For the past ten days I’ve been eating Whole 30. I say eating and not doing Whole 30 because I drank on Christmas Eve and Christmas {Café Patron on the rocks – YUMMM}. I needed an internal reset after all the junk I ate in Hawaii. Eric likes to remind me that I didn’t eat THAT horrible. Admittedly I didn’t throw caution to the wind but I did eat foods that I react badly too and those are junk to me. They felt like treats at the time, but now looking back it wasn’t really treating myself because I felt terrible after. No regrets though because Hawaii was amazing….just getting on track from here on out.

When I was tested for allergies last year I reacted a 4 out of 4 to wheat and I’ve gone back and forth on taking this seriously and then not giving a crap because I am mildly angry that something I enjoy eating so much makes me feel horrible.

For some people it would be an easy process – you find out you have issues with a food and you avoid it at all costs. For whatever reason I struggle with stuff like this and while you may be reading this and scratching your head thinking – I just don’t get it – if it makes you feel horrible why eat it… me I scratch my own head wondering why it’s has been such a complicated process for me when it shouldn’t be.

There are foods I dislike that I was told I have a reaction to – so avoiding them is NO BIG DEAL – but anything that I remotely like and it’s been a long road. I won’t say tough because cancer is tough…I don’t have cancer…I have food intollerances and other issues that I can manage if I choose to manage them properly. I’ll also note that I am allergic to the wheat, it’s not the gluten, which is why when I tried gluten free it didn’t work for me, that and I was still eating other stuff I was reacting to… times.

In the past 10 days I’ve cooked more food than I probably have in the past 6 months, and guess what? It’s fun! Really, really fun. I thought I was terrible at anything to do with making food. While won’t even begin to say I’m good or even decent – I have made food that hasn’t made me want to gag – so that is a victory in my book.

Christmas morning I knew I needed to make something sweet to eat while everyone else was chowing down on sticky buns, so I made apples with cinnamon. They were heavenly. {a food photographer I am not!}


They are super easy and take zero kitchen knowledge or experience.

  • Chop up the apples into little pieces and add them to a frying pan.
  • Add enough water that they can boil a little bit but not so much that it looks like you are cooking pasta.
  • Once it starts to boil a added a scoop full of coconut oil and some cinnamon.
  • Stir occasionally while letting the water boil away – when the water is almost gone add more cinnamon and keep stirring till you desired crispness. One batch I made I thought for sure I had burnt, but it turned out to be the best tasting in my opinion.

Scoop out some into a bowl and top with some coconut milk {I prefer the light coconut milk from Trader Joes}. The warm apples warm up the milk which mixes together with the cinnamon to basically make a heavenly breakfast or dessert.


January 1st my friend Jess and I are going to do Whole 30 together – I’m excited to do this for the 3rd time! The last time I ate that way for an entire 30 days was in 2012. I went back and looked at pictures I took at the beach that summer and it’s amazing how much happier and healthier I look than the bloated me – that was the day after I got home from Hawaii.


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Have you done Whole 30? Love it or hate it?
Doing a Whole 30 Starting January 1st?


  1. I’m starting Whole 30 on January 5th (I need to get through new years and the weekend to organize my kitchen!).

    The thing that helped me give up the food that made me feel bad when I was diagnosed with Celiac was knowing that I was increasing my risk for cancers and shortening my lifespan if I cheated. I know you have an allergy or intolerance, not an autoimmune condition, but the inflammation that your body is responding with has got to have a long term negative health impact. So maybe you could think of it that way… I know that is the only thing that keeps me from eating food with gluten in it!

  2. Oh man, you are not alone! It is NOT easy to turn down those foods we know we shouldn’t eat and would feel so much better if we didn’t. I swear all the time after eating _______ foods that I will NEVER EVER again. Then a bit of time goes by and the craving hits and I cave…and then pay for it. Just know that you are not alone and it is super hard for everyone!

  3. I did a Whole 30 back in May (with a few cheats, such as the occasional soymilk in my coffee, white potatoes, and a Sunday cookie at my Mom’s house) and felt so amazing during/after that I switched permanently to a paleo lifestyle. It went downhill in late October, after I finished my first marathon and with all the holiday sugar around. I have Celiac and have eaten gluten free since 2010, but its really easy to avoid gluten and still eat crappy. Every year I let things go a little too much around the holidays and have to reign it in after. I started another Whole 30 on Saturday, and plan on seeing the extra Christmas weight melt away soon :-) Good luck! It’s not always easy, but just remember to stop and pat yourself on the back for each and every good decision. Good health doesn’t happen when you make the commitment to eat a certain way; it happens each and every time you put the potato chips back on the shelf, pass by the brownies on the counter without taking a bite, and saying no thanks to the bottle of beer. Appreciate the small victories :-)

