Last Wednesday I left my house at 4:30 in the morning for 5 days in the Pacific Northwest running Hood To Coast with nuun. There was probably more crammed in to those 5 days than I have done in the past month and my body feels like it! I typically get up most mornings at 4:10 am, this morning Chloe came in to my room at 8:45 and woke me up. She said mommy it’s in the 8’s – do you want to get up? We are all downstairs watching tv……I looked at the clock and literally could not believe my eyes. I was not in a light sleep at 8:45. I’m fairly certain had she not come and woke me up I would have slept for another couple of hours….oh and I was in bed before 9:30 last night…I am THAT tired. I will not be earning any mom-of-the-year awards today.

Hood To Coast Time 5

A week or two ago Nuun sent out what our predicted paces were for each of our legs.

I used the Runner’s Pace Calculator app on my phone and rounded for each distance:

Leg 1: Category VERY HARD – 5.64 miles – predicted time 34:10

Using 5.7 as the distance my average was expected to be 5:59 – when I saw this number I FREAKED out. There was no way I could run an average that was the fastest race mile I’ve ever run. The 5:59 race mile was also run on my first leg {runner #2 van #1} of Hood To Coast last year and was my first and only race mile I’ve ever seen in the 5 range. I joked to Jenny Poore {a blogger and teammate} that if I ran a 5:59 average, drinks for everyone were on me. I KNEW this was not going to happen.

Leg 13: Category VERY HARD – 7.31 miles – predicted time 55:00

Using 7.3 as the distance my average was expected to be 7:32 – I knew in my heart I could do better than this even after having the very hard leg for #1. It also made me begin to wonder if I could run close to a 5:59 average if I just believed in myself. I don’t remember the exact numbers but I ran faster than predicted on most of my legs in 2011 so maybe JUST MAYBE I could run in the low 6’s on leg one and follow up with low 7’s on this leg.

Leg 25: Category EASY – 3.75 miles – predicted time 26.57

Using 3.8 as the distance my predicted average was expected to be a 7:05. I wasn’t really sure I would be able to drop down to a 7:05 after running two legs that were categorized as very hard. The only thing I focused on in my head was that I was happy I was getting the hard legs over with and that my last leg would be short and easy, relatively speaking.


Here are my actual times and averages. Including pictures because to be honest, I still don’t believe I ran this fast. I literally gave it my all at this race {as a side note I am now regretting racing a hilly 20K 5 days before this race – live and learn}.

I wanted to earn my spot on Cherry Limeade. I had felt like for months that I had been chosen for this team, not because of my speed, but because of the reach of my blog. I wanted to be on that team, not because I like to chat about and share my love of nuun. I wanted to be on this team because we were trying to win and I came to mind as a faster girl who could contribute to the team. Make no mistake, I do not live in a delusional world where I believe I am anywhere close to the speed of most of the girls on this team. I am fast for me and I am fast for an average mom, but I am not an elite nor do I ever believe I will be. I’m happy with who I am and how fast I am, striving only to get faster because I like bettering myself, not because it will make me any more of a runner, if that makes sense. That being said I didn’t want my other teammates to view me as the weak link who was not hitting goal paces/times for my legs.


Leg 1: 31:38 – 5:37 average

Leg 13: 50:46 – 6:55 average

Leg 25: 24:56 – 6:53 average


I swear I felt drunk on life after each run. Having my teammates cheering for me at the finish and giving me high fives, you are a rock star and holy SHIT you are rocking-its – pretty much made these the three MOST FUN races I’ve ever run. I still find myself smiling randomly every time I think of these runs.

Hood To Coast Time 3 Hood To Coast Time 2 Hood To Coast Time 1


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  1. Holy hell woman, you are FAST! Way to make us running moms proud! congrats on hitting all of your targets…and then some!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! YOU kicked some major butt (especially on leg 1) that is AWESOME! I followed along on Twitter and Facebook and hope that one day I can do something as awesome a Hoot to Coast!

  3. Those paces are INCREDIBLE!!! I beat one of my goal paces and got close on the other two of my legs. It was my first time running H2C and I definitely learned a lot about myself as a runner and competitor. Congrats on a great race! Can’t wait until next year!!

  4. The 5’s just blows me away!!! Is that the fastest mile you have ever run? If yes…how did you get out 5 of them?!!! Just simply amazing! Way to go! It looks like it was so much fun! You deserve the rest

  5. Cara Stolen says:

    You’re a rockstar! It was so incredible to meet you- you are just as sweet in person as I imagined you would be :). This was my first year of H2C, and I am still on the ultimate runner’s high!

  6. Wow! Congrats on the amazing times! I’m doing my first relay ever this Friday, and I’m terrified I’m going to drag the team down. I don’t mean to be selfish, but please post as many relay pointers as you can think of between now and then! :)

  7. YOU totally just inspired me to really work on my speed this fall/winter. I qualified for Boston in June, which taught me so much, but you’re really pushing your own personal limits and i want to do the same!

  8. I’m pretty sure I squealed when I saw the first photo on Instagram. I was so excited for you! And there was never a doubt in my head that you belonged on that team. Congrats!

  9. I am with Kimberly, I was so happy for you! You definitely belong on the team, even before this race. You inspire so many.

