In one week we leave for China!

I can’t believe it. Literally can’t believe it.

When I entered the contest to win a trip for two to run this race, I figured why not? Someone has to win, so why not take a chance? That is exactly how I ended up on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine – why not I thought? Someone has to win and the worst that could happen is NOTHING and nothing is not really bad at all!

As my entry for this giveaway I wrote an a short essay about I Run This Body and what is means to me. I talked about the hashtag on instagram and how it has grown from only a couple of hundred pictures that were mostly mine to over 26K in a couple of years. I talked about marathons and how I love the strength I gain from them, and how this particular race seemed like one that not only involved running but a lot of mental strength as well.

I’m someone who believes that everything happens as it should. What happens may not be great, but I believe that everything always works out. We don’t have the benefit of seeing the big picture until situations are past us. I don’t believe everything happens for a reason, just that it happens as it was meant to be – if that makes any sense?

I’m rambling per usual….my point, that is lost somewhere in the jumbled mess of my brain right now is this – running 26.2 miles in China, partially on The Great Wall is going to take a lot of mental strength and given the loss of my father in law, I would not say I am mentally strong at all right now. Maybe however, this is the perfect time to run 26.2 miles, maybe I will gain strength mentally from overcoming something physically. Eric and I still haven’t decided if we will stick together. I think there are going to be a bunch of decisions/choices we make on race day or when we get over to China. I really have no idea what to expect {other than this is probably going to be the hardest physical thing I have ever done} and neither of us know how we are going to feel come race day.

This picture makes me excited and scares me to death.
China - Wall

My post last week for Women’s Running was about the mental game I had to play with myself to finish a long run last week. A run I REALLY needed before this race.

Mental Tricks For Long Runs:

The goal was to be on my feet for 3 hours. I wanted to fit in 20 miles in that time, but I wasn’t concerned with pace at all. I try not to stop on my long runs, not even for water – this is something I started doing after Chloe was born and I have mostly stuck with it since. It’s part of the reason, I believe, I was able to drop my marathon time from a 4:20 to a 3:11. On this run however I told myself I could stop as often as I wanted for any reason – I just needed to be out there for 3 hours.

I kept my watch running – meaning I didn’t pause it for bathroom breaks or water breaks. I was actually surprised based how terrible I felt last week and the lack of a long run the week before, that I finished 20 miles in just under 3 hours – 2:59:22 to be exact.

This is only the second time I am traveling outside of the country as an adult – yikes! If you have any travel tips that would help me pack feel free to share them!

p.s. I’ll be giving away a Garmin vivofit and Jonathan Adler Bands this coming Sunday on instagram – make sure you are following along if you want to win.

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