In my life I find it easy to dwell on the negative and easy to forget the positive. I have challenged myself to find one thing every day that made me happy for the remainder of 2011 and then for every day in 2012.

Today the one I chose is Mary & Joseph. My sweet little Miles will be playing Joseph in his school play next week and his favorite little girlfriend Sophie got picked to be Mary. I’m smiling as I type this. I love these two kids.

Take the challenge. Find one thing every day that made you happy. Whether it was a smile from a stranger, a nice comment on your outfit, something new your children learned, or how many miles you ran. Find one thing every day for 2012 and live a happier more fulfilled life!


  1. Girl I'm the same way – its so easy to dwell on the 'gunk'. Winter is especially hard; the hours seem shorter, the dreary weather makes you want to stay inside, even my running suffers! It's a mess. This is a good focus though, a great way to keep it all in perspective :)

    YAY for Mary & Joseph!! So adorable.

  2. Running Moose says:

    You got it! I know I laugh everyday, but I don't always make a conscious effort to reflect on it at the end of the day. Today? Well, it was goofy and you have to see it, but it (ok, me) made my kids and wife laugh their butts off…

  3. Holly @ Ihatethetreadmill says:

    I am happy today because we saw our oldest in her preschool Christmas program and she rocked the house :-)

  4. The Samsons says:

    Awww love that pic of them! This made me happy today too!

  5. LateNight says:

    I am going to my girls preschool concert today. First one ever!!!! I am so excited!

  6. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says:

    true true true!!!

  7. Yep this is a very good idea!! I find it much easier to dwell on the negative too but have been making a conscious effort to dwell on positive things. I think I will get a journal and write the happy moments down as they come, I'm thinking a small journal to carry in my purse :)

  8. Today, I was happy to snuggle with Lucas and Kyra, my 7 & 3 yr old, while reading stories before bed. I was exhausted myself & really wanted some relaxing time alone. However, I don't get to snuggle and read at night often anymore because that' daddy's job. Daddy was gone tonight & I got to enjoy a little special time. :)

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