There are things I am good at and there are things I am not good at. Hydrating is one of the ones I am not so good at.

This may make no sense because I have been running races for over ten years now, marathons for over 7 years, am running Hood To Coast on the nuun team, yet I can not keep myself hydrated. One word: nursing.

Whether you run or not staying hydrated is important. If you do run you need to drink even more water and make sure you are replacing electrolytes. For me, nursing a 9 month old, being a runner, and running in the summer heat of Northern Virginia, has caused it to be very hard for me to keep up with staying properly hydrated.

nuun is helping because I actually want to drink the stuff, but I am still not drinking enough to perform well [hence Sundays lack luster race performance].

My friend Jessica at Pace of Me, suggested that I write it down each time I drink a bottle of water. Great idea – right? So I would get to #1 and then forget to write down anymore and to be honest I was not drinking much more than a bottle or two anyways. The amount I was drinking in a day was not even enough to keep me hydrated if I was not a runner.

Jess then said that she had another suggestion that she just started doing, measure your entire fluid intake for the day in the morning. So I did it.

I woke up and filled up all the bottles of water I needed to drink for that day. This did not include the nuun I would drink, my coffee, or any herbal teas I had.

I know it may be hard for some of you to believe but I have a problem with overeating. I do it almost every day of my life and eat a sickening amount of calories a day[the amount I eat is equal to or greater than my husband some days]. If I was not a runner, I would be overweight.

I am convinced now after almost a week of measuring my water intake, that part of my overeating is due to being under hydrated. My body craves food because it needs the water from the foods. I am proud to say that yesterday was the first day in a very long time, that I ate a normal amount of food, and that I did not gorge on cookies, chocolate peanut butter, gluten free animal crackers etc. right before bed time.

I took Jess’s awesome idea, one step further. I am now measuring out the fruit I want to eat for the day. Every time I get hungry and want a snack, I see the pile of fruit that needs to be eaten and I grab an apple rather than reaching for something else. I have to pace myself because I know if I do not eat the fruit or drink the water through out the day, 8pm will role around and I will have 2 apples and 3 bottles of water to finish, which is impossible.

It may seem completely type A but I feel like this is one of the best ideas ever for staying hydrated and making sure you eat healthy throughout the day. This keeps me accountable.

How do you make sure you stay hydrated? Do you drink nuun? How do you stop yourself from overeating?

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  1. Hi I'm new to your blog and love it! As far as water goes, I find it easy to hydrate. However, I LOVE the idea of setting out your other servings! I'm an avid meal planner out of a desire to not waste money by letting food go bad because we didn't eat it. And holy cow do you have a lot of water bottles! lol

  2. I've noticed I get really cranky if I'm even a little thirsty. If I feel a twinge and need a sip of water and there isn't any, I am instantly annoyed. So that makes staying hydrated easier.

    I just started drinking nuun and I LOVE it!

    Uh, I have not yet been able to kick the over eating – i'll keep you posted on that one.

  3. Brilliant, Dorothy!!!! I'm going to measure my water out right now. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Stephanie Frings says:

    That is a great idea Dorothy! I hate drinking water too, but I feel so much better when I drink what I should. I will have to try this!

  5. That is a really great idea! I find it so challenging to drink enough water. I just forget and I rarely feel thirsty. Like you, I think this leads me to overeat. The more water I drink, the less junk I stuff in my face. I think I might try this. Thanks!

  6. Love the water bottle idea, I keep 3 big ones at my desk that I know I need drink and refill and drink again before going home. I was taught a long time ago that when our body is dehydrated, it sends out the same signals as being hungry. So instead of eating something immediately I drink a bottle or two big glasses of water and only if I'm still hungry 15 minutes later, will I eat. Of course, sometimes I forget and eat something instead and then I'm still continually hungry. :)

  7. great ideas

  8. {lifeasa}RunningMom says:

    Great ideas! I have found I do a bit better with my hydration if I indeed mark it down in my training log. It helps that it has cute little circles for me to color in with each 8oz of water and I keep the log at my work desk. I am better at filling it out at work than at home where my log could be further away from me.

  9. Great ideas, Dorothy!! I have noticed, espwecially when I work, I'm terrible about drinking enough water. I'm going to try to hold myself to higher standards, and seeing if it helps me feel better. Thank you so much for posting all of the great tips/info here!!

  10. Holly @ RUST BELT RUNNER says:

    Great post! I agree I overeat sometimes when I'm really just thirsty :(

    I just won a Camelbak. It's 20 oz and I'm drinking 2 a day while at work… maybe more soon. Helping me keep track at least of what I'm doing.

    Big Question – How do you know much much water you should be drinking? I hear so many different views on this.

  11. I love this idea! I got to the end of the day recently and realized I'd drunk two cups of coffee, a soda, and a beer. And I had a 10k the next morning. Oops.

  12. Such a great idea, Dorothy. I totally need to do this too. Our temps here in Yuma are in the 100s the ENTIRE summer (Jun-Sept.). I am constantly dehydrated.

    I also need to do this with my milk intake too. I am totally lacking in calcium.

  13. this is a great idea. I keep a 24 oz water bottle and take it with me everywhere and refill it 2-3 times per day to keep hydrated. But, I need to do the same and put my fruit intake out for the day too! It is so important with running in the summer heat!

  14. Yes NUUN.
    it is new for me
    it is saving me
    I have major dehydration issue
    and I am so bad at preventing it and I hit the wall and it sucks. Now I am better. I drink NUUN every day. I drink water all day from huge colored glasses and that is how I count my water intake..I change color as I go and put empty glasses in the sink..

  15. Morgan @ Endorphaholic says:

    I really like this idea! I have a problem with unmeasured snacks as well, I'm pretty sure this would work for me.

  16. Jessica (Pace of Me) says:

    Yay!!! I'm so happy it's working for you. It's made a big huge difference for me. Amazing how it makes us feel so much better to be fully hydrated! I'm so glad you shared the idea and that I'm not the only crazy one 😉

  17. Sporty Girl Jewelry says:

    Wow great post. This is an area I struggle with as well. I love the idea of laying it all out ahead of time.

  18. @Terrysrunning says:

    Best idea I've gotten from your blog yet! A little harder for me as I don't work near a desk to keep water bottles, but I think I can adapt the idea. You have the EXACT weaknesses I do; don't drink enough, stuff my face, especially at night :-/ Keep it up!

  19. I love these ideas! I should do it with vegetables as well as water. I have no trouble eating fruit, but veggies…another story….

  20. I'm so bad at remembering to hydrate so I may have to try pre-filling water bottles! I thought using a Nalgene would be motivating (since the amount is measured out on the side) but I still end up getting to the end of the work day and I haven't even made it through 32 oz. Maybe if it was all in front of me I would do a better job!

  21. Corrina Beana says:

    I CANNOT drink enough water throughout the day. And I"m not even breastfeeding. I love water for some reason. But fruits and veggies…I love them, but I don't always take the time to prepare and eat them. I like your idea of preparing/measuring out at the beginning of the day. Maybe then I would get in my 5 servings or whatever the guideline is.

  22. bell family says:

    I totally love this idea but can you tell me how do I figure out how much I need to drink to stay hydrated during the day?

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