I’ve been testing out some new nutrition lately and have found the answer to my marathon nutrition conundrum.

My chew of choice has been the Power Bar Gel Blasts. Those tasty little suckers made me want to eat more during my long runs and races, which in turn helped me perform better. Here is the problem: they take me too long to chew. While this is fine for super slow long runs, I was worried that it would take too much oxygen/energy to chew these bad boys during the marathon. For B & A marathon I compromised, I ate 50% of the chews I loved and 50% of a brand I won’t mention. It worked, but the *other brand* was not tasty and I found myself just swallowing them essentially whole to get them down.

Since I’m not training for a marathon now, I’m just going to consider this the OFF season so I don’t think too much about all the fun races I will be missing out on this fall. During my off season, I’m doing what good athlete’s do – I’m researching and preparing for when it’s game time.

In step GU Chomps!! These little morsels pack 90 calories in only 4 chews and can easily be chewed FAST. This makes me happy. Not only that, they are tasty, so no need to swallow them half chewed. They also DON’T aggravate my too-sensitive-stomach. As a added bonus, to their list of benefits, they have the lowest amount of sugar per serving size compared to other chews on the market.

I love the slogan on the bag “All in all, a superior choice to propel you in your athletic pursuits” – I’d certainly have to agree!

My flavor of choice is Blueberry Pomegranate. What’s yours?

Enter below to win some tasty GU Chomps as well as various other GU Energy Gels!!
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  1. Meredith says:

    I found you and GU on facebook! Fans of both!

  2. superwoman_4002 says:

    I liked GU on facebook! I have never tried GU anything but have just gotten into serious running and would love to try them out before i buy it! 😀

  3. superwoman_4002 says:

    I am now following you and GU on twitter! :)

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    new follower… nice site

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    Did you have a hard time learning how to eat while running?

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  35. blonderunner says:

    Dorothy – I am a fan of both. Blueberry Pomegranate is my favorite flavor too! Love the roctane pineapple too!

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  40. Will post on FB tonight. Feels like I commented too many times? =) By the way I like orange since I can mix and match with other brands if need be.

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