The last print issue of Fitness Magazine is on stands now and it’s all about running, so if that’s your thing {I’m assuming it is – if you are reading here} then RUN to your local store and grab one! I was pleasantly surprised {read – freaking out} to see that Mile Posts was listed as best blog. All of your support means the world to me, this wouldn’t happen without all of you – xoxo.


Monday I attempted to run a recovery run – 6 miles or so was the goal – my stomach was just not having it. Called it a day at 3 miles and took Tuesday completely off. I’m in the process of building back base miles so I am not doing any formal speed work. I’d like to start training for Marine Corps Marathon with a base of around 50 miles a week and then maybe peak somewhere around 65 or so. I’m not sure at this point that I need to do many more miles than that. The most I’ve ever run in a week was 92, and while that was fun, I just don’t think I need to {or want to} run that many miles again. This is one of those never say never things though, maybe one day I will get that high again, more than likely I won’t.

Monday Splits: 147 average steps per minute 8:52/9:02/8:38

Yesterday I ran 10 morning miles while Colton was at pre-school. It was cold and pouring when I started. After a couple of miles the rain stopped, I found my stride and it was bliss till the end.

Wednesday Splits: 177 average steps per minute {loving all the fun new data I see on my new garmin} 8:32/8:53/8:54/8:30/8:13/8:39/8:27/8:06/8:06/7:55


This morning a friend, who I have never run with, messaged me on Facebook and asked if I wanted to run. I jumped at the chance to have a company for some of my miles. I really thrive in situations where I am in a time crunch. Give me all the time in the world and I want to sit around, but if I have to get something finished before a certain time then I can move. I squeezed in 3 miles after dropping Colton off and before running over to meet her at her daughters pre-school. I LOVED that she was the type of runner that didn’t need me to stop. Once we saw each other she started running and we just kept on going. She also introduced me to a new 5 mile loop which I will absolutely do again! In January she started blogging too — hop over to Orange Visor to check her out!

A quick stop for a hug after her 5 miles were finished and I tacked on 3.11 more miles to finish with 11.11 for the morning. I’m trying as much as possible to fatigue my legs leading up to the Great Wall Marathon, which I’ve decided is going to be more like a run/walk/hike. I think it’s good to get in the correct mind frame before a race and mine is on target with what my body is capable of at this point. I’m still not sure if Eric and I are going to stick together the entire 26.2. I want too but we run VERY differently. He has made it clear that he is going to have to go ahead of me if he feels good and I don’t at certain points. He wasn’t training for a marathon when we found out about this race, so he has been working on time on his feet. He runs as far as he can and then walks to build up time. So yeah I’m undecided – I’d rather be by his side for 26.2 miles but I’m also nervous that he will feel good when I don’t {and possibly leave me} or that I will feel good when he doesn’t {which is very annoying/disheartening to him}.

Thursday Splits: 182 average steps per minute 8:46/8:25/8:11/8:17/8:07/8:06/7:59/8:08/8:38/8:35/7:54

2 more days till I turn 33. I love birthdays and this week is full of them. My grandfather turned 86 on Tuesday, my step-mother turned 55 yesterday, my cousin Rosemary is celebrating her birthday today, one of my good friends Jess turns 39 tomorrow, I share my birthday with my cousin Elizabeth as well as my college cross-country teammate Keyla, and on Sunday my cousin Andrew will celebrate his big day!

I love April.

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