  10. You ALWAYS deserved your spot. Those times are simply amazing.

  11. Wow! You are truly an inspiration! I recently found your blog, and love reading your posts! Congrats!

  12. You are amazing! I am smiling with you! So happy for you and so wonderful to get to meet you! I only wish we had more time together. It was one of the greatest adventures of my life, so fortunate to have experienced it with you, even if we weren’t side by side the whole time. Glad you’re home safe! xoxo

  13. Congratulations, Dorothy – those are some kick*ss times! :)

  14. Wasn’t this a relay. how did the TEAM finish?

  15. You’re AHmazing, Mama Beal! You’re Elite in all the ways that matter. Congrats on pushing yourself and achieving great results!

  16. Wow you are incredible!!! I really hope I am as fast as you one day!! GREAT GREAT job!!! This sounds like an amazing experience! Enjoy those extra hours of sleep :)

  17. Thanks Elly!! The first leg was downhill so I am not that speedy in real life but it was nice to see those times!! Makes me want to be that fast 😉

  18. Loved meeting you!!! We will get to hang out again – I know it!! xo

  19. Thank you Jenn!!

  20. Thank you :) :) :) {and thanks for always cheering me on virtually}

  21. Thank you!! It was fun getting to meet you and know you better :) Thanks for letting me crash in your room!!

  22. Yes they were the fastest miles I’ve ever run BUT they were downhill so that helped. I do think I am in better shape than HTC2011 where I only had one in the 5’s and that leg was less of a dramatic downhill. Running downhill is harder in different ways, your pace is awesome, but it destroys your body for your next legs! I’ve run timed miles in the 5’s but I don’t count those since they weren’t during an official race :)

  23. Awesome!!!

  24. What???!!! Amazing, amazing job! The power of believing in yourself. Congrats!

  25. Wow you are amazing, and as usual so inspiring! Congrats on the great relay legs!

  26. Congrats!!! :-)

  27. This is what I love about the world if running. Even as you feel yourself getting stronger, and gaining on your goals, there’s always someone out there pushing a little bit (or a lot) farther and faster. It keeps one honest and humble.

    Inspiring race, and the best part of the whole thing is the sense of girlish giddiness and joy that comes through on the wings of your words.

  28. No disclaimers – you ran that time, you own it :) :) :)

  29. Way to go Dorothy! That is truly amazing. 😉

  30. WHOA girl that’s crazy! Although, to be expected from you 😀

  31. You’ve just completely changed my view on relays. Wow, did you rock that race! I can see that the group dynamic was super powerful, motivating. Fantastic times, congratulations!

  32. You’ve just completely changed my view on relays. Wow, did you rock that race! I can see that the group dynamic was super powerful, motivating. Fantastic times, congratulations!

  33. Wow – amazing job! Your running achievements are super inspiring :-)

  34. This is absolutely incredible!! I am really inspired by your running. I don’t think I will ever hit a 5 anything average mile but I 6 might be in the cards many years down the road.

  35. Simply incredible!! Congrats! Sounds like so much fun.

  36. You are one speedy chic!!! I also love your style:)

  37. Be nice, no need to be critical, trolling is not cool. Please go away if you cannot celebrate someone’s good times with them.

  38. You CRUSHED it lady! The smile on your face after your screamed down that mountain was priceless! Even Mason was running around telling all the other Nuun vans your pace, way to represent Cherry Limeade during the whole race!

  39. Honest there is GOMI for a reason – go there bash me all you want but please STAY OFF MY INTERNETS and leave me alone. You have been coming here for years and I just don’t get it. Stop wasting your time putting negative out in the world…..last time I checked blogging about MY times on MY blog is not called humble bragging it’s called TALKING ABOUT MY RACE ON MY BLOG. GOMI.

  40. I just stumbled on your blog. Congrats! sounds like you had an amazing race! btw, those are amazing run times!. I thought I ran solid relay legs, but sure as heck not compared to yours:) I fan Hood to Coast with my team this year – Canucks to Coast, and saw you gals decked out in your sparkly team skirts. Loved them!

  41. Nice job girlie!!! So glad you had a great time! You earned your place on the team and I hope you continue to walk around with a smile on your face for it. Don’t you just love that post-race runners high?! :)

  42. WHOA! Congrats on KILLING IT. And sleeping in, because I’m in favor of sleeping in. 😉

  43. I had goose bump reading this! You are one fast momma. Congratulations!!! :-)

  44. You should defintiely check out GOMI – people speal very highly of you.
    You’re fake, it’s easily picked up on. And, you’re really not that fast, though you seem to think you are.

  45. Nuunbuttersmasonjar says:

    ha ha ha ha – goosebumps, fancy style and fairy tears, this is soooo great! Who is that beautiful blonde girl on the right, she has some gorgeous legs. Wow, I wonder how VERY HARD FAST she ran her legs on those legs.

    Congratulations, sometimes we don’t have to come in first to WIN! AND WIN BIG !!! I’m goiing to go run right now with a huge smile on my face!!!

  46. DAMN!!!! You are so amazing and such an inspiration. You totally killed all of your runs. You deserved to be on that team and you proved it. It had nothing to do with your blog, even though it’s one of my faves :)

  47. Wow! You CRUSHED those goal times. The most amazing is that first one! Oh my goodness that’s just unbelievable. Congrats. You absolutely earned your spot on that team. Amazing.

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