As a runner who likes to dream big I am all about trying to find the next best thing that is going to help me get an edge during training. In order to achieve my dreams I can’t just rely on running miles to get there. I need to think about my nutrition and hydration strategy as a key component to realizing my 3:05 dream!

No matter how hard I try to stay hydrated it is something I struggle with. If you want to read about what happens to me when I am not hydrated during a marathon check out my race recap from Boston Marathon 2011. After that race I took hydrating seriously. It’s not enough to think about it just during the race. You need to be thinking about it leading up to runs and post-run. I am very picky about what containers I like to drink out of when it comes to plain water and, I’ll be honest, the only time I crave just water is when I am running. During the day or post-run I have to force myself to drink water. Hence my constant struggle with hydration/dehydration. I’m more likely to drink something other than water before or after a run.

I had heard of other runner friends drinking coconut water to stay hydrated but wasn’t really sure what the big deal was or why this was any different than other drinks on the market to help you stay hydrated. But I’m always willing to give a product a try to see. I expected ZICO coconut water to taste like coconut milk — it doesn’t. It’s light and refreshing. I didn’t think there was any way that I would noticed a significant difference in how hydrated I felt after using ZICO. I was wrong. After a couple of weeks of just OK runs I started drinking ZICO regularly before a run and immediately following. I would drink about 1/2 of a bottle before and an entire bottle after. Recently I ran 10 miles pushing baby C who, at 18+ months, is really no longer a baby. I had no great expectations for the run.

  • Mile 1: 8:11
  • Mile 2: 7:27
  • Mile 3: 7:51
  • Mile 4: 7:35
  • Mile 5: 7:51
  • Mile 6: 7:41
  • Mile 7: 7:41
  • Mile 8: 7:19
  • Mile 9: 7:49
  • Mile 10: 7:31

Umm hello what? Sub-8-minute-miles for 10 miles pushing 23lbs of stroller and 30+ lbs of kid? I’ll take it. The cynic in me (and maybe you) is going to say well maybe you just had a good run. Maybe I did BUT I know that I have the best runs of my life when I am fully HYDRATED. So yes maybe there were other factors that came together for me to go on an easy run and have great paces while pushing Colton, but I do fully believe that being hydrated had a lot to do with it.

Remember the post I did not too long ago about my spirit lifting 16 miler? ZICO coconut water was consumed before and after that run too! ZICO according to ZICO:

  • more potassium than one banana
  • supports rapid hydration
  • 5 electrolytes – potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus
  • supports rapid hydration
  • gluten-free
  • lower acidity than sports drinks or juices
  • zero fat, zero cholesterol and zero added sugar* (*except for the chocolate)

Fun facts about the packaging (again according to ZICO)

  • bottle made from 30% recycled content which means a reduced carbon footprint.
  • #2 100% recyclable HDPE bottle
  • recycled 40x more than Tetra cartons

My children love copying what I do, so when they asked to have some ZICO I figured sure, why not? I did not, for one second, think they would like it. Baby C drank an entire bottle of the chocolate the first time he tried it. He loved it! I’d rather give my kids coconut water any day than another artificially sweetened juice box!

While poking around on the ZICO coconut water website I found some fun recipes using ZICO. Check them out HERE.

Note: I found that all four flavors I tried — natural, pineapple, mango and chocolate — taste better chilled. I packed them with an ice pack in a smaller cooler bag to keep them cool in my car during a run.

BlogHer is giving away $100 gift cards and a case of ZICO to two readers of Mile Posts! Who couldn’t use $100 and free coconut water? That buys a lot more ZICO coconut water or pays for the entry fee to that race you have been wanting to run!

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This sweepstakes runs from 6/4 – 6/30.

Be sure to visit the ZICO brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and find more chances to win!


  1. brennakate says:

    My tweet:

  2. brennakate says:

    I’m not sure how to leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt :) But I’m certainly interested in trying the water.  The only time I’ve had this type of water is at races :)

  3. Jovan B. says:

    Can’t wait to try it! I, too, have issues with being hydrated.

  4. Jovan B. says:

    Tweeted – @jovansjourney

  5. I would love to try Zico!

  6. leaving a comment to enter – great giveaway!

