This week’s I Run This Blog blogger spotlight is Sara from Loving On The Run!

i run this blog - sara

Name: Sara T.

Age: 27

Location: Erie, Pennsylvania

Running Blog:



Occupation: Sales Consultant

Years Running: 5

Why did you start running: I started running off and on with my husband.  He took up running marathons when we were in college, but really got serious with it during the past 3-4 years.  I went to numerous marathons with him, and the finally one day I said to myself “you can do this too.” I signed up for my first marathon in 2011. It was a life changing experience.

Favorite race distance: I would say it is a split between the half-marathon and the marathon.  I have done about the same number of each, but each one has their advantages.  I am currently focusing on marathon’s right now in hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon here in the next year.

How many marathon’s have you run: I have run a total of two. I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2011 and again in 2012.

Marathon: 4:38:44.
Half Marathon: 1:56:44

Do you cross train or lift weights: I do little bits here and there, but it is something I really need to focus more on.  I doubt I’d have time to do much cross training, but I do want to focus on adding a small amount of weights and core strengthening into my routine and preparations for my next marathon.

Running accomplishment you are most proud of: As of right now I would have to say completing my 2nd marathon. The first marathon was an accomplishment, but during the training for my second I was working two jobs and had a very hard time finding the time to train properly.  I PR’d only by a few minutes, and was very proud I was able to push through on the amount of training I had done. My goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon and cutting 1 hour off my marathon time will most likely be my greatest accomplishment when I do it.  It is what pushes me through my runs each and every day.

Favorite pre-race food: On race day I eat half a plain bagel with honey and for long training runs I fuel with different types of power chews and electrolytes.

Favorite post-race food: Oh this is a tough one – right after the race bananas are about all I can eat, but once my stomach has settled I’d say Mexican or Asian food is my favorite followed by a huge bowl of frozen yogurt.

How do you find/make time to train: It is a balancing act. I am currently working full time so most of my runs happen after I get out of work.  I am working to become more of a morning runner to free up some of my time to spend with my husband at night.  Some days it is hard, but it is the hard days that make you a better runner.

Favorite Quote
: “To give anything less than your best is so sacrifice the gift” – Steven Prefontaine

If you could give one bit of advice to someone who wants to become a runner – what would it be: It doesn’t matter how far away your goal may seem you CAN do it. It will take hard work and some days will suck, but stay strong and focus on your goals. I still doubt myself on how I will ever be able to cut an entire hour off my marathon, but you can do anything you set your mind to.  There are going to be people that won’t understand, and that’s okay.  Do what you love and surround yourself with support.

What race are you currently training for: I am still trying to pick out a marathon, but aiming for the spring of 2014 for my next marathon.  As I have mentioned previously my goal is to cut a little over an hour off my marathon time and qualify for the Boston Marathon in this race.

What is your favorite race: I have only run one marathon, so I guess I will have to favorite the Chicago Marathon.  It is a beautiful city and a great atmosphere unlike any other.

What is the best thing that has ever come from running: Without a doubt the relationship with my husband and confidence.  Running has brought us closer and is something we can always relate on.  He is at a much higher level than me, but having your husband as your coach is a pretty awesome thing.  Running has boosted my confidence and showed me that I truly can do anything I put my mind to. Running can make a bad day better, a stressful situation a little more manageable, and can completely turn my entire day around.


  1. Hi! I am a runner and recently started a blog, I’d love to be featured on your “I Run This Blog” post.
    This is such a wonderful opportunity to share. Thank you.

  2. I love Sara’s blog – she is funny and real, and as shown in this interview she places importance on her independence and also her marriage. Great stuff!

  3. I follow Sara’s blog and love it! And I’d love to do a guest post!

  4. I like this series and enjoyed finding Sara’s blog! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for another great edition of the series! Just added Sara’s blog to my reader! I’d love to be considered sometime! I’m currently training for my first marathon :)

  6. I love this series because it always connects me with great new blogs!
    Sara: I need to incorporate more cross training and weight lifting into my routine as well. I try to go to yoga once a week and I find that it always helps me! I remind myself of that each time I’ve missed for awhile and get back to class.
    I also can’t stomach much more than a banana post race. I need an hour or so to calm my stomach and then it’s usually some type of breakfast food…my last race it was French Toast…yum! :)

    *I would love to be considered for I Run This Blog. My blog is Karen Loves to Run @

  7. Thanks so much for this feature Dorothy! :) I love your blog and you always motivate me to become a better and faster runner!

  8. Good luck Sara on your quest to qualify for Boston! Your story is inspirational – thank you so much for sharing.

    Dorothy – I’m a long time lurker here and love reading your stuff. Today’s post motivated me to comment :) I’d love to be considered for a future blog post! I’m an overweight runner & triathlete training for my first half (Philly, 17November 2013), trying to show the world that big girls CAN run, that we can run long distances, and that running can be healthy, fun and a *huge confidence builder* at any size (I’m also writing a book about the same topic, due to hit the Amazon Kindle store in December!).

    Anyway, I blog at and would love to have you stop by and check it out!

  9. Dorothy – I absolutely love your blog. I read every time you put up a new post and I even go back and reference previous posts when I need an encouraging word.

    I loved Sara’s story and think it is awesome she is trying to qualify for Boston.

    I would love to be featured on I Run This Blog. My blog is
    I really love to encourage others and hope that I can reach more runners who need support by running through difficult times in their lives as well as overcoming injury. I am also a mom of 2 amazing kids, work, and go to school at night so I know what a challenge it can be to incorporate running into our daily lives.

    Thank you for all your amazing posts! I am encouraged and motivated to run faster every time I read on here. Especially after your Hood to Coast time of a 5:37 mile. That was incredible!

  10. Hi Dorothy! I’d love to do a guest post on I Run This Blog at some point. What a great opportunity to reach others! You can find my blog at and my email is Thanks for the consideration! :)

  11. Good luck Sara!

    I’m always looking for new running blogs to read, so thank you for starting this article series!

  12. Just started following her on Instagram and Twitter. Love learning about new bloggers and what motivates them, where they’re from, and what their goals are for the future. Very cool! I’d love to be considered for this at some point. My site is: XOXO

  13. Two of my friends and I write a blog that follows our running adventures and more at We would love to be featured on I Run This Blog. We can be reached at

  14. I would LOVE to be considered for an upcoming I Run This Blog post. It would be an honor to be featured on your blog!

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  2. […] am currently being featured on Dorothy from Mile Posts blog. I love her and her blog and she constantly motivates me to become faster! Go over and check it […]

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