Tears as usual…..

In my early 20’s I had a major crush on Lance Armstrong. Not the type of crush that I wanted him to be MY husband, but the type of crush that I thought we could be friends. My best friend Claire and I talked about how we were cool girls, with great personalities, and so why wouldn’t a world class athlete like Lance want to be friends with us?!

I[we] followed him closely each year at the Tour de France, cried when it seemed hope was lost and he might loose, and then cried again when he overcame all odds and won. The fact that he was a cancer survivor made him even cooler. He did not make excuses in life. He went after his dreams.

A regular fixture at these races was his then wife Kristin Armstrong, an adorable, spunky woman who you couldn’t help but love and be jealous of all in the same breath. She was beautiful, married to Lance, got to travel the world, and had cute babies. She was the picture of having it ALL to me.

Then suddenly it wasn’t her and Lance anymore. I cried. What was wrong with this man? How could he not want to be with this seemingly amazing woman every moment.

Now that I’m married I get it that there is so much more to marriage than just being in love with a person. It’s work – hard work and everyone has to work at it even when they are in love. I got it that they weren’t together anymore for whatever personal reasons they had, but it made me sad.

As the years went by Kristin and I both became runners. Sure both of us ran before but I’d venture to say we both took it to a different level. I remember when she qualified for Boston. I thought, one day Kristin, one day I will get there just like you. As the years went on I did not seem to care much about what Lance was doing anymore, I cared what Kristin was doing.

As my own three children were born I fell more and more in love with her and her blog on Runner’s World. With every post she wrote I learned something. Sometimes they made me feel not so alone. Other times they reminded me what being a runner is truly all about. Other times I learned what I felt was valuable parenting advice. [Kristin does not keep trash magazines like US Weekly around the house. She does not want her daughters to grow up thinking that “real” women look or act like the majority of the women that grace the pages of that magazine. It really made me analyze the example I set for my own daughter.]

I hung on every word she posted.

When she announced some time ago that she would be coming out with a book that was a compilation of sorts, her blog postings in a book, I was pumped. When I read that she would be doing a book signing at Boston I sort of freaked. I couldn’t wait. I wanted to write her an email – Kik – I’m a cool girl. I think we could be friends – Love Dorothy.

Saturday morning we got a later than expected start on our way to the expo. Life happens with a 5 month old. I thought I had missed my chance to see Kristin, but was okay with it. Not everything works out the way you plan it. Saturday afternoon soon rolled around and we had not yet left the expo. Everything takes longer with a baby. This time I was thankful it had.

I glanced across the hall and saw Kristin Armstrong walking over to the Runner’s World booth. My heart skipped a beat. Thank you God. My mom and I hoped in the line to meet her…..

As I waited I thought about what I would say.

Kik I love your blog. Wait do I call her Kik or Kristin? She is going to think I’m nuts. I’m sure she gets this all the time. Women who love her – tell her how inspiring she is. How do I really explain to her how she has touched my life? Ughh I’m not good at this.

It was my turn. I walked up.

Hi Kristen – uhh I love your blog – really I love it so much……and then the water works came…..I couldn’t even compose a thought. She asked to see Colton’s face and we instantly started talking baby. She genuinely seemed to care. I knew it – I knew it. She was as nice of a person as I had imagined her to be. I’m not sure how it came up but I told her that I had qualified for Boston last March, then weeks later found out I was pregnant. I had agreed to run Boston in 2011 with my mom if she could re qualify. My mom, who yes is standing right here taking pictures of us, trained her heart out all summer while I was pregnant and qualified. So here we are. Mother, daughter and grandson – all together at the Boston Marathon. She loved it!
She called her girlfriends over[who happened to be the two lovely ladies she blogs about and that grace the cover of her new book] to tell them our story. They both thought it was fantastic, inspiring.
Meeting her made my day, my month, heck it might have even made my year.
Later that night when I looked at the pictures my mom took, I had a permanent smile. Look at Kristin, just look at her. Beautiful on the outside, beautiful on the inside. She took a moment of her time to make me feel special, to make me feel beautiful, strong and happy.
Thank you KIK – You are truly A.M.A.Z.I.N.G – I feel lucky to have met you.

p.s. I’m a cool girl with a great personality, I think we could be friends 😉


  1. oh my GOSH i love love LOVE this!!! i am so happy you met her, and i love what she wrote in the book!!! amazing you met paige too! remember we used to say we were them?? love you! xoxoxo

  2. Ha. I say that all the time that I want to be friends with these amazing and famous people. And then I get the chance to meet one and I can't even get a word out. This sounds like an awesome experience!

