Today I ran my 20th marathon.

It’s always surreal to me when my words are the words that help me the most. It’s why I blog. I love inspiring others but most of all I write every word for myself. To document my journey. To give me STRONG when I don’t have any. To learn. To remember. To never forget.

In this Saucony video – I said – how can I quit if I want to teach my children not to.

I arrived at athlete’s village at 7am. It was empty. I set up my stuff under a tree – lied down on a mat and covered myself with a blanket. It was cold. I went to sleep.

As I walked to drop off my bag – I started to sweat. It was insanely hot for April and it was only 9:15.

I drank more water in the hours before this race than I ever have. I still felt thirsty.

I started out at a comfortable pace. I let people pass me. I passed no one in the first 3 miles. I felt that I was running a smart race. By mile 8 my pace slowed into the 8’s. You don’t hit the wall at the 8 mile mark. I knew it was the heat. I did not go back into the 7’s again.

I was still happy.
Owly Images

By mile 18 – I moved into the 9’s. You don’t hit the wall at mile 18. It was the heat.

Mile 21 was my first mile in the 10’s. I’m not sure the last time I saw a number in the 10’s. Maybe Boston last year?

By Mile 22 – I was sick. Sicker than sick – but I kept smiling convincing myself that *i run this body*

I had stopped at almost every water station. I filled my water bottle not once, not twice – but three times. I dumped water on my body every chance I could. I stuffed ice in my sports bra. I went through every BAA misting station. I ran through water hoses and fire hydrants. My feet were sopping wet – my body dry. The evaporation rate was insane.

By Mile 23 I had started vomiting.

By Mile 24 – I knew I was in bad shape. I wasn’t sure if I would finish. But reminded myself that I indeed *run this body* even if that means walking. Walking during the Boston Marathon – SUCKS. It takes a lot to suck up your pride and walk – to walk even when people are chanting your number trying to get you to run.

I wanted to run – my legs wanted to run – my legs could run.

When I tried to run I started to dry heave. I WOULD WALK. I wanted #20 bad and no one would take it away from me. I didn’t care about my time. I wanted the medal. I wanted to finish.

By Mile 25 – I had stopped to cry. I sat on the side of the road with my head between my legs – crying. Asking God WHY? Why today? Why did he make it hot? Why was my body not handling the heat when others seemed to be okay. Why?

Then I remembered that he is EVER faithful. He does not promise that every thing will be perfect. He does not promise that it will be easy. He does not promise fast times. What HE does promise is that he will always be there.

I picked myself up. I would walk the entire rest of the way if I had to. I would get medal. I would FIND MY STRONG.

If I quit how can I tell others not to?

I don’t quit. Not ever. I am not too proud to have a bad [for me] time. I don’t walk off the course when the going gets tough. When you quit – it becomes a habit.

Mile 26 – I ran walked through waves of nausea. I cried to myself. I gave myself pep talks. BUT mostly I reminded myself that there was GLORY in the finish today.

I started to run before I made the turn onto Hereford. I would run to the finish even if it meant I got sick. I looked at my watch and realized that if I ran the entire way – I would tie my time from my first marathon. It made me smile.

I’ve come along way since #1 – #20 taught me to appreciate all my body does for me. To appreciate my 3:11. Not every race is about pr’ing. You don’t have to be fast or run fast every day to inspire others or yourself.

I inspired myself today. #21 will come sooner rather than later. I plan on finding my strong and knowing that NOTHING will break me. NOTHING. I do not give up. I do not quit. I am a fighter.

I’m a Boston Finisher x 3 and a Marathoner x 20!

Look I’m even still smiling. THIS – THIS is how much I love marathons.

  • Mile 1: 7:34
  • Mile 2: 7:34
  • Mile 3: 7:25
  • Mile 4: 7:28
  • Mile 5: 7:39
  • Mile 6: 7:41
  • Mile 7: 7:37
  • Mile 8: 8:02
  • Mile 9: 8:04
  • Mile 10: 8:07
  • Mile 11: 8:07
  • Mile 12: 8:19
  • Mile 13: 8:18
  • Mile 14: 8:11
  • Mile 15: 8:27
  • Mile 16: 8:20
  • Mile 17: 8:57
  • Mile 18: 9:05
  • Mile 19: 8:38
  • Mile 20: 8:54
  • Mile 21: 10:18
  • Mile 22: 11:23
  • Mile 23: 17:23
  • Mile 24: 21:11
  • Mile 25: 15:14
  • Mile 26: 17:40
  • Mile 26.2: 4:12 – 8:59/avg for .47 miles [note Garmin said 26.47 – pretty sure this is from all my weaving from water station to water station!]