  7. Thanks for offering this. Comment to enter!

  8. Awesome giveaway! I’m a big coconut water fan, and I used it when training for my half earlier this year.

  9. I just recently had Zico and absolutely love it! II’m not a fan of anything coconut. But I tried this anyways and I suddenly love it.

  10. Bethp262 says:

    I have been using coconut water post-run and love it! Will have to try it pre-run too!

  11. Wow. Can’t wait to try this out!! What a great giveaway

  12. I absolutely LOVE coconut water but have never tried all those flavors. The chocolate sounds really yummy! Love this giveaway!

  13. Laura L says:

    I keep looking at the coconut water in the stores, but have yet to try it. I just might have to give it a go now!

  14. Laura L says:
  15. I need all the help I can get in the hydration department! Hope I get picked : )

  16. I’ve never heard of this brand. Hope I get a chance to try it and thanks for the chance to win!

  17. I was first introduced to coconut water when I was living in Brazil. I’d love to try ZICO!

  18. Wow! I’d really like to try some! Especially the chocolate!

  19. I really love coconut water, and I’ve heard good things about the ZICO chocolate flavored one!

  20. Allison A. says:

    I would love to try ZICO! I’ve heard about it in the past but have never tried it!

  21. Wow! This is an awesome giveaway! Never tried before but would love to. Sounds like it is the real deal!

  22. MelodyJ says:

    Great after a workout.


  23. I love Zico Coconut water! Especially the chocolate!

  24. I have always wanted to try Zico! Have heard great things =)

  25. I couldn’t find the official sweepstakes prompt to respond to, so I’m leaving a general comment. I would LOVE to try the coconut water. I enjoy coconut milk in my coffee (not the heavy coconut milk in cans, the stuff in cartons in the refridgerated section), so I’m sure I would enjoy the water, too!

  26. Hydration is key to great performance! Love Zico products :)

  27. This stuff sounds amazing and I would love to win the sweepstakes… would love to try that water!

  28. Great giveway. Definitely interested in trying Zico. I have not had that brand previously!

  29. I love Zico! I have started using it as my Pre-race drink. I love the pineapple and chocolate flavors best!

  30. I got some Zico at the Miami Marathon Expo and thought that it worked well. Here is my tweet. BTW: Glad that you enjoyed the OBX! Pictures looked relaxing. If you get a chance stop by my blog and read about and see some pictures of a great little race in Durham, NC. The Running of the Bulls 8k . . . It finishes on the 3rd base of the old Durham Bulls Athletic Park where the Movie Bull Durham was shot. Really fun and well organized little race.

  31. Love coconut water! I had some before my race yesterday (which i normally do NOT do) and I totally PR’d! I would love to attribute that to better hydration pre-run! I’m tweeting this!!!

  32. I’ve always been interested in trying coconut water! It looks SO refreshing!
    Hence, my comment to enter ;D
    *fingers crossed*

  33. would LOVE to try it out!! my tweet –

  34. Also posted to Twitter:!/love2Bre

  35. I love coconut water – I completely agree with you on it helping to stay hydrated! A case would help me through my fifty miler at the end of the month…

  36. I just bought by first bottle of Zico the other day!

  37. Thank you for the recommendation! I always end up training with Gatorade because that is what they provide at NYRR races, and I like to get my sensitive stomach used to it. But I would love to give Zico a try! Consider this my entry.

  38. Mmmm I’d love to try it!

  39. Chocolate Zico has sooo become one of my favorite treats!

  40. I’ve tried Zico before and really enjoyed it. It makes a great post race drink for me. I love the idea to make little cocktails out of it. :)

  41. Would love to try it!

  42. I would love to win!

  43. RunWithJes says:

    I tweeted!

    Hope I’m one of the lucky winners. Your stroller runs at the sub-8 pace continue to amaze me! Incredible.

  44. Dang it now, I gotta something new again. Thanks dorothy for letting us in on a bit of hydration help. Hope I win.

  45. The chocolate sounds great!!

  46. My husband picked up a couple bottles of Zico at an expo that we recently went to and he loved it! I was able to snag a few sips before he took it back (he wouldn’t share! hehe). I have trouble hydrating too and go in cycles of getting really bored with water and wanting something different that isn’t loaded with calories and sugar. This sounds like a great option!