  3. Annette@(running)In the Right Direction says:

    That was a great post…You make me want to meet her too! What is the address to the blog?

  4. runthelongroad.com says:

    I am SO jealous! I LOVE her and have been reading her blog for many years. She is quite an inspiration (like you!).

  5. Jessica (The Pace of Me) says:

    Oh.my.gooodnessss!!!!! So wonderful. I am so happy for you that you had this experience of meeting her. I could not agree with you more about how inspiring and incredible she is. I hang on her every word too and love the new book. I'm over halfway through it and will be keeping it by my bedside longterm it is just so good. Love you!!!!!!

  6. Karen the "Hungry Mom" says:

    Love this!!!! I love Kristin and her blog, she is so fantastic!!! What a great moment!!!

  7. That is so exciting!! Just like Amy said, I feel that way about famous people all the time. We could be friends!! haha.

  8. Amanda@runninghood says:

    Ha, you had me crying in this one Dorothy! well, tears welled up in my eyes when you mentioned that you cried when you met her. This is so cool and I'm so glad you got to meet her. I have yet to read her blog but I must get over there and also pick up of her books!

  9. That's so awesome. I'm glad you got to meet her and have that experience.

  10. Stephanie says:

    I love this! I have that same thought so many times when it comes to people I truly admire. I'm going to have to check out her blog!

  11. Rebecca Samson says:

    She's so inspiring. So happy you had an opportunity to meet her. I need to check out her book asap.

  12. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Annette – here is the link to her latest posting. You can visit runners world too and search for the blog Mile Markers.


  13. Great entry. I just found your blog. I feel like I have found a kindred spirit! If you get a chance, check out my blog. I am a 3:18 marathoner with 2 little ones (4 and 3)…anyway..I am spending hours going back over your past entries and am enjoying them so much!

  14. Adrienne says:

    Dorothy, I was so sad that I missed her at the expo. I had it written in my planner like the geek I am. And then life happened, and I could not go.

    PS I think I am a cool girl and we could be friends!

  15. Teamarcia says:

    So awesome you met her! I've loved her articles and blog posts for years! I need to read her new book!

  16. Scott Dunlap says:

    I think it's so cool that three generations got to be at Boston – such a rare treat!

    And yes, Kik is THAT cool. 😉


  17. Julie D. says:

    oh, this is too cool! what a great moment!!! Love the pics! I will have to pick up her book.

  18. Lesley @ racingitoff.com says:

    Loved this post… hung on every word.

  19. So very cool! Of course, your blog inspires many of us….and I'm sure there are several others out there that would be just as excited as I would be to meet you!

  20. gomez_meme says:

    What a lucky lady you are; and what a precious baby!!!

    So jealous! I'd give anything to meet Kristin. Seriously happy for you, though:)

    Thanks for the lovely post!!!

  21. Chunky Monkey says:

    I love this! I cant wait to check out her book.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I followed your link from your post on Mile Markers. The way that you described your "relationship" with Lance & Kristin could have been pulled from the diary of my mind. I feel the exact same way and if I met her in person I'm sure I would have diarrhea of the mouth and blurt out some sort of inappropriate nonsense. I am not a real runner, so I'm guessing she and I could not be best friends unless she likes shoe shopping and eating ice cream almost as much as running and family time. She is an inspiration to lots of us moms, and I appreciate her writing more than she'll ever know.
    Erica :)

  23. colourful says:

    Well, I could have written that part concerning Lance Armstrong…
    Having a crush on Lance? All the way.
    Being jealous and liking Kik at the same time? Of course.
    And three generations at the Boston Marathon? Awesome!


  24. Lauren and Tom says:

    I just found your blog about a week ago and when I read this post I had tears in my eyes. I admire Kristin so much and can only hope to meet her someday. Lucky you!! Reading her blog brought me back into love with running during a difficult time in my life.

  25. oh how sweet!!!! maybe she can help you dope next time just like she did with her ex Lance!

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