  1. you are such an inspiration!! Every 26.2 is something to be incredibly proud of. You rule girl!
    Bess @ Bess Be Fit recently posted..IV Me.My Profile

  2. Congrats on finding your strong and finishing!!! Your post made me teary eyed – you are such an inspiration. Way to go!!
    Kara recently posted..Sports and Pizza and 7 Miler WeekendsMy Profile

  3. So, so inspiring!!

    My friend had a rough race there today to so I will share with you what I said to him:

    It is far, far easier to run a great race in perfect conditions than to run a good race in shitty ones.

    You did GREAT!!!
    Samantha @ Health, Happiness & Skinny Jeans recently posted..Are You Quitting the Blog??My Profile

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on #20!!! You continue to be such an inspirational and positive role model!

  5. Natalia aka Talka says:

    SO proud of you Darcy!!! You are fantastic, inspiring and all around amazing!! Congratulations!

  6. He showed you he was there with you at mile 13 :)

  7. you are not alone Dorothy. I cried almost the whole way. The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. SO HARD. We found our Strong. Sad I didn’t meet you. But going to LIttle Italy now for dinner and then MIke’s pastry for desert. Love to you Beautiful Dorothy. You inspire.

  8. So inspiring Dorothy!! Seriously you are the living version of Find Your Strong!!! That race is tough in great conditions….God is always faithful and that doesn’t always mean easy!! So proud of you!!!

  9. WAY TO PUSH THROUGH!! You’re such an inspiration and thank you for sharing and being so open with all of us. It’s so true like you said, God doesn’t promise everything will be perfect but he’s right there with us the whole time. GREAT JOB!!

  10. Inspirational! :-)
    @MalindaAnnHill recently posted..Are you a runner living with chronic illness?My Profile

  11. I am sending a big hug your way. I am so proud of you for finding your strong with grace and with courage! You are so RIGHT in that He is always there for us no matter what.

  12. One of my favorite quotes is from Winston Churchill: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

    You kept going!!! YOU DID IT!

    Congrats on a helluva race!
    Allison recently posted..Expect the UnexpectedMy Profile

  13. Natalie Sharp says:

    Wow! You rock!!!!! Once again you have inspired me. You are SO amazing Dorothy Beal!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  14. Tracking you I knew it had to be getting rough, but I never doubted that you would finish, that you would find your strong and plow through. You’re a rockstar, Dorothy! Rest up, hydrate and know you inspire strangers and make us proud! Heart!
    Gwen recently posted..Fits & Starts “This Time”My Profile

  15. Wow! Your are incredible. I was out there watching today and it was amazing to see every body running in the heat. You were not along. You should be proud to practice what you say and teach every day! A finish is a finish. You can not win them all. Congrats on #20. Amazing!
    Mattie @ Comfy and Confident recently posted..Coregasm!My Profile

  16. Well done you! I’ve got horribly sick during the second half of the Philadelphia Marathon and probably should have stopped. But I know now that I can do anything. If you didn’t know that already, well you certainly do now.

    Remember the old running adage, “you never regret the run you do, only the ones you don’t.” You finished Boston when THOUSANDS of people deferred. Elite runners dropped out today and you beat them. You did that. Congratulations once again.
    Heidi recently posted..Photo of the week: March 27, 2012My Profile

  17. Dorothy – you finished what you started and kept your word to yourself and found your strong! You are an inspiration and I am proud of what you did today in brutal conditions! Congratulations and you don’t have to look back and say “if only” – you can look back and say “I did it any ways”!
    Harold Shaw recently posted..Zensah Compression Socks–Initial ReviewMy Profile

  18. You are a rock star!! I was tracking you at work today! Congratulations on finishing! You are an inspiration!
    Melanie recently posted..Girls on the Run 5K!My Profile

  19. I love your fight Dorothy and your attitude! Congratulations on #20!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted..Thursday Thoughts plus a WinnerMy Profile

  20. Great great job! Way to stick it out!

  21. I am beyond impressed with your perseverance. Congratulations. I hope you’re resting up and basking in the accomplishment!

