One of the many things I really enjoy doing is “making stuff”

As a young girl [age 10] I started making my own clothes for school. When I had nothing I wanted to wear the next day I would whip up a skirt. Didn’t have jewelry that went with it? I would either make something new or take apart old pieces and make something else.

I still have this yearning as an adult to make stuff but have much less time to be crafty than I did as a child.

Friendship bracelets are back in style and I couldn’t be happier that an old favorite is back!

I’m a big fan of wearing WAY too many bracelets. The wrap bracelet is the perfect addition to my already overcrowded arm.

In order to make this bracelet you need to know how to braid.

I bought the yarn at Michaels for around $4.95 each color. If you sign up for the Michaels email they will send you weekly coupons for discounts. The hoop rings and clasps also were less than $5 each.

You can use up to 6 colors for this bracelet – I chose to use three. There are a seemingly endless amount of combinations for this bracelet based on how many colors you use – have fun with it!


 Make sure you make the strings VERY long. You want the finished bracelet to be able to wrap around your wrist three or four times. Instead of cutting the yarn for each of the 6 pieces used in the braid, fold them so you can tie it around the hoop ring. I chose to also double of the yarn for each color to make the bracelet thicker since I was using such a large clasp.


You can use a safety pin to pin the braid to a pillow to secure it while you braid or if you have a little person who wants to help they can hold it for you. When I separated the threads I made the colors match up to each other – blue with blue, pink with pink, black with black. If you didn’t line them up you would get a different look!

Then begin to braid – taking caution to braid slowly so the braid looks nice rather than messy.

When the braid is finished tie the ends in a knot making sure there is enough string to tie it to the clasp.

Once you tie the clasp you can either cut off remaining strings or leave some for a different look. Use either fray check or clear nail polish on the ends of the string so it doesn’t start to fray.

The clasp can be worn under your wrist for a more clean wrap look or on top for a trendier boho vibe!

Questions? Do you like friendship bracelets? Did you make them as a child? 


  1. All the time! In the summer, I would go to camp for a month and I’d come back with bracelets practically up to my elbows!

  2. LOVE!! hubby is gone, going to michaels and being a crafty girl all week long :)

  3. Super cute! Reminds me of summer camp:):)

  4. This is so cool- thanks for sharing. I always used to make friendship bracelets growing up. It would be fun to make some now.

  5. I used to make them all the time!!!! My daughter is 5 now…I bet she’d LOVE to make them. (And I LOVE how you’ve made yours!) Looks like I need to make a Michael’s run. 😉

  6. Cute! That got me in a crafty mood. :)

  7. This is PERFECT! I want to make them for all of my running buddies. Thanks!!

    Dumb question – is that just a normal braid? I don’t think my braiding looks like that!!

  8. AHHH!!!! i love that wrap around look! you just gave me a great idea for part of my bridesmaids gifts for this weekend!!!! thank you for doing this tutorial!

  9. Send me a pic if you make something!! xoxo

  10. YES just a normal braid :) I just went slow to make sure it was flat – makes it look better!

  11. Shelby Mitchell says:

    How does this work

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