noun: hike; plural noun: hikes
  1. 1.
    a long walk, especially in the country or wilderness.
    synonyms: walk, trek, tramp, trudge, slog, footslog, march;

    “a five-mile hike

The weather in Leesburg today is absolutely delightful. I ran a crisp 4 miles this morning at 5 something. Ran into a skunk, had a minor freak out that I was going to get sprayed and ran faster than I had intended. The skunk seemed to be just as afraid of me as I was of it, so he {or she} went on his merry way in the opposite direction…thankfully. Earlier in the week I heard some rustling in the bushes/grass/trees and my adrenaline was through the roof thinking that it was someone about to jump out and get me….alas it was a group of deer who were minding their own business till I ran through where they wanted to hang out. I don’t typically see animals, or people for that matter, on my runs in the morning, but I’ve seen a ton of both this week. It’s either the wonderful weather or the fact that it’s August and people are starting to worry about their marathon training. I still find myself wishing I had a speedy friend who lived close by to pull me on these early morning runs. It’s very easy for me to putz along and find myself going almost 2 minutes slower than normal for the beginning miles. I tell myself I’m waking up but really that’s just an excuse. I got some “work” done this morning before the boys woke up. I say “work” because I was cleaning out my inbox, that has gotten out of control lately. I can not have more than 150 emails in my inbox or I start to go crazy. I have to archive, file, respond, or delete. Sadly some of the emails still hanging out in the inbox are months old and need responses. I’m blaming summer….and three kids….and yes those are both excuses. After the boys woke up we headed on a little adventure with my girl Shannon. I want to call her my BFF, but those are things my 8 year old says, but really I love this girl as if we have been friends since we were age 8. I’ve never had a friendship that is as easy and no stress as my friendship is with her. We don’t BS each other, we say what we mean, we don’t beat around the bush, we never bottle things up, we say it like it is, and we are both better for it. She has 3 kids, I have 3 kids, our kids all love each other, she lives a mile away. She balances me out because she doesn’t run, not at all. She has run in the past but it’s not her thing, so we don’t talk about running, and that my friends is awesome. I love running, oh yes I do, but sometimes it’s nice not to think about running. It’s also nice to talk about what winery we want to try next rather than what race we want to run. So there’s that. Least you think all we do is dream about wineries, we also hit up the gym together and go on forever long walks when our kids are in school. It’s all about balance in our friendship! 1187 About a month ago Chloe, Colton and I found this little spot, thanks to a facebook post from another mom in Chloe’s school. It’s a hidden gem. Seriously though, it’s hidden.


The entrance is between two giant houses and if you don’t know how to get there you would never stumble upon it. The parking lot is about 10 spots and is literally right behind someone’s back yard. 2341 2340 2339 2338 2337 2336 Anyways I’ve been wanting to take Shannon on this hike to Kephart Bridge Landing and the Potomac River, ever since – I just felt like she would love it as much as I did. I use the term hike loosely because I would consider this “hike” more of a walk on trails. However if you are taking little people with you it’s a hike for them. Chloe is in Florida on a girls-only-grandma-granddaughter vacation and Shannon’s daughter is in camp this week, so it was just us and the boys.


It’s rained a lot this week so the water level was crazy high compared to last time I was there. The water was rushing and I understood now why this is considered a good place to park and take your canoe or kayak out {sending my husband a not so subtle hint that we should invest in a couple of those!}.


Water. Water. Water.


The water was low and calm this day!



From the parking lot it’s roughly a mile or so to get to the edge of the Potomac. Head down towards the creek from the parking lot and as soon as you see the marked trail, head towards the right. Make sure to wear bug spray and long pants if you are the itchy type {the grasses get high in some parts}. I brought snacks and a blanket this time and Shannon and I just hung out and chatted while the boys dug up little shells and did little boy things in the mud and water. We added it to our list of future plans to return with out kids and bring books and hang out and enjoy the view/weather. Shannon also pointed out that this little spot is going to be AMAZING in the fall when the trees turn color.

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