  22. Wow. Just wow. So so proud! Congrats on quite the race!
    Alicia at Poise in Parma recently posted..Steps To Hosting A Successful Bloggers Yoga MeetupMy Profile

  23. So proud of you Dorothy for not quitting and finding your strong! I kept checking on your times during the race & kept saying “something must be wrong!” I hate it for you so bad that today was so hot. :( I wanted you to dominate Boston! :)

    You always inspire me and I agree with the previous poster, that you are an awesome role model!


  24. You have such a great perspective… I love that final picture and that you said, “this is how much I love marathons”– I can’t imagine myself feeling that chipper after that experience! Congratulations having #20 done- I’m sure this is one you’ll remember forever!
    Laura recently posted..Sprint for spring 5k reportMy Profile

  25. I’m so proud of you for pushing through that race, Dorothy! I was thinking about you today and hoping you’d be ok in the heat.
    Carly D. @ CarlyBananas recently posted..The Pneumonia Chronicles Volume 2My Profile

  26. I love reading race reports, because reading how someone had the strength and determination to finish is what keeps me chugging away my fitness goals. Thank you for sharing, and congratulations on such an amazing job!
    Susan recently posted..Flats? Say whaaa?My Profile

  27. I thought of you a bunch this morning reading about the terrible heat. You ARE a true inspiration. You didn’t quit, you never gave up, you never surrendered! That is truly something to be extremely proud of.
    Ricole Runs recently posted..Seattle RnR Training Week #4My Profile

  28. I have tears running down my face! It is easy to find your strong when all the pieces fall in place as we hope. Today I feel like you became one of the strongest woman I know. You found a smile when things got rough. That is impressive!

    Congrats on #20!
    Kristy @ Breath of Sunshine recently posted..The Beginning of a BrotherhoodMy Profile

  29. Great job Dorothy! You are such an inspiration, and to push through a race like that, to get your finish, and never give up, is amazing.

    Congrats on #20, you rock!
    Samantha recently posted..So Much GoodnessMy Profile

  30. Anonymous says:

    Loved Loved this post! How easy would it have been to quit… you showed us today that HE is so faithful and you found your strong. You give much hope in this post! Hope to all of us who have bad races, think we aren’t strong enough or good enough! Thank you for sharing and thank you again for putting yourself out there for all of us to read. Your honesty shines!

  31. Loved your video… Seeing you makes me believe I can. While I know you don’t write this blog for everyone to stop and say, “This is the best!” I can’t help but think it is. It’s real. It’s motivating. I LOVE IT!

    Congratulations to you!

  32. I followed along with your Bib number today. At one point I knew you were not going to run the race you hoped for, but not for one moment did I even think you wouldn’t cross that finish line. You found your strong and you have helped so many other find theirs. I am running marathon #1 this year in October. I will be 54. Thank you for helping believe in my strong.
    Marcia L recently posted..Names . .My Profile

  33. Congratulations on #20! Sometimes we’re thrown a curveball – we learn from it, we train harder, we overcome. The most important thing of all is to stare that curveball down and grow. That’s exactly what you did. As much as we train and prepare, sometimes life is unpredictable. Whoever thought I’d fall flat on my face during my first marathon?! But, I kept going. The fact that you did it despite the elements is what you will always remember!
    Kristin recently posted..Let’s Talk: Race Cash MoneyMy Profile

  34. Rene' Whiteley says:

    Dorothy thank you for this post….You continue to inspire me with your words. I am just working up the courage to run marathon number 3 and this makes me want to jump back in! YOU MY FRIEND ARE STRONG!

  35. Thank you for sharing Dorothy. You are amazing. You are a fighter. You are an inspiration. I hope your body has a swift recovery after all of that.

  36. Thank you so much for sharing your Boston experience! I agree! We are never alone because Christ is right there walking with us! Enjoy your accomplishment and your recovery!

  37. Wow! Congratulations.. what an incredible journey! Thanks so much for sharing.

  38. Laura Dantin says:

    Congrats on marathon #20! What a great and inspirational post! You’re definitely right….He is ALWAYS with us!

