much.

    Lastly, I just wanted to say that I *love* my early morning running! I am completely hooked! While not always easy to get up in the morning, it is so worth it. I owe it all to your post from a couple of weeks ago that inspired me to try it again. :)

  20. You had me worried at first! I am so glad you aren’t injured. This is such a smart decision and approach. NYC is a fun marathon and you really want to focus on it– not something you have done many times before.

  21. I so needed to hear this, thank you!!!

  22. You are being really smart. I admire not only your kick butt marathon times, but also you brains!

  23. In all likelihood, you probably did a smart thing. My problem is that I want to do it all. Every race sounds great! If I could I’d do a race every day. But like you said, I want to be a runner for life not just right now.

  24. I am so jealous of your non-injury streak! I’m sure you are making the right decision now.

  25. Sounds like a wise move indeed. Great job listening to your body over the years. It’s taken me a few injuries to understand what listening to my body really means.

  26. Smart, smart choice. Often as runners we push ourselves without thinking long term – good for you for keeping it in perspective. I’ll be on the lookout for you in nyc! The finish is a block from my apartment so I have a great view! :)

  27. think it is a wise decision. i often feel “bad” that i run less mileage than others, but then remind myself that ive only been running 3 years! better to play it safe than sorry.

    cant wait to cheer you on at nyc!

  28. You are a smart runner and that explains why you are injury free for so long. Smart choice! Good luck in NYC!!

  29. You know what you need the most and when your gut is telling you to do something usually it is wise to follow. You are an inspiration and will have fun and have an amazing race in NYC!

  30. Dorothy, this is such a great post. You really are such a smart, mature runner. It is good for me to read things like this and take the time to think about what my big goals are and what I am doing (or doing too much of) to get there. I am so, so looking forward to meeting you in New York. I would give anything to be running, but I will be cheering my heart out for all of you runners!


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