Ran 4 miles on the treadmill this morning before Colton came downstairs and told me that Simon was gone. I told him not to lie to me, or I was going to get upset. He said Chloe was crying, he was gone, and he wasn’t lying.


hopefully my sister won’t kill me for posting this picture of her and simon


I still didn’t believe him – he is 4 and he likes telling me *jokes* to see how I will react.


I can not get mad at his jokes….because more often than not, they are funny.

I yelled for Chloe to come see me – she made her way down crying.

At 8 I’m sure she was probably more afraid that she was going to get in trouble for his escape, which she did not – because as I like to remind her it’s called an accident because you didn’t do it on purpose. I make mistakes ALL the time…..oh and Simon is our hamster and as hamsters go, he is pretty freaking awesome.


This picture has nothing to do with simon – I just think little miss chloe looks beautiful in this picture from Christmas. I’m not biased at all :)

I did the first thing I always do in a situation – I emailed Eric and told him the hamster had run away and WTF should I do. I’m not a moron and can handle life on my own, but something about writing him calms me down and makes me think through things. I then googled how to find a run away hamster – because DUH google has the answer for everything….and it did.

We turned the lights out, were very quiet, put the cage on the floor in case Simon decided to come back and then tried to think where we would hide if we were him. Miles my brainiac {not joking – the kid is smart in the strangest of ways} found him in all of 5 minutes. He thought he would want to go somewhere where space was tight since he likes to be squished….he then saw Chloe’s doll house on the floor and thought maybe that would be a nice place to sleep if you ran away from your cage…..and lo and behold Simon was right there…..I guess if I was a hamster and wanted to sleep I might head to a cute little doll house too. Miles for the win.

Thank goodness I got on the treadmill and didn’t let the dogs out before my run, as I normally would. I’m not so sure Simon would have met a very nice fate if I had.


This guy turns 34 tomorrow. He doesn’t make a big deal about his birthday EVER….so I’m trying to get him excited for the BIG day……me on the other hand – well I still act like I’m 11 on my birthday and get all whiny pants {no shock there – right?!}.


He makes me batty a lot of the time BUT at the same time he really is my best friend and is always looking out for me. This morning I walked into the bathroom half asleep to tell him that the kids had a two hour delay….my hair was every which way and I hadn’t brushed my teeth. Wow – you look really pretty this morning. I could have told him to shutup, but I knew he wasn’t making a joke….he really thinks I’m pretty when I’ve just rolled out of bed. Considering half of my week is spent in running clothes or sweat pants, you would think he would be sick of seeing my no make up blah face, but he isn’t, and I love him for it.


I wanted snow. We got snow.


Whole30 changed my life when I did it two years ago – it’s really as simple and yet also as dramatic as that. I no longer think Lean Pockets {seriously this makes me cringe that I ate them almost every day at one point} and GNC Total Lean Shakes are eating healthy. I read labels on everything, but the least of my concerns is the calorie count. I know that sugar is added into just about everything and as a result I was a bit of an addict {even though I’m not the candy type at all}. I really truly believe from the bottom of my heart if you want to fix what’s going haywire in your body – start with the food.


This time around it’s changing me for the better yet again.

I was hopeless and I mean hopeless in the kitchen…..partnering with Whole Foods and Garmin for their PathToFit campaign has forced to get out of my own – I suck at this pity party. The only way to get better at something, is to actually do it. Danielle told me cooking and preparing food was fun – UMMMYEAH SURE DANIELLE – only now I actually believe her.


Am I a chef? Nope. Am I a food photographer? Nope. Am I having fun? Yes.

I also like that I fit in my jeans again :) hooray for Whole30!

I’ve been working on my mindset too. Whole30 isn’t just a diet of some sort where you restrict what you eat for 30 days and then go back to eating anything and everything. The point is to help your body heal and to make changes that can last a lifetime. No I won’t eat this strict once the 30 days are up – I’m looking forward to a little honey and I am missing pickles and gum, but I likely will not return to eating wheat in any form {not that I think wheat is the devil – it just is to my body}. I want this month to change me for life and I feel like I’m on the path to that happening.



