Name: Kelly Caiazzo

I run this blog - Kelly

Age: 29

Years Running: 1

Running Blog:

Why Did You Start Running: I started running to treat some post-partum depression after my second child was born.  I have two boys that are only 16 months apart, and when the youngest was 5 months old, I was so overwhelmed and exhausted.  I remember being alone in the car and thinking “if I got into an accident right now, I could spend some time in the hospital by myself, just resting, in quiet…”  The fact that I would even have a thought like that really scared me, and it made me realize that something in my life had to change.  I decided to try running in the hopes that it could change my life.  It did.  Running forces me to make time for myself each week, and now I watch what I eat and drink so I can have a good run the next day.  I feel happier and more energetic the rest of the day after a run.  I even sleep better.  I think some people are afraid to start running because they think they don’t have the time or the energy, but I’ve found that exercise makes me more energetic, and cuts down the time it takes me to get other things done because it improves my mood and my focus.

Favorite Race Distance: I’m not sure yet!  I think it’s probably the 5k.  I’m still in training for my first half marathon and have only run one 10k which wasn’t a lot of fun.  It was an unexpectedly hot day in early June, and I wasn’t prepared for what the heat and humidity would do to my pace.  I was so scared of not finishing that I probably ran slower than I needed to, and ended up feeling less accomplished than I’d hoped.  What I love about the 5k is that it’s so attainable to new runners, so you see all types of people there participating in being active, and that’s really fun.  They can be great community events.  Now that I am running longer distances, I love the freedom of a 5k because I’m not scared of not finishing because I’m pushing myself too hard.  I can just get out there and run.

How many marathons/half marathons have you run: None! I’m currently training for my first half marathon.


5k – 29:30 (Burn Off the Turkey, Gorham, ME in November 2012)

10k – 1:07:48 (Newton 10k, Newton, MA in June 2013)

Do you cross train or lift weights: I recently started doing an abs workout that I found in an issue of Women’s Health magazine.  It includes lunges and some tricep curls, so I figured it’d help with running as well as building my core.  It takes twenty minutes three times a week, which is about all I can manage with my schedule.  It’s such a rookie thing to grab a page out of a magazine for your workout routine, but it’s manageable and better than me coming up with my own!

Running accomplishment you are most proud of: The first time I ran twenty minutes without stopping.  I had been having a hard time with the mental hurdle of that twenty minute mark, so my husband brought the kids in the double jogging stroller and ran behind me for encouragement.  Knowing my family was watching helped me believe in myself enough to actually do it.  (Maybe I was just too embarrassed and stubborn to stop.)  That was a huge breakthrough in my running because it was the first time I overcame a challenge in my running that was mental rather than physical.

Favorite Pre-Race Food: A bowl of cheerios and a cup of coffee.  Or half a banana and a cup of coffee.  Always the coffee.

Favorite Post-Race Food: Whatever they’re handing out from the little tents after the race.  When you’re a stay at home mom, it’s pretty rare to get offered a snack that you didn’t have to plan, shop for, or prepare.  I love those food tents!

How do you find/make time to train: Pushing the boys in the double jogging stroller on my shorter runs really helps me get my runs in.  I can do 3 or 4 miles with them before they get cranky, although it’s been hard lately because the weather has been so hot!  For my long runs I have to be more flexible with my running schedule; sometimes I go in the morning before anyone is awake, sometimes I run on the treadmill during naptime, sometimes I go when I have a babysitter.  The hardest part is scheduling a long run during a busy week, but I’ve gotten up at 5 a.m. to go and I really enjoyed having the rest of my day left.

Favorite Quote:  The slogan “Just Do It”.  I always thought it was kind of a lame slogan until I actually started running, and realized how relevant it is when you’re pushing through a tough moment during one of your runs.  It sort of reminds me of how my husband had run two marathons before I connected what those 26.2 bumper stickers meant (I didn’t focus on miles, I just knew marathons were really, really far and no one should be able to actually run for that long).  Running makes me think differently about challenges now, and seeing that slogan reminds me how different I am from my pre-running self.  Running has added resiliency to my character that benefits me in every aspect of my life.