  47. I would love to try this! Looks yummy.

  48. I’ve used ZICO on a regular basis for the past few months. Enough so that I have a standing order with Amazon to ship me two cases every month. It goes great in my coffee in the morning and tastes great in the shower after my long runs. For those that don’t like coconuts or coconut water/milk, I highly recommend the chocolate flavored version. Tastes great!

  49. I’ve never tried this, but I would like to!

  50. Duffy (@duffyreese) says:

    Always on the hunt for better ways to hydrate. This sounds promising!

  51. Mami2jcn says:

    The chocolate flavor sounds good.

  52. Mami2jcn says:


  53. Cellabella says:

    I think the chocolate flavor sounds delicious and would be a great replenishment after my long runs!

  54. our team, action jackson, drank zico during the keys 100 relay from key largo to key west a few weeks ago. we felt very hydrated throughout the entire race and finished in 13hrs 43minutes. @thaREALmeredith @teamactionjxn

  55. Heidi G says:

    I would love to try Zico coconut water! Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Lesley White says:

    I am still getting used to the taste of the “natural” coconut water, but love the flavored ones. I totally agree with chilling it first–tastes MUCH better.

  57. Heather V says:

    I haven’t tried this brand before, but am definitely looking forward to giving it a shot. :)

  58. love zico after a long run!!!!

  59. I think I might try this even if I don’t win… Running + breastfeeding = dehydrated constantly!

  60. Stephanie says:

    I’ve never tried ZICO, but i like to :)

  61. Stephanie says:
  62. Ashley h says:

    Super awesome giveaway! I’d love to try it :)

  63. I love coconut water!

  64. I’d love to give this a try! The idea of coconut water freaked me out a bit before, but this sounds like a great rec!

  65. I LOVE Zico! It’s my coconut water of choice! I plan on buying a case for my Ragnar Relay Napa Valley team this fall, so this gift card would go to good use!

  66. Tweeted! :)

  67. I would drink almost anything for stroller mile splits like that! :) I’d love to win.

    Tweeted @themrswrites

  68. Kathleen says:

    I love Zico. I use it for all my runs & races and I know it makes a difference.

  69. Laurel C says:
  70. Laurel C says:

    I’ve had Zico after long runs and races, and I love it!! My mom and I are big fans of Zico and coconut water in general!

  71. kathryn says:

    Anything coconut! Count me in~!

  72. I have always wanted to try coconut water! Thank you Dorothy for all the fun give aways you post. I hope this is my lucky one!!!!

  73. Amanda W says:

    Leaving a comment to enter! I’ve only tried zico chocolate, but it’s amazing. It’s my treat to myself once in a while. Definitely would NOT complain if I were to get some for free :)

    tweeted (@awinner9)

  74. Zico is a critical part of my training and is also great for staying hydrated when I travel.

  75. Kristine says:

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  76. I will try to ZICO. I appreciate the chance.

  77. I love the chocolate flavored Zico – so good!

  78. I’d love to try the chocolate flavor! Lululemon had a free yoga class for marathoners the day after my (first!) marathon 2 weeks ago and gave out coconut water. I definitely appreciated it!

  79. I could totally use something that makes me more hydrated and run faster haha!

  80. I’d love to try some coconut water!! I’ve also had people tell me that it’s great for training and racing, but I’ve never tried it myself. This would be a great opportunity to do so!! :)

  81. I’d like to try it!

  82. courtney b says:

    i didnt see a question, but I would love to try this water. Coconuts are so yummy and everyone drinks water, so the two together sounds amazing!!!

  83. courtney b says:
  84. Jill H. says:

    I watched someone literally hit the pavement during the River to Sea relay last year…due to dehydration. Scary stuff! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  85. MaryEllen says:

    I’d love to try Zico… I’ve never had any coconut water!

  86. I’m going to have to give ZICO a try. Thanks!

  87. Elizabeth Brown says:

    I would love to try this water!! Who doesn’t need a boost in the middle of the summer? And what better way than hydration?

  88. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    this water sounds great and I’ve never tried it but id love to.

  89. Amanda Sakovitz says:
  90. Not sure where the sweepstakes question is….but would love to try this!

  91. I drink Zico after I run, but now I’ll try it before I go on my long runs too!

  92. I would love to try ZICO! The chocolate flavor sounds great!

  93. Thanks for the post – I’ve been wondering about the taste. Would love to try ZICO

  94. Yum! I have not tried coconut water or Zico yet but I’ve been curious about it. Gatorade upsets my tummy and coconut water seems like it might be easier to stomach and awesome for electrolytes!