  39. Way to go Dorothy! You found your strong and inspired us and others to find theirs! Congrats on #20! It’ll be memorable not for how fast you ran but that you finished strong.
    Erik recently posted..Lauren’s First Pitch @CFF Night!!My Profile

  40. Thank you for sharing your story! Your determination to finish is truly inspiring! 20 marathons is amazing! I am getting ready to run #1 in 20 days and I can’t wait to find my strong. Congrats again!
    Allie recently posted..Vacation Dreamin’My Profile

  41. Christina Aguilera sang ‘Fighter’ just for you and all of the Boston Marathoners on the Voice tonight. Same experience for me at Chicago Marathon 2011. Experiences like this grow you and it is what makes this sport fascinating and keeps us coming back! You Inspire!

  42. Congratulations on your finish. You continue to inspire–running super fast or digging deep to cross the finish line. I am always amazed at your will and determination. Thank you.
    Lisa (Mom to Marathon) recently posted..Can I really run an ultra marathon?My Profile

  43. Toni @ Running, Lovinh says:

    Awesome job! Congrats on finishing and not quitting…you are an inspiration!

  44. Wow, what an inspiration you are. Thank you for sharing your marathon story today. I had an almost identical race/challenge to finish the St. George Marathon in the heat last October. You helped me to realize that even though I did not come even close to the time I wanted in that marathon, that I still achieved something by finishing, getting my medal, and persevering through what were such tough coniditions for me. Thank you.

  45. Wow! Great job, lady!

  46. Toni @ Running, Loving, Living says:

    Awesome job! Congrats on finishing and not are an inspiration!
    Toni @ Running, Loving, Living recently posted..Running Technology Free and Pinterest Inspiration #HAWMCMy Profile

  47. A huge congratulations to you! You are a strong woman in all ways.
    Jen recently posted..Who Wears Short Shorts?My Profile

  48. SO inspiring. WOW. If I ever find myself in this situation, I hope that I, too, can find MY strong. Amazing post! Congrats on the finish!!!
    Margaret @ Have A Good Run recently posted..RnR USA Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

  49. You continue to amaze! Thanks for sharing your story. You’re not a quitter and that says volumes of how dedicated you are to yourself and the sport! High five girl…you deserve it for crossing the finish line and not giving up!

  50. What a fantastic post. You are truly an inspiration! Congratulations on finishing your 3rd Boston Marathon and your 20th Marathon!!!!!

  51. Amanda Abbott says:

    Congrats on finding your strong and finishing…I am sure that there were many of us praying for you as we tracked you this afternoon…. Thanks for sharing your experience with such honesty.

  52. Anonymous says:

    God has nothing to do with the weather

  53. Tough day out there. Way to find your strong.

  54. You are an inspiration to us all! Great job on a tough, tough race!
    Tracy recently posted..Half Marathon 15 min PRMy Profile

  55. Wow, #20 really wanted to see how bad you wanted it! Amazing, amazing job! As always you are truly an inspiration. I wish you a quick recovery so you can go get #21 sooner rather than later.
    Jess recently posted..Say it, Do it! {Adjustments Needed}My Profile

  56. Im so proud of you!!! xoxoxo

  57. OMG, that is crazy! SOOO glad you finished and still smiling. This was a tough race and you did awesome!! Congrats on finishing #20!!
    Christine recently posted..Three Things ThursdayMy Profile

  58. Congrats on finishing and finding your strong today! What an inspirational post!!

  59. Congratulations Coach!!! True inspiration!

    Also – you look really good in that last picture ESPECIALLY after vomiting on the course!!!! UNFAIR.
    Jocelyn @ Enthusiastic Runner recently posted..Big WeekMy Profile

  60. Wow. You are an incredible inspiration to all of us. This post seriously says so much about you, your dedication, and your strength. You found your strong and did not give up. Congratulations on #20!! So well deserved.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Supposed to be Race DayMy Profile

  61. You are SOOOO inspiring! (should have 20 O’s) Congrats on pushing through another marathon! I want to be YOU when I “grow up” (: xo L

  62. Daniella Levy says:

    Congratulations on finishing! You did not quite and you have an amazing story to share. Be proud of your accomplishment!