If you could give one bit of advice to someone who wants to become a runner – what would it be: Start slow with a walk/run program, and give yourself a break when you have a bad run.  Harness disappointments and channel them into your efforts on future runs.  Think hard about who you want to be as a runner and what your motivation is to run.  You don’t have to run that fast or that far for running to change your life, you just need to run regularly.  If you find yourself enjoying creating and working towards new running goals, the possibilities are endless.  Run your own distance, your own pace, your own race, and enjoy.

What race are you currently training for? The Divas Half Marathon on September 14th in DC’s Wine Country.   It’s the day before my 30th birthday, and it’ll be my first weekend with my husband away from the kids.  What better thing to do on the last day of your twenties than run your first half marathon?

i run this blog - kelly 2

What’s the best thing that has ever come from your running? Making it to the other side of post-partum depression without meds, and having the positive energy boost I need to keep up with two toddlers.  Running has helped me so much that I started a blog geared towards other new runners,  I love thinking about running and posting my favorite running thoughts on there for other new runners.  It keeps me motivated to run, gives me accountability, and offers me a creative outlet and sense of purpose outside being a stay at home mom.  I love to run, think, reflect, create and experience the joy of connecting to another runner and having my motivation and inspiration become theirs, too.


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  1. I’d love to be considered for I Run This Blog! I’m a fairly new runner (2 years) and have done 6 half marathons and 2 full (and am currently training for #’s 3 & 4!). I am also a yoga teacher and really love sharing the benefits of yoga with other runners and athletes!

    You can find me at – thanks!

  2. Such a great inspirational story!

    I’d love to be considered. I’ve been running off and on for ten years, and I am currently training for my first half-ironman. Such an awesome journey!

  3. Please consider me:-) I’m currently training for a half marathon this Fall after having my second child this past June (I have 2 under 2:-). I ran my first full marathon last October, a year after my baby boy turned 1 and 4 weeks preggo w/#2 (unbeknownst to me!).

  4. Kelly, I love your running accomplishment moment! I had a similar hurdle with 60 minutes, I ran a loop in my neighborhood and every time I passed my house my mom and brothers would come out and cheer me on to the next mile. Knowing they were watching and encouraging me gave me the push I needed to make it to the 60 minute mark. Love that feeling! :)
    Thanks for sharing your inspirational story. I’m with you on the “always coffee”! It’s a must :)

    Dorothy, I would love to be considered for I Run This Blog. I’ve been running for a little over a year, blogging for about three months and on my way to 26.2 at the WDW Marathon!
    Blog: Love to Run
    Twitter: karenlovestorun
    Instagram: karenlovestorun

  5. I would love to be considered for I Run This Blog! I am currently training for my first full marathon and could use some encouragement!!

  6. Kelly, what a great story! I think that it’s awesome that in a hard time when many people would just shut down and give in to the depression, you did the opposite and changed your life forever. It’s hard enough to start running for the first time, much less when your life is crazy! But like you said, running was exactly what you needed to get yourself out of the tough place. I love it!

    Dorothy, I’d love to be considered for I Run This Blog! My info is

    Twitter: racingrobsons
    Instagram: racingrobsons


  7. I’m a runner training for my first half Ironman too! Isn’t it fun?! :)

  8. Awesome story!

    I’d love to be considered for “I Run This Blog!” I’ve run as long as I can remember, but started racing a little less than two years ago. My favorite race distance is the 5K because I like short and fast races, but I’m running my first half next month!

  9. Ooh Ooh me too! :)

    I know we talked weeks back for the running article, but I actually finally started blogging again – I’d love to share my story, especially now that I’m running not just for me but for my friend :)

  10. Hi Dorothy — I’d love to be considered too! My website ( is in the process of making a transition from a strictly food blog to more of a food + running + health blog. For me, those three things are very related, and I’d love to share my story with you (and your friends!)