  4. Hi Dorothy. I have been following you for a while and love your posts. I especially love your openness and honesty with your weight struggles. I have always struggled with my weight and know I always will. I have spent the last 10 years trying to figure out the best way to eat healthy for my body. I know we are all different. I have been a runner off and on since high school, and this is what keeps my weight in check. I have PCOS and ADHD, both of which are highly affected by sugar, so I know I feel best when I stay off refined sugar as much as possible. Sorry for so much info! I did a Whole 30 challenge back in May and I loved it and loved how I felt. I have adopted many of the things I learned. My only problem was that I didn’t seem to have enough carbs to keep up with my mileage. I was wondering if you have any advice on this. I just decided to go no sugar, no flour, no processed food (starting today!) but not sure if I need to do Whole 30 or not. Good luck to you! Let me know your thoughts! (If you have time!)

  5. Hi Kelly!! Thanks for your sweet words!!

    When I did Whole 30 the last time I was in the thick of marathon training and running a lot for me so I ate more than my fair share of sweet potatoes. I had one or more a day and was at my goal weight despite feeling like I was overeating {I don’t think I was – I think I was just eating more than I was used to eating}. This time around I haven’t been running as much because I’m giving my body a break before I start training for Boston so I have really been laying off the carbs and eating more fats. My mind {I say this because I have issues as well and know that when I’m eating crappy for me – my mind is out of control} and digestive system feel absolutely amazing right now – even though it’s only been 10 days and even though I had alcohol. Still working on the unwanted weight that I always have during the winter {I’m not someone that the weight drops off when I eat paleo} – but that takes undoing habits of mine – so I know it’s going to take more than 10 days. That being said – I think Whole 30 only works if you don’t then binge on crap after the 30 days….I read the book – The Power Of Habit – they suggested it in one of their daily emails and I highly recommend it. For the most part I eat REALLY healthy….I think my main issue is with eating foods that I am allergic too that set off different types of reactions. I’ve been getting hives more lately, so I know my allergies are worsening which means I have to take them more seriously than I was before. I’m rambling…hope that helps

    If you want to do Whole 30 I say go for it!! I’m starting Jan 1 with Jess and my Saucony Cadet Danielle is doing it again and she is starting Jan 2 if you want to join us :) I feel like it’s always easier when you have others to be accountable to!

  6. Thanks so much for your quick reply!! That is awesome! My marathon training started today- I have been aiming to qualify for Boston since my first marathon in 2005. :-) 2 babies and 9 marathons later I have gone from a 5:11 to a 3:48, I just need to get that last 8 minutes off! Anyway, I am believing that 2015 is my year to BQ! I was reading a website that had interviews with people who had qualified for Boston and one thing they listed was their weight. It made me realize that weight is definitely a factor. So, I am getting serious about being fit. I will definitely join with you on January 1st! Thanks for your motivation! I look forward to continuing to follow your journey! If you have any other advice for this average runner with a Boston dream, let me know!

  7. I think weight matters but only to an extent – don’t take that advice to the extreme please – I did that and got down to 110….NOT a healthy weight for me at all {sure I loved how I looked because I thought I finally looked like a runner – but now I see how absurd that is}…I ran my fastest marathon time once I gained some of the weight back and was back in the healthy BMI range. I also will say that last year when I ran a 3:13 I was even heavier than I was for most of my slower marathons….so yes weight matters but only if you are at an unhealthy weight and need to lose excess fat OR if you are an elite and it’s your job to basically have no body fat :) 😉

    Are you following a training plan now? 8 minutes is VERY doable in one training cycle :) Did you already pick a marathon? I really believe that where you run a BQ attempt can be just as important as the training!

  8. I feel honored that you are replying so quickly to my questions! My 3:48 was in 2008 and I have had good marathon training cycles since then, but have just not been able to be at my best when the marathon comes. The best I have felt was in 2010 and I ran St. George, UT, but the weather was warmer that year than usual and my body just couldn’t take it after 19 miles. I was extremely disappointed and right after that marathon is when Boston made the qualifications even faster. (I was 33 at the time so that moved me from a 3:40 to a 3:35). I was devastated and took some time off marathon. I had some infertility in 2011 and then a miscarriage at the beginning of 2012. Had my sweet baby in 2013 and am getting back on the BQ horse! I am 5’3 and a healthy weight for me is low 130’s. When I had my body fat tested, the weight of my bones and muscle mass together was 107 so I know I am not meant to weigh under 120. That was a good lesson for me to learn and see on paper. :-) I weighed in at 138 today, so I am working hard to get back down to the low 130’s if not 120’s. I try not to stress about my weight, but I read the book Racing Weight and it does make sense that it is better on your body to have less weight to carry for 26.2 miles. I want to do it the healthy way though. I too discovered Sweet Potatoes when I did my last Whole 30. :-) I know I am not a typical tiny runner and I am okay with that. I actually believe that my “bigger” thighs have kept me injury free for the 12 years I have been running. My “skinnier” friends seem to be more injury-prone.
    As for training plans, I have followed many different ones trying to find the right one for me. :-) Hal Higdon’s advanced 2 is the one I was following when I got my PR of 3:48, so today I actually started his plan again. I did Hanson’s for my marathon earlier this year, but I found that I actually missed the 20 mile runs. I seem to recover well from the longer runs and I enjoy them. I read Run Faster after it was recommended to me so I have been adding hill sprints to the end of some of my runs. My focus right now has been to get as many miles as I can at my goal pace. (8:23) I think I am meant to be a long and slow runner and can run forever at the 9 minute pace. I am trying to trick my body into being faster so I can qualify for Boston. :-) I am sure I am giving you way more information than you want, but I appreciate your responses. I would love for this to be my year!! Thanks for your help and encouragement! You are awesome!!

