Here is what my week looked like last week in terms of running! Monday: 8 miles – 8:05 avg – 265 feet elevation gain {am – 1 treadmill mile – 15 minutes of strength}

  • 8:22/8:35/8:20/8:09/8:00/7:49/7:51/7:34

Tuesday: 8 miles – 8:15 avg – 269 feet elevation gain

  • 8:28/8:40/8:28/8:09/8:13/8:56/8:07/7:53

Wednesday: 20 minutes of strength Thursday: 6 miles – 8:20 avg – 163 feet elevation gain

  • 8:32/8:46/8:40/8:16/7:58/7:55

Friday: 4 miles with Eric – 8:25 avg – 128 feet elevation gain

  • 8:59/8:34/8:30/7:37

Saturday: 4 miles with Chloe {she rode her bike} – 8:27 avg – 93 feet elevation gain {My view on the run was pretty sweet :)}

  • 8:29/8:31/8:13/8:34

Chloe Bike 1 Chloe Bike 2 Sunday: 12 miles with Eric – 8:35 avg – 415 feet of elevation gain

  • 8:53/8:42/8:44/8:57/8:56/8:25/8:25/8:32/8:19/8:26/8:41/7:54

There was a point in my life that describing a running week as good meant that I ran a ton of miles {for me} or that they were at a speedy pace {for me} or that I had a new PR. Now the idea of a good running week is completely different and I’m really more than okay with it. This is the stage of life I am in and I’m really liking 2015 better than other speedier years. This is my idea of a good week now. 2580 Running was a way out at certain points in my life, now it’s a way in. A way in to learning more about myself and a way to spend quality time with friends and family. It’s a way in to deeper to relationships with them. 2667 If you have never sweat with a friend by your side. Try it. It’s a fast way to friendship. Over the years I’ve thought a lot about why this is. Why and how do women become your sole sisters if you will. I think the struggle unites and I think it’s much easier to get to know someone and share your inner most thoughts when they are literally by your side. 2669 I don’t think this is limited to running. I have a girlfriend who is my gym buddy, she doesn’t run, and I swear we get closer with every class we make it through together. I also love her for keeping it real and reminding me that everyone isn’t a runner, and doesn’t give two you know whats about your times. She walked in to my house the other day – I was dressed in spandex shorts and hot pink compression socks – she asked me what the eff I was wearing. I said something about attempting to run on the treadmill and it not working and she said OH. For that I just love her even more. 2666 I ran outside for all of my runs last week, which is the most I’ve done outside this year. My mother in law is a saint and watched the kids for me each day {it was spring break for my kids} so I could get in a run and not have to wake up at o-dark thirty and head to the treadmill. 2662 The Great Wall Marathon is not going to be speedy, that’s for sure, but I am looking forward to my first 26.2 in a different country!!! Hopefully it won’t be the last :) Rachel who will be running Boston for the first time in less than two weeks sent me these fun pictures of her walking The Wall on the course preview day!! I REALLY like her outfit choice. Great Wall Rachel 1 Great Wall Rachel 2 xoxo Dorothy

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