    I’m currently training for my first (and second!) half-marathons, in September and in October, as well as my first (and second!) full marathons, in November and in January. My family thinks I’m nuts and, while I know I’ve put a bit of pressure on myself registering for all these races one right after the other, I am so over-the-moon excited about them — and about all the others to come.

    Thanks! :)
    -Emily K.

  11. Hi – I’d love to be considered for a future post. My blog can be found at and my email is I’m a certified running coach and I’ve done lots of races over the years ranging from 5ks to marathons, though for the first time in a while I’m not training for any races because I’m expecting my first child in November! Thanks for featuring other runners – it is so nice of you!

  12. Thanks Beth! Running is definitely the best way to boost mood and energy that I’ve ever found. I feel lucky that I didn’t need meds, but I know that depression is a real disease and some people aren’t able to recover without the help of medication to rebuild the pathways in their brains. I’m lucky the running endorphins did the trick for me – I still rely on my runs on days when the chaos of managing a family gets to be a real challenge!

  13. What a great story! Good luck with your first marathon, Kelly!

    I’d love to be considered for I Run This Blog! I’ve been running for 5 years (racing for 2), I did my first half marathon last year and this fall I’m running my mother’s first half marathon with her. We’re both very excited. :)
    twitter: marathonmacaron

  14. Kelly, what an incredible story and you are going to love the half! That race series is special to me and I am so sad they stopped coming to Hawaii.

    Dorothy, I would love to be considered! I blog at and you can email me at lifeasarunningmom (gmail).

    Thanks for the inspiration and the chance!

  15. Thanks for sharing, Kelly! I’m pacing the Diva Half here in VA :)

  16. I love Kelly’s story and loved it when she talked about her “Favorite Post-Race Food” being anything she didn’t have to shop for or cook! Congrats to her for working through her postpartum depression without medication! I love hearing about new runners and how they got started!

    If you would like an older runner’s perspective, I would love to be considered for your “I Run This Blog” post. I blog at and you can contact me at

  17. I love this profile! So nice to hear from a newer runner. I identified with so much of what Kelly said, too much to mention, it was like I was reading my own thoughts. Good luck in your upcoming half :)

  18. Love these interviews you do!

  19. These are really a cool idea.

    I’d love to be considered. I lost 75 lbs this year & bounced back from some massive high blood pressure & long term depression. I’m blogging to share my story and help anyone who needs to hear that it’s possible.

    Plus I’m going to BQ next year – that’s the next goal.

  20. Kelly, I am also running the Divas Half in DC Wine Country! How exciting – I will keep an eye out for you :)

    Dorothy, I would love to be considered. I started running to lose weight in college and 9 years later I’ve run 7 marathons and a ton of other races. My latest challenge is trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy running after having a baby 11 months ago and balance motherhood at the same time! I’m currently training for the OBX Marathon in November- my first one back after 2 years! Woo hoo!

  21. I would love to be considered for your I Run This Blog posts. My email is and I blog at !!

  22. I don’t want to be one of your applicants, but I have a strong desire to hook up with other passionate runners in my area, and I’m extremely curious about your running history and progress.

  23. Hi! My name is Madelyn and I am the blogger behind Reading Runner Girl. I am currently training for my first marathon and eventually my first ultra (preferably a 50k, either this December or next, depends on how the marathon goes). I would love to be considered for one of your I Run This Blog posts. I have a lot of love for running and really love sharing my passion with others. You can contact me via email:, FB:, or twitter: @readingrungirl

    Thanks for your consideration!

  24. Thanks Karen, et al!

    This was such a nice opportunity to share my thoughts about running with more people… Dorothy, you’re the best!

