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Now to life…..

This week has been nuts, in the best of ways and the worst of ways.

Chloe had her last two soccer games this past Saturday and her team won both! They have had a rocky season, so it was really nice for them to end on two W’s. Between the games I received some bad news and spent the rest of the night on Saturday trying to help remedy what had happened.

Sunday morning I got good news and thought that things would get back on track before I left for Vegas.

Ashley 2

Sunday my very dear friend Ashley was in town. I hadn’t seen her in forever – as in way too long – I hope to never let it be that long again – long. Her son happened to have a lacrosse tournament 5 minutes from my house. My heart was bursting {not an exaggeration} when I saw her and her family. She has been in my life since I was 13 years old. I have loved her children before they were even born, and now her eldest is taller than me!

Ashley 1

Ashley 3

Monday was Colton’s 5th Birthday! How he is 5 I don’t know.

Ashley 4

Monday night everything fell apart. Thankfully Colton is little and had no clue what was going on. I heard him say no less than 5 times – I’m SO HAPPY. The day was great for him.

Things went from bad to worse on Tuesday and I spent almost the entire day crying.

Wednesday was another not-so-lovely day. Instead of being sad, I was mad. Well actually I was sad, sad and mad, and mad and sad. So very mad and so sad, that I wasn’t sure what was what.

I know I’m being cryptic but really the details don’t matter. It would be my dirty laundry. We all have these days, weeks, months, and sometimes years. We ALL have stuff.

I used to wonder why things seemed so hard when others seemed like they weren’t struggling. Until I realized that everyone struggles, everyone. Even that friend that has it all – she struggles too.

Compassion is something we could all use more of. I’d love for some people in my life to be more compassionate with their words and my struggles and so in wanting that, I’m going to make an extra effort to extend that same compassion more often to others.

My hip has been bothering me more than normal, so I had planned on skipping my run this morning. I caught up on emails, packed orders, cleaned up around the house, and got things done on my to-do list. With only a bit of time to spare before I needed to go get Colton from pre-school I decided that I needed to run today. I didn’t need to be far, I just needed to head out in the rain and let the rain metaphorically cleanse me, while I thought about this week.

4 miles.

What came from that run is this. If you want people to treat you differently then you can’t act the same way and expect anything different from them.

It sunk in that it’s not time that matters in a friendship or in a relationship. You can have a friend that truly knows you, everything about you, and only have known them for five years. You can have a family member that has know you your whole life, yet they no longer really know much about you.

So while this week has left some wounds that won’t soon heal, I’ve been able to find the silver lining in all of it.

In the end, maybe all this needed to happen.


Tomorrow I leave for Vegas and I couldn’t be more excited.

  1. It’s one of my favorite race weekends all year!
  2. I haven’t run a 5K in forever and I sort of miss that kind of racing hurt.
  3. This girl just booked a flight to Vegas and instead of racing the 1/2 – I’m going to run with her. I’ve been following her for years – I have no idea how I found her or she found me but I feel like there is some sort of kindred connection and I’m excited to meet her and to spend time running with her!
  4. I can’t wait to day drink – no really – I just want to sit and relax with no one bothering me and have a glass of wine
  5. I need a vacation from real life right now – haha – and the timing on this was excellent 😉 rough week – go to Vegas – sounds like the perfect cure-all-for me
  6. I’m staying at my favorite Las Vegas hotel – The Encore – I’m so looking forward to seeing butterflies on the carpets {it’s the little things}
  7. Dancing.

I could go on, but as usual I’ve rambled for a bazillion words. I should remove that little word count at the bottom of my screen….

If you want to follow along on my Vegas adventures I’ll be posting to instagram all weekend 😉


xoxo Dorothy

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