  63. so proud of you. today was a test for EVERYONE. it was not at all about a finishing time – it was about finishing, not walking off. even those carried off in an ambulance pushed themselves to that point to get there. today is the dig deep day where you indeed found your strong miss dtb. this was, for sure, a memorable 20th marathon. perhaps one to be just as proud of as you are your PR. xoxo

  64. Wow! This is insanely awesome and inspiring. You are truly amazing and strong! Don’t forget to celebrate because you deserve it! :D

  65. Reading how you fought your way just to finish such a challenging marathon is more inspiring to me than a fast time on an easier course. Sometimes it’s about finishing what we started and you did that today. Good job!
    Tia @ Arkansas Runner Mom recently posted..Dear Boston 2013…My Profile

  66. Congratulations on your finish and marathon #20! Finding the strength within can be tough. You are an inspiration for looking the challenge head on and just going for it. Hope you are happily resting!
    Sandra Laflamme recently posted..Mini MotivationMy Profile

  67. You ARE part of the reason that I DO NOT QUIT! Thank Dorothy. You inspire me. Congratulations on an amazing journey.
    Shelly recently posted..6000 Miles ~ BelieveMy Profile

  68. Dorothy I am so incredibly proud of you! I was tracking you all morning and couldn’t help but feel a lump in my throat for all of you runners who had trained so hard for this special race. You did EVERYONE proud. You are so strong, beautiful, confident & talented. I have no doubt in mind that marathon #21 will be your best yet. You will break 3:00- I know you will. You have taught me to not give and to find my strong when I need it the most. Thank you for being so inspiring and amazing!
    Tasha @ Healthy Diva recently posted..Reminiscing about BostonMy Profile

  69. Congrats on your finish, Dorothy, and for keeping such a positive attitude!! There was supposed to be a “find your strong” poster for you by Wellesley…but I don’t know if it made it up!
    Maureen @ Go Iron Mo recently posted..As I was saying….My Profile

  70. Absolutely loved your blog and the comment that you write for yourself. Had to laugh because I think that is exactly what I do too. Often I re-read my blogs and learn from them again or relive the events. It is fantastic. And this blog is no different. Really inspiring and heartfelt. What an amazing achievement – 20 marathons – and this one being so tough almost makes it even more incredible. When i feel like giving up on my next run I will think of you.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience and how you find your strong. :-)

  71. Dorothy you are so inspiring! I am so proud of you for finding your strong today and finishing Boston Marathon. Your strong from here on out will only be stronger. Congratulations on your 20th marathon!

  72. You are awesome! Congratulations.

  73. Dorothy. I just love this. My heart was aching when I was reading the weather reports leading up to today. I ran Chicago in 2007 when the heat was in the 80’s and the humidity was 80%+. The heat is my weakness, it completely rocks my body. I had big dreams of qualifying for Boston that day, but God had other plans for me. I remember standing in line for the restrooms a hour before the race and being completely drenched in sweat! I ended up finishing in 5:12:53. It was the most awful, challenging race of my life. But it was one of the most rewarding. I saw what I truly was made of. I wanted to quit at points but I wouldn’t let myself. When I’m facing some really tough days in life I don’t reflect on my best races like my 3:24 in NYC, I reflect on the toughest ones like Chicago, and that gives me the motivation and the belief in myself that I can conquer anything that gets in my way. Faith goes a long way. Faith in your God and faith in yourself. High-fives to you for finding your strong again and again. Make a special place for that medal when you get home. It really is a fantastic reminder of how far you come, but how much farther you are capable of going! :)
    Mollyberries recently posted..Race Recap: Scioto Miles 5K: 19:48My Profile

  74. Dorothy, you are amazing! Whether you run 4 hours or a 3:11, you are still my idol. I love the reminder that every race is not about PRing. I just ran my first race post baby yesterday. I was 9 minutes slower than my PR. But I ran my race and I could not be prouder of myself! Thank you for being an everyday inspiration.
    kristen @ the concrete runner recently posted..race recap: go! st. louis half marathonMy Profile

  75. Congrats on your 20th! And congrats on Boston! You inspire all of us mother runners to aim big. I never thought I would dream about Boston and now it’s a goal (even better than a dream). One day I’ll get there and your words will help me. Thank you.
    Amanda@HappyMotherRunner recently posted..Week 11 PROOF RecapMy Profile

  76. Despite the run not being perfect, I am still proud that you finished. Marathon number 20-Congrats!
    Run In Boise recently posted..Who Has Good News?My Profile

  77. amazing! way to truly ‘find your strong’. Congrats on #20, Dorothy!!! An amazing accomplishment.