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Happy Wednesday my friends – thanks for reading my ramblings!

What food did you once think is healthy that you wouldn’t touch now?


  1. I lived off frozen burritos when I got my first job after college. Ewww!

  2. Love your blog! I’m a runner and also doing the Whole30 for the 2nd time now. This time around is much easier than the 1st, I must say, probably b/c I know what to expect. I’m on day 9 now. I don’t really see myself ever going back to dairy – maybe with the exception of ice cream once in a while. I just don’t really miss it and I esp don’t miss all the bloating, tummy ache mess it leaves me in! :)

  3. Oh I was guilt of that too…even last year I was still eating them. GROSS.

  4. oh my gosh, what a crisis! glad simon is okay :)

  5. Thanks Penny!! I got rid of milk after college because I realized that my daily bowl of cereal was what was causing my issues every morning. After I stopped most dairy my mom said – oh well that makes sense you were allergic to dairy when you were a baby – we had to give you soy formula!! She said she forgot to tell me….ha. I think realizing that you don’t have to be bloated every day is one of the most eye opening things about Whole30! Good luck :)

  6. Krystin C. says:

    I look back at what my hubby and I ate when we were dating and it makes me want to vomit! Funny story about our family pet about 8 years ago. We lost a turtle, yes a turtle that my husband brought home from one of his jobs. We had it for a few years. Then one day my stepson (now 16) says where is Shelly he was about 8 at the time, I did the same thing said in her cage (in my mom voice). Totally thought he was joking. Turns out my hubby left Shelly the turtle outside to eat dandelions while he washed the car and then he came to pick me up at work… and left Shelly outside. Oops! :) No more pets for this fam! Who loses a turtle anyways! ha! My son still thinks we owe him a new pet.

  7. Hey Dorothy! So glad to hear you are doing the Whole30 again. I commented on one of your nutrition posts last year because I have done the Whole30 before. I like the idea, and completed 1 whole30 but I did feel like I struggled with energy for running on my second Whole30. Could you please share a little more about what you have done (if anything) to keep your energy levels up? Do you eat more carbs than Melissa and Dallas recommend? Do your legs feel snappy and fresh when you are running? I felt like my legs were noticeably heavy on most days and that I didn’t have any kick… and this was just from doing regular running, no speedwork or tempos. My easy run pace slowed significantly. Would love to hear your thoughts on this one!

  8. I think we are all guilty of eating super low cal foods to be “healthy” in the past! I remember thinking that lean cusine pizza’s, diet soda, and light Dorritos with pickled jalapenos were find to eat as long as I didn’t go over 1400 calories in a day. GROSS!!! Especially since I am SOOOO much stronger now and even though I’m not counting calories, I’m probably eating over 3000 in a day! And I’m only one clothing size bigger (but at 5’8 it really wasn’t good for me to be a 00-0, I’m much better as a 2) :)

    I’m so glad that you guys found your hamster and that you’re rocking your Whole 30!

  9. natrunsfar says:

    Cracking up! This is classic – love the post. I TOTALLY get all whiny about my birthday too and my husband doesn’t care the least bit about his. I care more about his birthday than HE does.
    We don’t have a hamster, but that is most likely what would happen with my 3 kiddos! So glad you found him!
    The whole30 looks very interesting – right up my alley…
    BTW, your kids are ADORABLE.

    Have a happy day!

  10. fettuccine alfredo with GRILLED chicken and STEAMED broccoli. I mean – those are buzz words right… minus the whole cheese sauce part. explains so much about college.

  11. When I was little, my hamster used to run away ALL THE TIME. She was a little Houdini! I don’t even know how she got out of her cage all the time. Here are things that I tried that helped a little bit (in case Simon becomes a Houdini of your own): twist tie the front of the cage, put books on the top of the cage, and lock the front of the cage with a combination lock. When the hamster gets out, they don’t know the concept of “doors”, so I often found mine eating away at the carpet in the corners of my bedroom. If she got out of my room, I often found her in my mom’s closet in the shoes :)

  12. Tricia Johnson says:

    That’s absolutely adorable that you guys have a love like that. I hope to have something like that some day soon!

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