    I just love talking about running with other runners… I was so skeptical before I started, and it’s changed my life so much that I just want other people to start, start again, or keep going :)

  25. Awesome, Brenna… I’ll be chasing you! (From the back… unless you’re a 12 minute pacer…) :)

  26. That’s awesome Karen! I love that they came out and cheered you on. Loops are great for that – I remember when my husband started running that I used to go out and leave water on our front steps for him when he did loop runs. It was a great way for him to do seven or eight or nine miles depending on how it was going.

    (I like out and back runs for the opposite reason… I can’t quit early, I’m not home yet!)

  27. Hi Tony! You missed a B in BBQ… (kidding.)

    I know exactly what it’s like to have running change your life and want to share it with others… nice to see another blogger on a similar mission but with a different story!

  28. Kelly, actually, I’m the 13 minute mile pacer!

  29. Katie that’s awesome! I’m so excited about it! I’m planning to run an 11 minute pace… guessing I’ll be chasing you since it’s my first half and you’re a super experienced runner! Please come say hi if you see me! My bib will say “Diva Caiazzo” on it :)

    Since there’s about 3,500 runners I won’t take it personally if you don’t find me and say hello…. but it would be super cool :)

  30. Kelly– I really enjoyed your story! Running is such a great way to improve your mood and have some “me” time. Your stroller pic is so cute!

    Dorothy– I’d love to be part of your “I run this blog” segment! I have been running for several years, but am currently working on a comeback after having surgery.
    Julie Wunder

  31. If you see me, can you give me a shove?

  32. Thanks Julie! The kids LOVE the jogging stroller, which is such a relief. My almost three year old is starting to get a little fresh if I take a walking break though… : /

    Nothing like “can you run, mom? why did you stop?” to get you going again!

    I wish you the best returning to running post-surgery.

  33. Hi Dorothy-
    I’d love to be considered for a spotlight! I ran until I was in high school, took a break, and just started running again in January 2012. You can contact me at and check out my blog (please!)

    Thank you in advance :)

  34. Kelly thanks so much for sharing your story! And I love how you’re ringing 30 with a half marathon and a weekend away. My hubs and I did a few destination weekends that also involved me running a marathon, it can be so fun! A nice break from the kids and he can really support me during the race/cheer me on. Good luck!

  35. I just want to give a shout out to Kelly. Running held my hand through post partum as well and it is great to read about how you able to overcome it as well. Great job, mama!

  36. Dorothy-
    I loved Kelly’s story, I know how hard it can be after having kids. Great inspiration.

    I would love to be considered for “I run this blog”. I have two kids 3 and under and have been running for about 15 years. For health reasons I couldn’t run during either of my pregnancies and have recently been able to get back into training. Although an injury during training for my 1/2 trail run in July has put me on some downtime until I see my PT again next week. I struggled with the death of my Father when I was 21 and running truly became my outlet. It was also my outlet when I was living along right after I finished school. Then again during graduate school. I am currently hoping to start back training next week for a half I am doing in November as well as for the Kiawah Island Marathon in December. I also just launched my running blog. I am so excited to begin that journey as well.
    Running provides so many awesome outlets and opportunities.
    My blog is and my email is
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  37. I would love to be considered. I am running through my second pregnancy, as I did my first, but am currently high risk due to a syndrome discovered after my first that caused a LONG road to running recovery. I have May Thurner Syndrome, developed a massive blood clot after my first pregnancy (which was filled with running and healthiness:-) and had to battle back for two years before I could run a marathon again. I am a slow runner, but I run because one day I thought I never would again. My 3 year old would rather run beside me than ride along:-) because we do it so much, i take joy in every step, that is why I run and hope to continue through this pregnancy despite the high risk status!

    And here is the summary video:

  38. I’m now training for my 6th half marathon and amazed by how much I’ve changed since I wrote this guest post! Thanks again Dorothy for featuring my story here, and I’m so pleased that I can report I am still running and that 13.1 is my new favorite distance :)

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