• You may or may not know that Nuun Hydration put together 2 all women blogger teams to run Hood To Coast last year.

  • You may or may not know that I want to be on one of the teams that run Hood To Coast this year.

Many years ago I was a girl working in a small running store in Reston, Virginia. There was this awesome product we carried called nuun. I made around $10 an hour but had no problem forking over $6+ for a bottle of nuun – because a girl has got to be hydrated if she wants to achieve big things in life.

I didn’t know what big things were till this week……

With out nuun I would not be able to FIND MY STRONG. I’m not kidding when I say this. My fastest race mile to date is a 5:59 mile. I ran this mile during Hood To Coast last year. I also managed to run 3 legs and average fast paces for ALL of them. I know this is because I was more HYDRATED during this race than I have ever been.

I took this knowledge and ran with it – literally. Prior to Columbus Marathon last year and B&A Marathon this year I drank nuun as if it was my job. Guess what? I pr’ed BIG in both races and instead of being a 3:21 marathoner like I was last year when I ran Hood To Coast, I am now a 3:11 marathoner.

There aren’t many products that I am willing to stake my reputation on.

There are only two companies that I continually endorse on my blog for no reason other than I love them and BELIEVE in the products and the people who make them.

These companies are Saucony and Nuun.


I thought about doing a lot of different things to convince nuun that I needed to be on this team….. However I’m pretty sure this video shows, more than anything I could come up with, that I would be a great addition to the Hood To Coast blogger team this year and that I would personally help EVERY lady on this team FIND THEIR STRONG.


Dear nuun,

Please pick me to represent you again at Hood To Coast! In case you need extra convincing I am willing to take one for the team again and not sleep, help navigate, and drive the van at a moments notice :)

Love ~ Your Biggest Fan Dorothy Beal [Mile Posts]


If you guys want to tell nuun that you think I would make a great member of their team this year – feel free to comment below – hint hint {smiling}


p.s. there wouldn’t be a nuun team that was complete with out TEAM WATERMELON. Water is to Melon as Nuun is to Hydration – BETTER TOGETHER.

Hood To Coast would not be complete without #teamwatermelon


  1. You, my friend are one of the main reasons I’m applying…You and the awesome product that Nuun is. I can only dream of how cool it would be to be on a team with you Dorothy. I think we’d work well together representing Nuun, finding our strong, and making some awesome memories. Oh, and running some sub 6 and 6 min miles while hydrating well, making some amazing friends and being in the beautiful northwest! And even though I’ll be representing Brooks while you sport your Saucony, I think we can still get along. Ha! We can “Find our Strong” and “Run Happy” because Strong=Happy and Happy is when we are Strong! You’re on my list of bloggy runner moms to get to know…outside of the blog world! Nuun would be so silly NOT to choose you Dorothy. I don’t think you need my comment here but for what it is worth here it is.

  2. I applied too
    maybe we will meet in August :)

  3. LOVE this post, Dorothy!!!

  4. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    I love this comment a million times over – my favorite part is that – happy is when we are strong. Would SO SO SO love to be on the same team as you. You hear us nuun? Pick us! 😉

  5. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    YAY – Glad you applied Caroline – it literally is in the top 10 most memorable moments of my life. I loved every minute of it!

  6. @ Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal:

    thank you! it is my “running” dream to run HTC that and to run a marathon and I will be taking care of that one in March! :)

  7. “Hood To Coast would not be complete without #teamwatermelon” AMEN!!

    Dear nuun – team watermelon loves you, running, and HTC. We think the team wouldn’t be complete without two women running their a**es off in brightly colored pink and green clothing. So please pick Dorothy (and me too ;))!

  8. This is such an awesome post! Nuun truly is an amazing product, and they’d be a million percent lucky to have you represent them again!

  9. Awesome post, Dorothy! I hope you get to run for Nuun again. Everyone knows how much you LOVE NUUN, not to mention how supportive you are of other runners. Good luck!! Love the Saucony ads too. Congrats!

