I’ll be honest with you and tell you that before I tested out this heart rate monitor/watch I didn’t really run with my heart rate monitor that much. The reason being I hate the chest strap and more often than not the times I am most curious about my heart rate are when I am not running laps around my town but when I am doing other things. Plain and simple the chest strap is not something I love, but I dealt with it at times when I needed instant feedback.

It never occurred to me before that there could be another way for me to get my heart rate measurement with out having to spend a zillion dollars on another running gadget.

In steps the Omron Strapless Heart Rate Monitor.


So really I sort of loved this little watch before I even had it in my hands. I loved it even more when I tested it out.

I’ve been wearing it everywhere and by everywhere I mean that my 5 year old daughter commented on how much I had been wearing it lately.

Doing dishes – did you know you can get your heart rate up the faster you do the dishes? Turn chores into exercise – check.

Same with doing a kids wii dance video game…..[no I am not ashamed to admit that I dance to Dora and the Backyardigans]

Yes, I did this too. Don't judge.

Going up the stairs hard? Well of course – it’s a workout – my heart rate went up.

The best thing about this little gadget is that it showed me/reminded me that being active, getting in shape and loosing weight [should that be one of your goals] is not just about the time you spend running – it’s about the little choices you make to move all day long, that add up to big results in the end.

So how does it work?

There is a set up process – which looked intimidating while looking at the directions to begin with – but was actually easy and only took a couple of minutes. Then it’s ready to go – just put two fingers on the watch on the two measuring spots – wait – and bam – your heart rate. Quick and easy!!

Have you ever had an Omron before? Do you use a heart rate monitor? Questions for me??

If you get bored – poke around the Omron website – tons of fun fitness related gadgets – I know I picked out a couple of other items I’m adding to my want list – like this VERY cool fat loss monitor!

Here are some facts that Omron provided:

By exercising within your target-training zone, you’ll achieve more in less time. Each zone offers different benefits. The most popular zone range is 50% to 80% of your maximum heart rate. This is where you achieve card benefits, burn fat, and become fitter.

  • Health Maintenance (65% – 78%) – Low intensity level training. Good if you’re a begininer and strengthening your cardiovascular system.
  • Aerobic Exercise (65% – 85%) – Increase strength and endurace. Burns calories faster adn can be sustained during longer workouts.
  • Anaerobic Exercise (78%-90%) – Improves speed and power. This zone builds muscle faster, but cannot be maintained for long workouts.
  • Red Line (90% – 100%) – Maximum capacity


*FitFluential LLC compensated me for this sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I do use my HRM and need to start more faithfully on my LSR for our upcoming half. I would love one without a chest strap.. have always wondered how well they worked.

    Good review, Dorothy. This is very inviting. Would sure like to try it that’s for sure.

  2. Ooh, that does look cool. I don’t wear my heart rate monitor because I can never find it when I’m ready to go for a run/ride…and I agree the strap is annoying!

  3. Interesting case for a heart rate monitor! I’ve been running for 5 years and the one area I have avoided is paying attention The Zone and my heart rate therein… hmmmm… may have to give this one a try! Thanks for the review! (Also, we just got Dance Central 2 and I agree it is very much a workout- I’m going to start adding it to my Daily Mile log!)

  4. So do you have to continue to put your fingers on it each time you want a readout or does it continuously monitor it throughout the workout?

    I have a New Balance cheapie that I got on clearance that has done the job when I take cardio classes, spinning, do DVDs, etc. But keeping track of the strap for both that and my Garmin is a pain. At the moment I’ve lost the strap to my HRM and the watch itself.

    I think Target now sells the Omron’s. Yet another gadget that I’ll probably have to pick up for myself soon.

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