Oh but the seasons, the seasons are the best.

Only I didn’t think so until recently and didn’t get people who raved about how wonderful seasons were. I LOVE the beach, so I was convinced I really could do with out fall and winter.

This is the first year of my life that I was actually happy when summer came to an end. Not because I didn’t love summer, I do, and not because I was sick of it, I wasn’t, but because I was looking forward to the season change and all the fun that fall had to bring.

Instead of being upset that I had to pack up my shorts and tank tops, I was looking forward to bringing out the uggs {yep, stil love them – don’t hate} and scarves. Trading in short sleeves for long sleeves and pulling out my fall running clothes I had been saving for chilly days.

Fall meant soccer and football practices and games for my littles. I was looking forward to hanging out with a lot of the same moms that had been on their teams in spring time.

On chilly runs, rather than hating how cold I felt, I used it as an opportunity to appreciate the spring and summer even more.

My thought patterns for years have been negative. Complaints swirled around in my head – banging from side to side and making me more and more annoyed as each and every day. Little things would send me in to a tizzy.

I’ve been working on replacing those thought patterns and creating new ones. New ways of thinking are solidifying themselves in my head and I find myself more appreciative of where I live and of the seasons that come with that.

Instead of wishing that my husband would get on the same page as me and figure out a way for us to move to California, or start a little coffee shop in Hawaii and have our kids grow up as beach babies, I find myself searching out the beauty that I already live near.

I have for the longest time felt like I needed to live close to water. It didn’t feel like a want, it felt like a need.

This summer I discovered just how close I was to water, 10 minutes from the Potomac River. I don’t know how I didn’t know I was that close, but I didn’t. I’m also crazy close to mountains I can hike, which I found this summer as well. Maybe it’s because I’m more open to trying new things, or that I’m saying YES to myself and my family more and NO to other things. Either way, I truly can say I now love where I live.

I can be complete here. I don’t need to move to New York City and wear black all the time and go to fun parties, or run in the park – as my college self dreamed of. I can be me, sweaty, sometimes unshowered, hanging out in workout gear all day long, in Leesburg, Virginia with my three kids and be happy.

Last week on my 14 mile long run, I stopped to take pictures. I don’t often stop on runs but I knew that everything wouldn’t look this pretty again. It had rained the day before so all the leaves were still covering the trail. When I went back to the trail later that night the park service had come through and cleaned them up.

If I didn’t live here I would miss this….



Now that I’ve shared the randomness on my mind today….on to my run…

7 miles. Didn’t get dizzy, didn’t feel amazing – but that’s okay. Goal was slow and steady.

8:47, 8:35, 8:52, 8:45, 8:50, 8:44, 8:33

Before the run I did Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Level 2 – I’ve been aiming to do one of her DVD’s at least 4 times a week. I am a big fan of DVD’s or streaming workouts because of the time it saves you on traveling to and from the gym. I’m all about maximizing my time each day, though my husband is absolutely convinced I’m the worst at time management!
Unlimited yoga free for 14 days

Oh and how can I forget, on that long run I found a leaf as large as my face. Anyone know what type of tree it came from?!



  1. I’m in the same boat! I’ve been a summer sunshine girl for so long, but I’ve come to love running in the winter lately. Beautiful pics!

  2. Thank you!

  3. Saw your blog and glad I did, it’s great! I live in a place with 4 distinct seasons and although I long for the Cali lifestyle during our winters, I think I’d get bored if we had only one season (no offense to those who live in warmer climates- it’s just something I am used to by now!). Also, running in cooler weather beats running in the heat in my opinion. Anyway, thanks for your post! Happy running!

  4. Looks like a giant poplar leaf. :o)

  5. Love the honesty in this post. I’ve been practicing a lot of the same thought processes. I believe we create our own realities just with out thoughts. Positive thoughts can create a beautiful life no matter where you are. Glad you’re runs are getting better! and I love fall. such beautiful pictures. Maybe I love Fall so much because I don’t get one. The grass isn’t always greener :)

  6. Running in the fall is awesome. Running in the winter, on the other hand… still not much of a fan. But you get used to it.

  7. Fall runs are the best! There’s nothing quite like getting hot while wearing your sweater when you’re running then taking it off and feeling that rush of cool air. And don’t even get me started on the scenery…

  8. I was enjoying some nice winter runs for a while, but when it starts getting down to 0 degrees, that’s just a bit too much for me!

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