  95. I have never tried coconut water. I just added it to my grocery list for this week!!

  96. I’ve never tried coconut water, but have heard about it. You’ve convinced me to give it a try!

  97. Claudia says:

    I haven’t tried ZICO water before, and I would love to try it after a workout .

  98. Claudia says:
  99. Tweeted! I am so looking forward to trying this product.

  100. Chris C. says:

    Thanks for this information! I’m willing to test this product to see how my running improves

    Oh, and I tweeted this too

  101. I’d love to try the mango flavor.. lately I can’t get enough of anything mango!!

  102. Love coco water. Tweeted under Pahoppa

  103. Jo Anna says:

    Great giveaway!!

  104. Malissa Cornette says:

    This post really grabbed my attention. I just happened to be in the store tonight, so I grabbed a few bottles. I am looking forward to trying them pre and post run on Wednesday!

  105. Kari spikkeland says:

    I love coconut water for hydration! Between Nursing an infant and running I struggle to stay hydrated. Coconut water helps! I only wish we could have coconut trees in our back yard…

  106. Melissa says:

    I’d love to try it, too!

  107. I tweeted about this amazing giveaway here! Fingers crossed…

  108. Kristin says:

    Never tried coconut water b4, but am betting I’d love it!

  109. Judy B. says:

    I’d like to try the Zico natural over ice to refresh and rehydrate after doing yard work on the weekends.

  110. Judy B. says:
  111. Zico sounds awesome and I can’t wait to try them all. I love the easy recipes from their site too. Thanks for pointing that out.
    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  112. tweeted about this giveaway:
    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  113. I am down to try Zico coconut water to improve my hydration too! Very important during the summer months!

  114. I love (natural) ZICO water! I’m addicted! Started drinking it when my friend got me into bikram yoga and now I buy it in bulk from amazon or Trader Joe’s. It’s so great in the summer time. Thanks for the smoothie recipes.

  115. I have never tried Coconut Water before. Very interesting it has more potassium than a banana.

  116. Ooo I would love to win some Zico! Yum!

  117. I was curious when I first saw it in the store, but now I’m convinced I’d love to try Zico!
    My Tweet:

  118. I would love to try this!!

  119. I love Zico water!

  120. Would love to try it!

  121. I’m not a runner but would love to try these! Thanks for a chance to win and have a great day!

  122. I have never tried this water but want to try it – thanks!

  123. Coconut water!

  124. adria biasi says:

    I have never tried coconut water, so I would love to win!

  125. Always looking for good hydration as well!

  126. I love Zico coconut water! I am currently training for the Bozeman triathlon and I love drinking it after sweaty brick workouts.

  127. Love Zicco especially the chocolate flavor!

  128. Tweeted! Happy Fit Mama ‏@happyfitmama

    Win a $100 Gift Card and a case of @Zicco

  129. Michele L. says:

    I never considered coconut water before. I’m taking an Exercise Physiology course this summer and after reading what’s in this, it’s clear it would be beneficial to my triathlon training. You sold me!

  130. Tweeted!

    I love coconut water! I’ve been drinking it since I was a little kid growing up in Puerto Rico. I’m so happy coconut water is so easily available now.

  131. Denise P. says:

    I have tried nearly every coconut water out there and the Chocolate ZICO is my hands down favorite. It tastes just like chocolate milk. I pair it with an egg scramble for a tasty, post-run meal.

    I swear by coconut water because once I started drinking it after races and long runs – I noticed less soreness/stiffness the following day. May just be in my head, but it has all the other benefits so I’m going to keep drinking it.

  132. I’ve never tried it but definitely want to!

  133. Love Zico!! Chocolate is my favorite, though!!

  134. I haven’t tried Zico. I was given some other brand after a race though and really liked it… I’d love to try some more!

  135. I would love to try Zico!

  136. I couldn’t find the sweepstakes prompt either… : / but I would love to try it! I am looking for ways to stay hydrated other than water.


