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You have two weeks to claim your prize before a back up winner is chosen.

Didn’t win? Shirts are still available here —-

All five of us in the Mile Posts household are snowed in. [It doesn’t take much for them to panic and close everything] We are packing orders and getting them ready for when the Post Office opens tomorrow.


Thank you to so many of you for sending in pictures!! I get giddy looking at every single one of them.


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Note: I verify entries. If you don’t do what you commented that you did, your entry becomes ineligible to win.




  1. Hi!!!! LOVE my “I RunThis Body” shirt! I ordered it last week and it came the next day! It’s a great fit and what wonderful service!!! I’ll be wearing it to the B and A 1/2 Marathon next weekend. My friend Wendy and I have run the B and A (half and full) for probably 10 years, only taking time off for pregnancies. I will look for you there! Your blog is so inspiring. You are the epitome of strong!

    Judith (Ellicott City, MD)

  2. Dorothy, thank you so much for the prompt shipment of my order and sharing your running experiences through Mile Posts. I am in my fifties but find inspiration with anyone who is juggling a big life and running goals. Love my shirts, thanks again!

  3. hi, i just found your site and love your blog! also love your “I Run This Body” shirt. I think i’m going to have to order one for my workouts. I just started getting into running. i love being outdoors and the health benefits and you’re really inspiring me to get more into it!

  4. I just recently found your blog and it is neat.

  5. Thanks Art!

  6. So glad you like them!!! Have a great day :)

  7. I stumbled on your blog via a mutual friend’s family blog – as a new, slow (I prefer “deliberate” :-) ), unconfident runner, I really appreciate the information and the inspiration you share on your site. Thanks for sharing with us!

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