I am a tea fanatic, it is my English roots. I was raised enjoying tea time every afternoon which was often accompanied from homemade scones by my grandmother.

Tea – traditional English Breakfast and herbal – is a daily part of my daily diet.

Before bed I typically drink an herbal tea to warm my tummy and help me fall asleep. When a wise man from nuun suggested I try putting the nuun U hydration tangerine ginger in boiling water I knew it could become my new bedtime drink. It is not exactly tea but I’d like to think it is a runners version of the old favorite.

It was one word: Delicious.

Note: The U hydration line from nuun is slightly different than the regular flavors. I have not tried this with regular nuun.


  1. This is a great idea, thanks for sharing!

  2. I wouldn’t have thought to drink it warm. I tried the cucumber mint and didn’t like it, now I wonder if I would have liked it warm.

  3. My husband loves the goji berry one as hot tea!

  4. Tried the Tangerine Ginger “tea” this afternoon. Wow! It really does taste like herbal tea! I like it better warm than cold. Yumm! Thanks for thr tip.

  5. Thanks for this idea! I only have the regular Nuun, but it works great and tastes delicious hot. I actually like the Tropical flavor better warm…who knew? Thanks again for sharing!

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