I’m always on the search for food that tastes good, doesn’t hurt my stomach and actually works as quick fuel pre-run or post-run.

I do not eat 100 percent gluten free, but have felt better since limiting the amount of gluten I eat. I started doing this because of stomach issues and have found that it helps to alleviate some of the problems I have.

The Gluten Free Bar company sent me a sample pack of their bars to try out.

I honestly really enjoyed the bars – hence the lack of pictures of the actual bars before they ended up in my tummy. They come in four flavors: peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate, cranberry almond, and oatmeal raisin.

The bars seems small at first but I was pleasantly surprised at how filling they were. They key was to eat them slowly and not gobble them down –  a good habit to get in to anyways when eating. I liked every flavor, which is a first for me. I don’t like raisins one SINGLE BIT and I liked the oatmeal raisin bar. Go figure…..

They have a great deal right now that you get one of each bar for $10 plus a coupon for $5 off a future order. Shipping is FREE. I’m thinking these little bars would make for a yummy stocking stuffer for the runner in your life. I won’t be upset if they show up in mine!

Overall I would recommend this bar for anyone who is looking for a gluten free bar option or for those athletes who don’t want to sacrifice taste when it comes to a performance bar.

About The Gluten Free Bar according to tThe Gluten Free Bar —

About Us

The GFB was started in 2010 by two brothers – one of which was a road warrior  celiac who was constantly searching for a gluten-free nutrition bar that provided lasting energy, was  highly nutritious, and tasted great.  It turns out that  finding such a bar was very difficult – and as a  result, The GFB was created. 
It also turns out that others struggled to find the  right bar, and since we began, we have heard  similar stories from many of our customers.   We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of our  customers’ day, and are thrilled that we have been  able to provide a nutrition bar that people can look forward to eating.
At The GFB we have learned that simple,  nutritious ingredients when combined with great  care, can produce something that makes people happy – and making people happy is something  we like to do.

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  1. These sound good. I am hooked on Picky Bars, so I wonder how these compare. Anything with PB and chocolate together sounds good to me!

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