  78. You inspire me to ran better every time! I think you’re amazing.

  79. A finish is a finish! You are so inspiring! #20… wow! I hope someday to run a marathon but first I need to FIND MY STRONG in running an entire half marathon (I do a walk run walk run and finished in 2:10:11) You will keep me going on my next run so THANK YOU!

  80. You are amazing for sticking with it and finishing the race. I was thinking about you and everyone else in Boston when I was running my short 3 miles here in Toronto this morning and really feeling the heat and humidity. Congrats on #20!
    Sheryl @ Little Snowflakes recently posted..Recipe – Mixed berry oat barsMy Profile

  81. Thank you so much for sharing and being real and vulnerable. Im truly sorry today wasn’t what you wanted it to be. You are even more of an inspiration now that we know you are human too. Thanks for letting us in.

  82. Great job to push through and finish. You did amazing!
    Tim recently posted..Big Sur Marathon – my 9th???My Profile

  83. Congrats on #20 and Boston #3!!!

    The fact that you finished this marathon is a HUGE accomplishment, much tougher than running a marathon where you were feeling great. SO PROUD of you!!!
    Katherine @ Neon Blonde Runner recently posted..Zensah Fitness Bra Giveaway!My Profile

  84. Thanks for being so honest and real about your experiences. You really capture what it means to be a runner. It’s not always fun and not always easy, but it’s always worth it. I read your posts and get inspired to push harder, run longer and run faster.
    Angela recently posted..Long Beach Half Marathon Race ReportMy Profile

  85. I am a fairly new reader of your blog and I absolutely love it! Your race reports are always so inspiring…I have such admiration for you and your strength. thanks for the inspiration!

  86. You are such an inspiration and I’m so proud that you knew how to run this race smart and finished healthy versus than risking it! You are the epitome of STRONG!!
    Ash Bear recently posted..Aloha: Arriving in Hawaii and Haleakala National ParkMy Profile

  87. Jodi Stilp says:

    Dorothy – my running buddy Carissa reads your blog and often forwards your posts my way. Your blog post about “I run this body” and “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” have been on a circuit in my mind as I’ve trained for the Eugene marathon (that is in two weeks). I’m so inspired by your post and by your race today. My first marathon was the dreaded Chicago 2007 that was so similar to what you ran in today. I understand the pursuit to just finish what you started. WAY TO GO! Thanks for sharing your story. Praying your body recovers quickly.

  88. You are just about the most graceful person I’ve ever met. I feel honored to know such a strong, persevering, faithful woman. Congrats on a hard-fought triumph :)
    XLMIC recently posted..Just hurt me.My Profile

  89. WOW! Perseverance at it’s best! I have tears streaming down my face right now after reading this. Congratulations on finishing STRONG!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..The Unpleasant Side Effects of RunningMy Profile

  90. Way to tough it out. Obviously, it’s not that way anyone wants to run #20, but it is what it is, and you are a tough, tough woman.

    A thought about your illness — is it possible that it was *too* much fluids?

    Hope you have a quick recovery!

  91. Thank you SOOOO much for writing this post. I ran Boston yesterday an hour slower than my January marathon and I am sad about my time but so proud to have crossed that finish line. My first Boston. I was trying hard to not overheat and end up in one of the medical tents on the side of the road. You are incredibly inspirational and this post has made me an even bigger fan of you Dorothy, because you are also real and don’t lie to us.
    Robin recently posted..Boston Marathon DeferralMy Profile

  92. This is so inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Congratulations to you!!!
    Kierston recently posted..Time To Clean Up!My Profile

  93. Your strength and determination are so inpsiring…but your positive attitude, faith, and love of the sport are even more so. You did amazing!
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..Healthier Versions of Not So Healthy FavoritesMy Profile

  94. Kudos on finishing and on finding your strong. I think stories like these are important for everyone to hear about. It’s your 20th marathon and because of factors you couldn’t control it was difficult. Running one marathon doesn’t mean that every one thereafter is a breeze. It’s all hard work and commitment. Congratulations times a million for finding your strong and not giving up :)
    Sabrina @ Fit.Laugh.Love recently posted..Monday Morning RoundupMy Profile

  95. Congratulations!!!! You are amazing and such an inspiration!!!!
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted..Post race report…from the spectator’s viewpointMy Profile

  96. Wow, I totally second all the posts above. You are an inspiration to all of us. I was about to switch my outdoor run to an indoor spin class because of the heat, but if you can run 26, I think I can run 5.

