And the winner is misszippy!!

I must comment……
1. I used to pick the winner. #11 popped up. 11 is my favorite #
2. I scrolled down and #11 was the one person who said not to included her contest entry because she wanted someone else to win
3. The next person who would have been #11 was misszippy. My nickname growing up was zippy. [if you are wondering why? My dad started calling me doory-do-dah which then just became zippity-do-dah, which then eventually just became zippy. My uncle to this day still calls me zippy :)] is not seeming so random to me…..

Congrats misszippy email me your information at

For everyone else who didn’t win but LOVES Jill’s products – for 10 hours starting at 10am tomorrow[7/27/10] use coupon code MILEPOSTS10 for 10% off any of her products!


  1. marlece says:

    yahhhhhh, my sis who ran with me, encouraged me, got me thru my first marathon, I sent her a sole sister and running girl after reading about this product….my sis, who LOVES these so much said just this morning, "why didn't you get yourself one?" I told her I couldn't justify spending anymore money and I wanted HER to have it! So, maybe now with a discount I can to have one hanging from my neck. YAHHHHHHH!

  2. shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama says:

    Thanks for hosting Dorothy! Congrats to the winner.

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