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There are a couple of ways that I typically wash my running clothes in order to keep them odor free.

After I run, I hang my running clothes in the bathroom to air dry. I put them in the laundry basket once they are dry.

I would like to say I do laundry every couple of days, but some weeks that does not happen. Air drying my clothes before I put them in the laundry basket keeps them from growing odor causing bacteria.

When I go to wash my clothes I try to do running clothes only loads. You can use a sport wash, like Penguin Sport Wash, which I think helps get rid of the smell when the situation can not be fixed from normal laundry detergent. I do not use this for every load because it is more expensive than regular laundry detergent, and I try to pinch pennies where ever I can so I have more for race fees!

On a normal day I use All Free & Clear detergent. Do not add fabric softener to the load, because this ruins the wicking properties of the apparel. I poor in plain old ammonia and let the clothes soak before the load starts.

Ammonia is cheap and powerful. Do not mix with bleach or the combined fumes can literally kill you. The fumes alone from the ammonia are not pleasant, so add it right before you are about to close the lid on the washing machine.

I air dry sports bras, because these get the most use out of any of my running clothes, and I have the least of them. Everything else goes in the drier on medium to low heat.

For clothes that I completely can not get the terrible smell out of, I wash the same way but add fabric softener to the wash and a dryer sheet in the dryer. Yes, it messes with the wicking properties, but I figure at that point it is either throw out the item or use it as a back up for those days when EVERYTHING is dirty.

Hope that helps! xoxo mileposts

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  1. I wash all of my running clothes in regular detergent with an added splash of vinegar. I then air dry everything. It's cheap, get's the smell out and my clothes last a really long time!

  2. Thanks a ton! So if I have a front load washer do I put the amonia/vinegar in the bleach compartment or in my actual washer?

    You rock!

  3. I put it in the soap compartment right on top of the detergent. I really think it works better than the sports wash and so much cheaper!

  4. I love tide sport(not affiliated)
    I try not to let my clothes go unwashed for more than a day or two. That seems to be the best for me to keep the stink out

  5. Rebecca Samson says:

    You are so good! I just toss my wet gross clothes in the hamper. I must pay more attention to my running clothes!!

  6. Gracie (Complicated Day) says:

    Pinesol works like the ammonia, as well.

  7. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says:

    i use the special washes too…but honestly I still find after say a couple years it just doesn't keep the stink at bay after I put the shir ton

  8. ha, I do exactly the same as Amy. Wash with allergen/dye free detergent and vinegar then air dry. It really does work!

  9. Terry Miller says:

    I'd add something to that. Especially when I run in high humidity and the clothes are soaking already; I don't bother to take them off before I get in the shower. They can't get much wetter! And, then I can at least rinse most of the sweat off in the shower before I even put them in the laundry. And (and I'll deny this if you repeat it 😉 ), sometimes when I come back the next day, they've been rinsed well enough that I can wear them one more time.

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