  10. Hope they hear us! :)

  11. You would be an awesome addition to the team. Reading about your race experience last year as part of the Hood to Coast relay team made me want to be on a relay team – and I had never even run a mile straight! I am hoping to be a good enough runner and blogger to be considered for the team next year! :)

  12. Nuun Decision Makers —


    I don’t have a blog, I’ve only run 5k’s, 2 half-marathons and one full, and yet I return to this blog daily for inspiration. She isn’t inspirational because she’s fast (however, she IS fast and it IS amazing to read about her speedy times and paces!), rather, she’s inspirational because she pushes the limits, lives a life without excuses, and encourages others to live the same.

    Not sure what you’re looking for in a HTC team member, but I’d definitely make sure she’s on the list.

    – Jenny

  13. Bethp262 says:

    Dorothy and #teamwatermelon will be amazing on a nuun HTC team!!!!
    Dorothy is one of my favorite bloggers ever and trust me I read lots of running blogs! She is inspiring, motivating and REAL!!!
    So Nuun, pick Dorothy for HTC!

  14. If only you could see the gigantic smile on my face right this minute!!

    Seriously — This makes me so excited and so happy! Last year when you applied I commented on your post and told nuun that they had to pick you – I dont remember my exact words but I remember telling them that you would be an amazing runner and awesome teammate and that you would be so grateful for the opportunity.

    Same thing rings true now. I am so incredibly proud of you Dorothy, and truly inspired by you. I’m praying with every ounce of me that we both get to share this experience together. :-)

    nuun – I know you know this but I will say it anyway: Dorothy is wonderful! Please pick her for your team again this year. She will LOVE every single second of it and she will share her passion and inspire all of us to FIND OUR STRONG from the top of that mountain all the way down to the beach!!! (whether we are there in real life or following along virtually).

    And by the way, who doesn’t love pink and green! Lauren rocks too of course!!
    Go #teamwatermelon!!!

  15. Dorothy, I’m so glad we had the chance to meet last year as part of NUUN’s teams. Though we were not on the same course portions, I was amped to hear about your scorching times during the relay. Really inspired. Must complete my app! Thanks for the STRONG motivation! 😉

  16. You’ve got my vote! :)

  17. Okay- you are one inspirational lady. I love the Sacony video and because of this and how incredible this experience looks I’m going to apply myself. Oh…. I so hope you are on the team again. They need you. I also hope they need me! Ha ha!

  18. Nuun, please pick Dorothy, she is awesome and so inspirational.

  19. You are such an incredible runner and SO INSPIRATIONAL. I hope Nuun gives you another chance to run on their team at HTC – they’d be lucky to have you. You deserve it :) I hope they give both you and Lauren another shot this year, and hopefully me because I would LOVE to meet you speedy ladies! Good luck!!

  20. you are one bada$$ runner! Nuun would be fools not to put you back on their team this year! (just hope I get to join you!)

    congrats on the saucony ad. again… bada$$ 😉

  21. YES!!! Nuun should pick you to do HTC along with Mel-Tall Mom and Kerrie-MomvsMarathon because you 3 got me to try Nuun in the first place as well as want to run HTC!! I would be applying but can not due to mama duties but hoping Nuun will continue the HTC tradition next year :) You are also the reason I bought Sauconys this time around :)

  22. I wrote a comment on your post last year! You definitely need to be on the HTC team again! As many people have said you really are an inspiration. I don’t think I ever would have signed up for my first marathon if I hadn’t read your story :)

  23. Dorothy … If you’re not on the nuun HTC Team, then nuun is missing out. You are a great rep for them, and really deserve to get to run HTC again this year. Best of luck to you!

    And thanks for helping me find my strong!

  24. I hope you get on the team, Dorothy! What a fantastic experience that would be! And I love your story about buying Nuun when working at the running store. :)

  25. Nuun pick Dorothy! She is both beautiful and inspirational! I am a newer runner far less experienced and way slower than Dorothy but I find her blog really speaks to me. I am signed upto run ny first marathon this Nov. In NYC and am working on my hydration…going to but some Nuun tomorrow so I can try it on my long run this weekend. Go Dorothy Go! Good Luck!

  26. Michelle says:

    Nuun- you MUST pick Dorothy again for this team. She’s your TEAM LEADER!!! She was meant for this company and relay. Good luck Team Nuun!!!!

  27. I loved reading about your experiences for the Team Nuun HTC relay! Your message is so positive and inspriing and I definitely think Nuun should pick you to again represent their brand. I love Nuun and Mile Posts! Good luck!


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