There are so many amazing stories out there of women {and men} who made the choice to change their life and followed through on that choice. Each and every story is inspiring in their own way.

I {especially} love stories of mothers simply because I am one and I have realized MORE than ever the importance of being a positive role model for your children. I used to tell people when they asked what I did that I was JUST a mom. Then another mom pointed out to me that saying I was JUST a mom was offensive to other moms – we are after all helping to shape the lives of little humans. She told me it was a pretty important job to add a JUST in front of. From that day forward I’ve looked at my role as a mother very differently and have never told anyone that I am JUST a mom.

I wanted to share a special email from a mother runner who sent me her story……

Jacinthe Jolicoeur 1

Hey Dorothy, just a quick e-mail to share some pictures with you of what “I run this body” means to me, I got married in April 2010 down south, It was a very happy time of my life but I was NOT happy with the way I was looking and how my body was feeling.  Later that year I started losing weight, and finally started exercising and then finally running. I saw they still had my dress available online and decided to dream big and get it, 10 size smaller (over 70 pounds), for my 3 year anniversary, just to show my kids and hubby. I found your blog last summer and it truly made a huge difference in my self-confidence, Thanks for sharing your journey Dorothy!

Jacinthe Jolicoeur 2

I run this body --- Jacinthe Jolicoeur


I want to thank all of you for the comments and emails you send me. I still haven’t figured out an effective way to respond to emails, keep up with blog comments, train for marathons and also make sure that I am being a good mom to my three littles….I do however read every single comment, every single email and every single tweet, etc. You all enrich my life in ways I can not explain. Thank you for taking the time to continue to come back to Mile Posts year after year!


Has running transformed your life? What was the CATALYST that started the change?

If you could ask Jacinthe a question about how she transformed her life – what would it be?


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  1. Awesome, Jacinthe! That’s a HUGE accomplishment!!! I’ve lost that much since having my second child, but it took me way longer than 3 years. It wasn’t until I started running that I lost that last 20 pounds. Now I find myself struggling to take off the 10 I put back on when I got injured and still had a runner’s appetite but wasn’t running, LOL. I keep wavering on the diet part. I’m hoping if I can get my mileage back up to 20-25 a week (I’m at 15-17 a week right now as my back heals), then maybe that’ll be the key :-)

    Congrats to you! And Dorothy, you are super inspiring! I have that issue of WR, and love it!

  2. One of the greatest lessons of parenthood for me has been, “Wherever I go, there I am.”

    All of the foibles and challenges and quirks I thought I had WORKED THROUGH in my 20s, came flying back into my life in different ways when I entered parenthood. I was right back to a codependent, tearful, lonely existence. And it scared the socks off of me. The sleep deprivation alone was enough to bring those bad habits right back to the forefront. But this time, I was not the only one that was going to be impacted by my insane, complex behavior patterns. And I knew that it was time to get better. And that somewhere in my muddled brain were the tools to help me get centered again. Once M was sleeping through the night I asked myself what I missed the most.

    The two things that I immediately identified as lacking from my life were reading and running. The first didn’t surprise me at all — I have been a book worm since I was old enough to pick up a book and find a comfy chair. The second, apart from the vanity of GETTING THOSE 60 lbs OFF OF ME, was a surprise. I was NEVER an athlete. EVER.

    I was always picked last for every team I was on in elementary school. (Rightly so.)

    That girl on the soccer field picking flowers and not paying one iota of attention to the ball or the players or the coaches – that was me.

    And the one who had “asthma” and couldn’t run the mile in any test – that was me too.

    In fact, I managed to be excused so many times from gym my junior year of high school that I had to write a paper on the benefits of exercise.

    Oh — and in high school I made the gym teacher so angry (I was refusing to play tennis because I did not want to sweat on my clothes – that were UNDER my gym clothes for some strange logic only known to my smart-ass 16 year old self), he actually wrote F’s across his entire grade book in frustration. (I did not fail, but I sure deserved to!)

    That was my life from 1976 until 2003. But when things came to a head in my 20’s and I was feeling a complete sense of loss and loneliness, I got a post card from Team in Training about their running program in the mail. And I called my mom, after the intro meeting, and told her I was going to run/walk a half marathon and raise money for cancer.

    I think she was quiet for about 2 minutes.

