Lauren Fleshman the uber talented runner, blogger extraordinaire at and inventor of Picky Bars, my NEW favorite energy bar, is going to be at the YMCA at 63rd and Central Park West tonight 11/2/11 at 6pm. 

Join the fun to meet Lauren and taste some yummy bars – gluten and dairy free!

If you don’t know who Lauren is then you can learn about her ——> HERE

If you haven’t heard of Picky Bars may I ask what planet you live on? Learn more ——> HERE or visit the website HERE

If you haven’t read Lauren’s blog before – what are you waiting for? Go ——-> HERE

If you actually live in NYC instead of just wishing you did, like I do, and are going tonight. I have a request (and I’m only half joking). Want to get a signed posted for me that says…

Dorothy ~ 
Dream Big & Run Long

You know to go with my Josh Cox poster and Molly Huddle one??? Pretty please – Look at that open spot on the left – it needs to be filled. [wink wink]

If you need more information you can tweet me at @mileposts , Lauren at @laurenfleshman , Jesse at @jessemthomas or Meggie @meggiesmith

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