  137. Love coconut in all forms!

  138. I’ve never tried coconut water by itself. I have tried it in a jamba juice refresher and it was very good! I normally just drink water to rehydrate

  139. I’d love to try this. I have been reading this in the “running world” and am thinking this would be a great way to begin drinking it! Awesome run!!!

  140. cpainerun says:

    what a great product! enter me in the sweepstakes!!!

  141. I hate water. I refuse to drink it and drink Gatorade instead after runs. But after reading your review, I think I might go hunt some of these down..thanks!

  142. Soooo want to try this! Zico looks awesome!

  143. amy pugmire says:

    I would love to try this during and after my workouts. and so many yummy flavors

  144. amy pugmire says:
  145. Katrina says:

    Love Zico! Love running! Love your blog!

  146. Check it out:! Didn’t even know about the giveaway when I posted that tweet!!! I LOVE ZICO…would love to win this giveaway!

  147. Tellina says:

    I’ve not tried Zico yet, but looking forward it trying it very soon!!

  148. It sounds wonderful! I am a “drink person” and love to try new drinks when they come out! I can’t wait to try it!

  149. I’d love to win!! I’ve never tried it!!!

  150. Oh this is awesome and I would love this!

  151. Yum! I love Zico!

  152. I’d love to try coconut water. With the heat and humidity coming to VA I know I need to up my water intake.

  153. Tiffany Winner says:

    i’m not an athlete but i do run after my kids all day so i could use some of this stuff instead of just plain water like i drink now

  154. Tiffany Winner says:
  155. Pick me, please! :) Sounds YUMMY!

  156. Meredith says:

    would love to try it – and win! my comment to enter :)

  157. Stephanie says:

    would love to try it!

  158. I keep hearing more and more about coconut water…I think it’s time I tried some!
    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  159. I would love to try some coconut water. I don’t even know where to buy some.

  160. I’ve tried a couple of brands of coconut water and Zico is the one that I really liked the best. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! I plan to use it to help keep me hydrated this summer and in my green smoothies!

  161. One of my very favorite things is the Chocolate CW (SO good!) mixed with protein powder and chia seeds after a hard workout… so amazing, yummy and good for you too!

  162. Jen, I recently started reading your blog, and was inspired to being stroller runs with my 19 month old.

    I am a FTM trainer, and am training for the Marine Corps in October, your blog is great.

    Zico sounds interesting, I am becoming more in tune with how my body reacts with more potassium.


  163. I just tried Zico and love it!!! Would love to win some more :)

  164. Love coconut water (and Zico, specifically)! Great addition to any smoothie.

  165. Tracy Robertson says:

    I am good about drinking plenty of water, but I have never tried ZICO (I never heard of it until now). I would love to try it. Thanks!

  166. Tracy Robertson says:
  167. I’d love to win a case, especially chocolate :)

  168. Laurel C says:
  169. Laurel C says:

    I love Zico, and often have it after runs and especially after a race! so good and refreshing!

  170. I love coconut water, especially after hot yoga or a long run, and your post reminds me that I have a box of Zico waiting in my fridge to drink before tonight’s swim. Hooray!

  171. Hey, I recognize that bike trail! And I enjoyed your bio – it made me understand better why some people are so into running. Not me, though – I am more the yoga type.

  172. I love coconut water after long runs! It really does take away that shaky feeling FAST. (I tweeted it, too)!/sarahsed Thanks.

  173. I’ve never tried coconut water, but would like to and thank you for the giveaway.

  174. Suzanne says:

    I like coconut water a lot, but only the flavored kind. Although it could be the brand I tried of the plain kind.

  175. I would love to run more and drink more coconut water.

  176. Coconut water is awesome! I just started using them in my smoothies and it’s been a welcome addition :) will come in handy for all the training I am going to start soon!

  177. @CraftfullyCook: Win $100 and @zico coconut water from @MilePosts and @BlogHer :)

  178. Love coconut water but havent been able to really explore the effects of it post run. Would love to!

  179. Heather says:

    I love the Chocolate Zico and would love to win!

  180. Jo Anna says:

    Would love to win!

  181. I’d love to try Zico!

  182. We love coconut water!

  183. susan k says:

    yummm! i’d love to try the citrus cooler recipe!!