    And she said, “If you do a half marathon, we will all come watch and cheer.” I don’t think she realized what she was committing to, but true to her word, she and my siblings flew to San Diego in June of 2003 to cheer me on as I ran a full marathon. Slowly and painfully, but I ran 26.2 miles with a group of women who were certainly sent from God to help me heal.

    And to this day, 24 races later, running has become a piece of that solace I never had before January of 2003. It slows my brain down. It clears my soul from the noise and let’s me find the version of myself that makes a good mother, friend, and wife. It brings me closer to my higher power in a way that I never believed possible.

    This is what marathon training taught me:
    1.Realism = Start where you are
    2.Perspective = Eat the elephant 1 bite at a time
    3.Gratitude = It takes a Village
    4.Progress = Track It
    5.Mindfulness = Be Present
    6.Perseverance = It’s NOT always easy
    7.Faith = Believe that you CAN do it
    8.Celebration = Celebrate the successes

    At my next race I will put one foot in front of the other. I won’t be first and I won’t be last. I’ll just keep moving.

  3. What an amazing story! Making that choice to live you best life takes commitment and hard work and she did it!! Inspiring!

  4. carljsamuelson says:

    The catalyst for my change was my children; knowing that if I didn’t do something I wouldn’t be around to watch them grow up.

    A running friend of mine blogged about it:

    D, keep up the great posts!!

  5. Thank you for sharing Jacinthe’s story.

    My catalyst was my baby girl and my husband. With my husband’s encouragement, I decided to pursue running despite my condition with lymphedema and document my experience for others by starting a blog. Also, I wanted to show my daughter that her mother didn’t let her condition keep her from pursuing a long-time dream. I am so thankful for their support and I am so much happier now than I have ever been.

  6. Kerry A. says:

    Love this! :-)

  7. It bothers me as well when people say they are just a stay at home parent. Don’t hear teachers, doctors, grocery clerks, etc saying they are “only.

  8. How inspiring! Running *has* changed my life, though I have only been up to it for less than a year! I have autoimmune issues of some kind (still working for an answer there, but debilitating joint pain and swelling, especially in the legs, since I was a kid) and I was always told that I “couldn’t” do anything strenuous like run.

    When my husband and I married in October, we were both just getting out of school, and had been really neglecting our selves (our eating habits, and doing physical activity). I taught/ teach bellydance, but that was it (I needed some more endurance work!) and we decided to do it together, as a way to spend time together and work toward our goal of our first half marathon (MS Blues in January 2014!).

    YOU have inspired me as well, because I have recently started blogging myself, in an effort to reach other folks who are working toward their goals too (with some extra Southern flair!). Thank you so much for your constant inspiration!

  9. Incredibly inspiring. Huge kudos to this mama — and to you for doing what you do.

  10. So AWESOME! She looks amazing and is glowing from the inside and out. Thanks for sharing such a inspirational post!

  11. I think for me the catalyst for change was also something that made it harder to make the change. My husband got hurt and work and now has Cauda Equina Syndrome. This means that walking is a challenge for him on a daily basis. This really helped me recognize that I take my abilities for granted and that I should take better care of myself. At the same time, having my best friend have such a significant injury also makes it more difficult to be healthy because I want to spend time with him and he can’t go with me on runs, or swimming, or bike riding, or really any outdoor activity. So it’s been a challenge to balance the increased desire to take care of myself and treat my body with respect and also spend time with him. Thanks for the inspiring post!

  12. Congratulations to Jacinthe for her huge accomplishment, and for reaching out to you so her story could be shared.

    As someone who always worked part-time while raising my sons, my hat is off to all moms who stay at home all day with the little munchkins. You are doing the most important job in the world!

  13. WOW, you look amazing!!! What a transformation in 3 short years. So happy you found YOUR HAPPY! Congratulations!!!

  14. Michelle says:

    Your blogs are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have always tried to be fit and healthy but I had grown lazy in my routines. I never really challenged myself. All my exercising was in my comfort zone. One day I realized (after seeing my mom loose the fight with her 3rd battle of cancer) that I wasn’t confident in my body and my fitness level. It was time to step it up. I had never been a runner. I had tried before but just didn’t enjoy it. But I started running and running and running. I found it helped me physically, mentally and spiritually. I was taking the death of my mom pretty hard. But as I ran mile after mile I felt better! I have been running for over a year now. I ran my first half marathon April 2013. This brought such confidence in my fitness that I have also done 2 triathlons. I am the proud mother of 2 teenage boys and they are proud of their 40 year old mom.

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