    If we quit, what lesson are we passing down? Keep at it; you’re amazing. Congratulations on #20 !! It’s yours forever.
    Meredith @ Dare You To recently posted..Pretend you’re PALEOMy Profile

  97. you are amazing in so many ways. I am sorry the weather made it a less than ideal day, but you again showed that in every moment there is something to gain and something to learn.

    congrats on #20
    Amanda @RunToTheFinish recently posted..The RLAM school of race preparationMy Profile

  98. Great job Dorothy! Way to power through.
    kimi recently posted..A doozy.My Profile

  99. Congrats Dorothy. You are amazing for finishing. Heck, with what I heard about yesterday you are amazing for STARTING! You’re an inspiration to me. Seriously.
    Emily N recently posted..For the CuriousMy Profile

  100. I LOVE this post. Good for you for gutting it out and crossing the finish line for marathon #20. Congrats!
    Cindi recently posted..The Marathon: My “Find Out About Me” TimeMy Profile

  101. Dorothy – you are so inspiring. Congratulations on #20! You are amazing. Truly amazing.
    Carrie recently posted..Helpful TuesdayMy Profile

  102. Yesterday was on of the slowest marathons I’ve run, but also one of the races that I’m proudest of finishing. It was a brutal day out there, but we finished!! The fact that you finished and didn’t quit is truly inspiring. I hope you’re recovering well and eating lots of ice cream!!
    Megan (The Runner’s Kitchen) recently posted..Dear 2009My Profile

  103. You are amazing!! Seriously, I’m so incredibly inspired by you and the fact that you did not and would not give up yesterday. I was out there watching the marathon and I was awestruck by the sheer determination and effort that everyone was putting forth to just make it to the end because of the heat. You absolutely rock! I can’t wait to keep reading more of your blog :). Congrats on marathon 20!!! That is such an amazing accomplishment!
    Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..Boston MarathonMy Profile

  104. I was following you on the Boston Marathon website and I have to say that I got worried when things slowed down and then didn’t update for a while. I’m glad that you are ok, that you found the strength to finish and made it out in one piece. Congratulations on finishing in tough conditions! No one can take that away from you.
    Cécy recently posted..Marathon InspirationMy Profile

  105. Congratulations! You’re so inspiring! Loved your post
    Caroline recently posted..The way I liveMy Profile

  106. You are an inspiration! I’m training for my first half & it’s been tough. I have called on God many times during training runs. Congratulations on your 20th marathon & for inspiring others to find the true source of strength.
    Heather @ Not a DIY Life recently posted..Half Marathon Training: Week 7My Profile

  107. I’m SO afraid to run a marathon, because I’m afraid that I will walk during part of it…but, after reading this I’m sure it’s ok if I have to walk a little. You did an amazing job, thanks for the inspiration. So glad you were able to *not quit*!!

  108. You are such an inspiration. I love what you wrote: “If I quit how can I tell others not to?” I ran Boston in 2007 during a Nor’Easter. The weather during the race was not as bad as the weather before it (cold, pouring rain and wind) that we all had to stand in to wait for the buses and then wait for the races. Staying warm completely depleted my energy. I started hurting at mile 16 and knew I was in trouble. My last 10 miles were brutal, and I walked many of them just as you did. I don’t know how I kept going, but I knew quitting was not an option. Congrats on your #20. Can’t wait to read about #21!!

  109. That was a rough day for everyone. Congrats on toughing out the heat and completing your 20th marathon!!!
    Beth recently posted..Less than 10 Weeks to Go…My Profile

  110. Dorothy — Love your post. I KNOW exactly how you felt at those miles 24-25. That’s how I was in the Chicago Marathon 2010. You have a wonderful attitude. Plus, it just goes to you show you how much does depend on weather, body, etc. I mean, we know you can run a 3:11 marathon! Boston was a different story but it’s inspiring because you didn’t give up even though it was not your best race. Thanks for sharing. As you know, I’ve just loved reading your stuff since I discovered your blog!
    Ericka @ The Sweet Life recently posted..Adventures of a 4am Tri-Mom!My Profile

  111. I can’t imagine how you and all the runners ran in that heat, you made it!!! Thank you for being so honest and showing all of us who follow you that everyone has good and bad days. Your smile at the end is inspiring – I love that you forgive yourself. Thank you for reminding me it is SMART to forgive and move forward! Good Luck and God Bless as you move forward in all that you do!!!

