In a recent post I shared a video of my friend Tess at her last marathon, Chicago Marathon. Today she is the featured runner on I RUN THIS BLOG. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet – what are you waiting for?! Hope you like her as much as I do!

Tess 1

Name: Tess Rafferty

Age: 28

Location: Vancouver, BC



Occupation: Social Media Specialist

Years Running: 11

Favourite Race Distance: 26.2. I came to long distance running after a career in gymnastics and sprinting and none of it lead to having any inclination to test out an endurance sport. I fell in love with the meditative nature of long distance running, and I just can’t seem to find that same cadence in shorter distances.

Why Did You Start Running: This is sort of a two pronged answer. I started sprinting in elementary school and carried on throughout high school because I discovered that not only could I run really fast for a short period of time, but I loved the way it felt. Enter: Tess, aged 17, going through her first real high school break up and thinking that life as she knew it was over. I found the only thing that could unwind the knot in the pit of my stomach was running, so I just kept going. Each day would take me farther than the last and eventually I fell in love with the most challenging and rewarding relationship I’ve ever entered into.

What Do You Love Most About Running: How much time do you have? Honestly, what I love most about running is what it does to your perception of possibility. How it challenges and changes what you think you’re capable of every single time you lace up your shoes. This is possibly the most valuable life lesson I’ve ever learned.

How Many Marathons Have You Run: 11

PRs: Full –  4:15 (Chicago Marathon) Half – 1:54 (Scotiabank Half Marathon)

How Do You Cross Train: Spin and yoga are my go tos and I’m longing to get into lifting. Got tips? Get at me.

Biggest Running Goal: To qualify for Boston with a smile on my face.

Favorite Pre Race Tradition: An ice cold cream ale while painting my toes.

Favorite Pre Race Food: Whole wheat bagel with marmite. It’s weird. I’m cool with it.

Favorite Post Race Food: Veggie burger with bacon and a side of salt and vinegar chips. I don’t pretend to eat normal things.

How Do You Find Time To Train: I schedule it, literally. I have two calendars that I use (one digital, one old school) and I put each workout into both so there are no excuses and they’re always kept top of mind. I also find time to meld my social life with my training plan so I don’t wind up feeling like one area of my life suffers. Friendships forged over sweat = friendships that are built to last.

Favorite Quote: “ No one can say, ‘You must not run faster than this, or jump higher than that.’ The human spirit is indomitable.” – Roger Bannister

Tess 2

 What Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Wants To Become A Runner: Stick with it. It’s going to feel weird and hard and, at some times, like a really terrible idea but just trust. Trust in yourself – your legs, your mind and your fierce and messy heart – that it’s going to feel really good soon. Trust that are 100,000 other runners feeling the exact same way you do right now. And that it gets better. And when that time comes, hold on to that feeling. Bottle it up and use it for the next time you wonder why on earth you put on your shoes. Because the most beautiful thing about running is that it never gets easier but it always gets better.Tess 3

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  1. Hi! I’d love to be considered. You can contact me at the blog link in my profile :)

  2. Would love to be considered for an I RUN THIS BLOG post!
    My blog is Running Limit-less (

    Love her outlook on Friendships – “Friendships forged over sweat = friendships that are built to last.” It is totally true.

  3. I would be SO honored if chosen to be featured. I’m usually too shy and hesitant to “raise my hand” but realize it’s a way for me to make new friends : )

  4. I’d love to write for you if possible! I love reading what you write on here!!

  5. Love Tess’s biggest running goal – that is mine too, of course!

    I’d love to be featured! I blog at

  6. Dying laughing…my husbands favorite thing about me is that I eat bacon on my veggie burgers. I’ve found my match!

    I’d love to be considered.

  7. Like you I’m inspired as a mother and athlete to be a great example and role model to my child. I’d be honoured for you to take a look at my blog and my entries on running,triathlons, and motherhood. One of my latest blogs I’d love for you to read is my biggest run accomplishment…1st Boston Qualification and Marathon PB 4 months after having my baby girl Iyla:


  8. I would love to be considered also, thanks! :)

  9. I would love to be featured for an upcoming I Run this Blog!
    After completing 17 races in 2013 (2 full, 11 half, 3 10k and a 5k) I’ve got a lot to share =)

  10. I love what Tess said about running not getting easier, you just become better. Isn’t that the truth!!
    Thanks for sharing her blog!!

    Would also love to be featured! New to blogging but not running, many years under our belts:)

  11. It definitely always gets better, that is so true!!!

  12. I’d love to be considered! You’re like my running hero. Blog: / email:

  13. Love her!! I watched that video maaaybe 5 times. I’m running my first full in just 4 weeks! Would love to be considered one day, you’re such an inspiration!! &

  14. Hi Dorothy,
    I’d love to be considered for a I Run this Blog post- just finished NYCM, my second marathon and knocked 45mins off my time! next goal is to go sub 4! Love reading your blog for inspiration!


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