  184. I’d love the chocolate coconut water! Who wouldn’t?

  185. I’ve never tried this!!! I’d soooo love to win!

  186. I think my biggest problem when I go running/jogging is that I get (or maybe even start out) dehydrated. I’m thinking drinking some of this before/during/after my workouts would be really beneficial! Right now, my throat gets really dry, and my legs cramp up. So this ZICO coconut water sounds like a good idea for me :)

  187. Debbie B says:

    i haven’t tried ZICO water yet but those smoothie recipes sound delicious!

  188. Debbie B says:
  189. Alexandra Fa says:

    Love coconut water! Never tried this brand.

  190. I have tried coconut water before, but never ZICO. I would love to win this prize and give it a try!! :)

  191. Deb Anderson says:
  192. i dont see a sweepstakes prompt- but i haven’t tried coconut water and would like to try!

  193. I would love to try Zico.

  194. I haven’t tried zico before but I’d love to try it now!

  195. I’d love some amazing coconut water to quench my thirst after a long work out : )!

  196. would love to get a pack of coconut water!

  197. Jessie C. says:

    To use for smoothies is a great idea. I’d love to give this a try.

    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  198. Jessie C. says:
  199. Awesome mile times! And that Zico Citrus Cooler sounds awesome. I haven’t tried coconut water, but I’ll definitely ahve to swap some out with my post workout water.

  200. Fun post! The recipes look good, and anything that gives me an extra boost of potassium is always worth a try.

  201. Tian H. says:

    I never tried ZICO before but I would love to. I drink water to stay hydrate after exercise. Thank you for the chance.

  202. Your post motivated me to try ZICO (again). The first time I tried it, I had the natural flavor and didn’t even finish it. This time I tried Pomberry & Pineapple, and also have the Mango & Chocolate to try! It’s much better with the flavors and makes me feel great! Thanks for the motivation to try it again :)

    I also tweeted about this sweepstakes!

  203. I haven’t tried it, but it sounds yummy!

  204. I would love to win this awesome prize! You rock! This product is fabulous!

  205. jennifer horn says:
  206. jennifer horn says:

    I hydrate being drinking water after working out.

  207. I’d love to try some! I’ve had other coconut water brands before, but not this!

  208. I’ve never tried ZICO water and I’d love to

  209. I would love to try the recipes that you shared. So far I have only tried Zico right out of the container but would probably enjoy the smoothies even more! Our son likes it too & like you, I feel better about letting him sip on that instead of the juice box/pouch types of beverages!

    I couldn’t find the official sweepstakes prompt to respond to.

  210. ZICO = YUM! Drink it every day.

  211. Steel Springs says:

    I love coconut water and Zico is my favorite brand! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  212. Steel Springs says:
  213. Katie O says:

    I really enjoy coconut water but I’ve never tried this brand! I’d love to give it a try, thanks for a great giveaway

  214. Katie O says:
  215. Rebecca Graham says:

    I need to try Zico.

  216. I’m relieved that it doesn’t taste like coconut. Now I want to try it. :)

  217. I was skeptical about Chocolate coconut water, but gave Zico a shot anyway. One sip and I was SOLD! It is amazing, but I guess the secret is out because whenever I go to the grocery store they never have any in stock! Here is my comment to enter.

  218. I <3 ZICO! The chocolate flavor is great post-run or even as an afternoon treat!

  219. Lisa D. says:

    I love ZICO Coconut Water…it’s so refreshing and I love that it’s all natural. Thank you for this opportunity!

  220. Lisa D. says:

    Tweet at @LisaSaysLook2

  221. My son is the athlete more than I am. I am trying to change that a bit (not that I think I’ll ever be as much of as athlete as he is). But baby steps….

    I know he’d love to try this. Tomorrow is speed and agility camp and it’s going to be ninety degrees out. Maybe a bottle for 22 (saving one for me) of his team mates if I won.

    The chocolate flavor does sound interesting. I think I’d try that one.

    Thank you.

  222. I love coconut water and would love to win some! I think Zico is way better than VitaCoCo too!

  223. Philip Scherry says:

    We love ZICO. Buy the plain and mix it with cherry juice.
    Posted on Twitter at

  224. I buy ZIco coconut water by the case! It’s great for when the kids are sick too, to keep them hydrated!

  225. Can’t wait to try this!

  226. I have been wanting to try the Zico, so winning some would be the perfect opportunity!

  227. I love ZICO (and it wouldn’t hurt to win $100)!

  228. Nancy D says:

    I’m curious to try the Zico recipes you posted. I’d love to win!