  112. I will say it again and again…..truly an inspriation to all!

  113. You are a continual inspiration, Dorothy.
    Cat @ Breakfast to Bed recently posted..Popcorn, Peanut M & Ms and Perky ProzacMy Profile

  114. Girl you may not have come close to you 3:11 PR, but you pushed through and finished that course when it challenged you to the max and that is far more important then whatever the numbers on the clock say. Not every race will be a PR, but at least we have the opportunity to get out there and give it all we’ve got. Pressing onward when it things get challenging is so much harder then just throwing in the towel and surrendering, and you won that battle.

    Congrats on your 20th! Now THAT is an accomplishment! Keep being awesome :)
    Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl recently posted..Week 11 Training RecapMy Profile

  115. You. are. amazing. I got chills reading the part of your recap about God being faithful and not promising it will be easy. I hesitate to say i had a similar situation because it was a half not a full and def not boston, but I ran a half sunday, in pensacola, FL…it was 75 degrees at the stary and 86% humidity. Sunny, NO SHADE (running on the beach road) It was miserable. I wanted a PR so badly. I ran slow. I had to walk some. I wanted to cry. I prayed a lot during the run, I didn’t understand. I had to remember I can’t PR every time I toe the line, and that God has a reason for everything even when we don’t understand. You are amazing and such an inspiration!
    Heather Montgomery recently posted..Gulf Coast Half Marathon Pensacola 2012My Profile

  116. This is an amazing accomplishment! I ran my buddy through the last 13.4 (my watch said an extra 0.2 for the race as well). I saw you at 13 and yelled your name, you looked strong, even if you were hurting inside – very inspirational :)

    I love, love the way you write – this post was perfect, and your emotions are so incredibly real. My friend had a goal of 3:40 going into yesterday, and as we finished together at 5:10, he turned to me just said “This accomplishment is better than any PR could have been” and it is so true – everyone that finished yesterday accomplished something many athletes will never accomplish in extreme conditions they will never face.

    Congrats D, you earned this one :)
    Danielle recently posted..Turning Over a New LeafMy Profile

  117. You never cease to inspire me – fast or slow, 20 marathons is incredible Awesome!!
    Heather @ Better With Veggies recently posted..What to Serve When Vegans Come to DinnerMy Profile

  118. Hi Dorothy :-) AMEN and Glory to His name!! You are a true motivator my friend! Thank you so very much for sharing how to edure and finish STRONG w Christ :-)

  119. Congrats! It was a tough race out there. So tough. I think everyone walked. I did. I was finishing…there was no question! My recap will be up soon. Congrats again! And so nice to meet you on Friday!
    Whitney @LiveRunLoveYoga recently posted..I Finished!My Profile

  120. Liva Rivera says:

    AMAZING!!! Tears in my eyes!! :) I did my first marathon in February and lifechanging is an understatement.. Nice to hear that although humbling I’m sure this time around for you, still such a huge sense of accomplishment. You never know how strong you are until you don’t have a choice..

  121. This is going to be one of your most memorable races since you triumphed! Great job and I am so proud of you!
    {lifeasa}RunningMom recently posted..Monday MusingsMy Profile

  122. Just wow. You are seriously the MOST inspiring runner, blogger, woman I have ever “met” in bloggy land. I am fully convinced of that after reading this recap. You are amazing. YOU found your strong yesterday and you ran that body! You inspire. That is all.
    Jess recently posted..26.2: recommittedMy Profile

  123. Congrats for sticking it out and finishing. You have a lot to be proud about. I don’t think I could have started. It was a tough day even as a spectator in that heat. Don’t know how you all did it. Rest up! :)

  124. Dorothy,
    Thank you for this post. I had a similar situation this weekend for my half marathon (though not as hot). I was really bummed and pretty hard on myself. Thank you for reminding me that HE never promised things to be easy and perfect. You really put it into perspective for me. God is always faithful! Thank you!

  125. Hi – new reader here. Amazed. Amazed that you kept going and how hard that race must have been. Congratulations on finishing your 20th marathon. That is also amazing. The tough races do indeed make you appreciate your body and the good races so much more. Great race recap – hope you are recovering today!


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