Thank you to all who entered the nuun giveaway. If you didn’t win but have never tried nuun – I HIGHLY recommend it! [I haven’t actually met a person yet that doesn’t like it]

The randomly selected winner is:


email me at to claim your prize! [You have one week before a back up winner is chosen]

If you applied for the Hood To Coast Team with nuun – don’t forget the team will be announced on Tuesday the 24th!



  1. To be fair, I know lots of people that don’t like it. Lots of runners (myself included) either can’t tolerate artificial sweeteners or don’t want to put such chemicals into their bodies. I love the idea, but I would rather have a little real sugar, personally :)

  2. Hey Marisa – this officially makes you the first person that has told me you didn’t like it! Have you actually tried it or you just don’t eat artificial sweeteners?

    Have you tried the U hydration nuun tablets – they are my favorites and are made without artificial sweeteners!

  3. I haven’t tried it because I can’t tolerate artificial sweeteners. They give me a wicked stomach ache. Plus they’re terrible for you. My mom has MS, which some researchers think is related to chemical sweetener consumption.

    I occasionally use the Hammer Endurolytes fizz which is made with stevia (same as the U hydration) but they don’t sell any Nuun U hydration nearby, so I haven’t tried it. Also I sort of prefer not to support a company that makes most of their money off of chemical sweeteners, but that’s just my (probably unpopular) view!

  4. Totally understandable Marisa :) We all are entitled to our own opinions! Have a wonderful day.

  5. Just saw that I won! Awesome!!! Emailing now!

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