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    I have never tried Zico before and usually drink water to rehydrate
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  232. Emily N. says:

    I’d love to try this. Commenting to win!

  233. Emily N. says:
  234. Krissie says:

    I have never tried Zico, but I’d sure like to. I’ve been drinking only water for a long time.
    Califkitties @

  235. Krissie says:
  236. Ashley Hatten says:

    Love coconut water but have never heard of this brand! Looking forward to trying it! thanks so much!

  237. Ashley Hatten says:
    shared on twitter!

  238. would love to try it more often!

  239. I have never tried coconut water before, sounds like something I need to try. Thanks for the info! I would love to win this prize!

  240. I love coconut water (and $100 wouldn’t be bad either).

  241. LAMusing says:

    I’ve never tried coconut water, but those recipes look tasty!

  242. I was actually hospitalized once because of low sodium – too much plain water they said. I’d love to try this.

  243. LAMusing says:
  244. Gina M Maddox says:

    I have never tried Zico before, but it sounds delicious. I usually just drink tons of water post work-out. Thanks for the chance to win!
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  245. Gina M Maddox says:


  246. I absolutely love the chocolate zico!

  247. Zico is great after a nice, long, sweaty summer run!

  248. I’d love to try this!

  249. Michelle H. says:

    I haven’t tried Zico water and usually just drink plain water (sometimes with a bit of lemon) after a workout. I like that it has more potassium than a banana…I get terrible leg cramps at night and know I need more potassium in my diet.

  250. Michelle H. says:
  251. – Awesome giveaway :: please enter my name. Will give it a try. Thanks for the great review.

  252. maria cantu says:

    I would like to try the pineapple one. Thanks.

  253. I have not tried it
    I drink plenty of water to keep hydrated

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  257. I’ve never tried ZICO and I usually just drink water to hydrate after I workout. But I have heard wonderful things about coconut water and would love to try ZICO!

  258. I’d love to have this coconut water just in time for marathon training! Hydrating is key in repairing my system after a long run!

  259. I would love to win the $100 and a case of ZICO Coconut Water. I just recently tried coconut water…and it’s pretty good!!!

  260. Debra F says:

    I have never tried ZICO water and usually just drink water after a workout, but I’d love to try it.

  261. Christina Tong says:

    I am attending an 1-1/2 hours Tai Chi exercise class twice a week this summer and I am planning to do this exercise at home on the other days too, wish that I can lose some weights. Thanks for this ZICO Pure Coconut Water Review and posting the recipes, I will give it a try as it will help me from dehydration and it’s tasty and only 60+calories .


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  263. I do not see an actual sweepstakes prompt anywhere on your post, so I will just comment on the post itself. I hope this is OK!
    These sound amazing! And the recipes you picked also sound amazing! I love coconut anything and am betting the chocolate one would be wonderful in a coffee based protein smoothie recipe I have! Thanks for introducing me to this brand!

  264. ewhatley says:

    I haven’t tried Zico yet. Now I just drink plain water and once in a while, a sports drink.

  265. I use water or other energy drinks, though I’d like to use Zico because it’s natural and pure.

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  266. I love drinking coconut water for snack, never thought of drinking it for hydration. I like it chilled too. Thanks for the review and giveaway.
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  267. Carolyn G says:

    I love coconut water. I haven’t tried Zico but I know that coconut water is great for my health

  268. I love the chocolate Zico, tastes just like Yoohoo but so much healthier.

  269. Karina Lee says:

    I’ve never tried Zico before. I usually drink Gatorade

  270. Karina Lee says:
  271. I’d love for the my daughter to try ZICO for after color guard rehearsals!

  272. I love Zico! I buy it each week to help us stay hydrated as we work on our farm. They flavors are wonderful!

  273. Maureen says:

    I would love to try this for hydration.
    I try to keep hydrated with water through the day but this would add something new to my routine.

  274. Becky Horn says:

    Zico sounds kinda interesting. Would love to try it.

  275. Becky Horn says:
  276. Barbara says:

    I’d like to try the plain for hiking, but I wait with baited breath for when they sell it in larger bottles so you don’t throw out so much plastic…just refill a water bottle w/ it would be awesome.

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