What a difference two weeks can make!

When I wrote my last post, I was feeling low. After two doctor’s appointments and a new medication that I’ve been taking for 6 days I’m feeling hopeful.

The biggest frustration with not feeling good is that I feel like I’ve been in and out of doctor’s offices for years trying to figure out what the cause is. I think I’ve found it and temporarily find relief after making some changes, but then the “crappy feeling” comes back.

Thursday I went to see my gastroenterologist, I wanted her to give me a refill on a prescription that I had taken two years ago that had seemed to help my digestive system. In order for them to give me a new one they said I had to come in for an appointment, so off I went with my three kids in tow.

I didn’t go there thinking that she would be able to help me with the dizziness, nausea and throwing up – but in hindsight maybe she was the first person I should have gone too. She said my symptoms sounded like I possibly have too much bile in my system and that she wanted me to take a medicine for 10 days that would help reduce the bile in my stomach.

Her first thought was that something may be wrong with my gallbladder, so she gave me an order for a HIDA Scan with CCK.

Last year she had recommended that based on some of my digestive issues that I have a colonoscopy to rule out Crohn’s and Colitis. While I was very happy that they ruled out both of those, I still felt frustrated that I had no concrete answers for my “tummy issues.” The doctor said that he didn’t even think I really had IBS, that it was more likely excess bile salts. After that appointment I went on my merry way and made no changes. I didn’t ask why it was that he thought I had excess bile salts, assuming that it was just like IBS and you just learn to deal with or manage the symptoms.

Since starting the medicine 6 days ago I haven’t gotten sick or dizzy at all. I’ve been able to run two 10 milers, one yesterday and one on Saturday. I don’t even know the last time I was able to run 10 miles without getting sick.

It feels like just when I was about to hit my breaking point that a little bone was tossed to me.

On Friday I went to my ENT because I wanted him to rule out Vertigo. I also wanted to talk to him about some of the food allergies I was tested for last year as well as if there was anything I could do for my seasonal allergies {I had to stop doing allergy shot therapy after numerous bad reactions}.

He was great – ruled out Vertigo, which means now two different doctors have said it’s not Vertigo. He believes that it may be my heart as well – that maybe my blood pressure {it’s already low in general} is dropping quickly when I run and that’s causing the issues. He too recommended I go to the cardiologist. I have no clue why, if my heart is causing the dizziness, this medicine for bile is helping. What I did learn from him {I kept saying I knew it wasn’t my heart but really I don’t know if it’s my heart – I just assumed I would know} is that my heart rate while running is not my blood pressure while running. DUH. Only it wasn’t DUH until he pointed out that they are two different things…..

I really don’t understand or know why I haven’t gotten sick, but I’ll take it. The test is Friday at the hospital and I’m feeling nervous. I almost want it to tell me that something is wrong with me, so I just know and can take whatever steps need to be taken to fix it. Yet at the same time I feel like a sane person does not wish to have a problem. I realize that maybe it’s irrational or ridiculous to want something to be wrong just so I have an answer, but it’s how I feel inside.

On the running front, I started a 12 week training program for Marine Corps Marathon {I’m running as a part of Team Beef}. I had toyed with the idea of getting a coach, so I have more structure and accountability but until I figure out what’s going on with my health, I don’t want to spend $150+ a month on individual coaching.

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I’m not one who takes running for granted, as I do realize it can be taken from me at any point. However, this whole situation has made me appreciate it even more. Every run is a little gift.

I ran 5 slow miles this morning. They were so slow, that I’m not sure I’ve seen those numbers on my watch in years – but it was 5 miles the day after 10 miles – so I’m more than happy. I was greeted with this sky when I finished, definitely worth the 4:10 wake up. Things are looking up…..

Sunrise 8-5

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