  9. Oops, I forgot to mention which marathon I am training for. It is a new marathon in Oregon called the Pacific Northwest Marathon. I live in Oregon and I love running races here! I only race on Saturdays,not Sundays, so that makes my choices a little more limited. I have not had much success running races at high elevation, so I was happy to find a new Saturday race in Oregon!

  10. Reading your blog was what got me interested in Whole 30 in the first place! I did it back in March of this year, and oh my gosh was it hard. I don’t like chopping out entire groups of food. But I will admit I felt fantastic for a while.
    I carried on with a paleo style of eating for a few more months (except dessert. I have a crazy sweet tooth), but eventually reintroduced grains back into diet when I was feeling sluggish and my run were miserable. Maybe I wasn’t doing it right, or maybe it’s not just for me where I am in my life right now. I don’t regret it – it taught me to love all kinds of veggies & I that I didn’t love cheese as much as I thought :)
    Enjoy doing it with Jess! I wish I’d been able to do it with a friend.

  11. I’ve never done Whole 30!!!
    I just read on it, sounds interesting. I have lots of issues with allergies and being bloated

  12. Might be joining y’all on this Whole 30 journey!

  13. I did a whole 30 last fall and it was incredible! I have lost about 50 lbs through running, lost another 14 with whole 30 and it really changed my body. Did really well afterward but have gotten sloppy in the last few months so I too am starting the next round on Jan. 1. It is almost harder to start the second time because now I know what a challenge it is (no coffee-and-cream–and in the winter!). But just trying to keep in mind how satisfying it was to complete this.

  14. Yes, it is definitely so tempting to eat all the bad foods at this time of year, I have done the same as you! Now focusing to get back on track with my healthy diet.

    I also have a food intolerance and mine is to dairy. Quite a tough one but mostly I can avoid it ok. I did have a bit though at Christmas but suffered after :(

    I like your simple recipe, I will give it a try. I may also add a bit of ginger to this as well as it helps to speed up the metabolism and tastes great :)

    Thank you and happy new year to you

  15. Hi Kelly – apologies to both you and Dorothy for butting in here, but I, too, have PCOS and am training for a winter/spring BQ (we’ll see how it goes, I have to drop 7.5 minutes from my last marathon 2 years ago). The Whole30 way of eating helps me keep my sugar cravings in check, though I am not sure it directly helped my PCOS. I’d love to chat with you more about it – my email address is vkanders at gmail dot com.

  16. V – You are always welcome to butt in :) you were a big help the first time I did a whole 30! Hope you had a good holiday xoxo Dorothy

  17. I’m right there with you on the dairy – I haven’t had a glass of milk since college!! For awhile I would steal eat ice cream and take lactaid but now even thinking about ice cream makes me feel icky. Tried it again Hawaii and regretted it almost immediately. Good idea on the ginger!! What really has been working for me since I got home from Hawaii is looking at the picture I took the day after and seeing how much physical pain I’m in – I don’t ever want to get back to that place so it has made avoiding foods for the past 11 days easier. Happy new year to you too!

  18. That’s an incredible about of weight – congrats!! My hubs did whole 30 too to clean up his diet and it completely transformed his body that summer. Coffee and cream were hard for me the first time too :) I really suggest the book – The Power of Habit – the Whole 30 people suggested it and it’s a really great read on how to ditch bad habits – it’s not just food habits but habits in general. It really helped me.

  19. YAY!! Join in – I can’t promise I will blog every day but I will try to my best to so we all can chat during the month. For the past 11 days I’ve also been trying to keep a journal about how I feel and thoughts and I think that’s helping me a lot. I didn’t do that last time around and so I am praying this time it will be even more effective at changing life habits/patterns. Hope you had a good holiday!!! xo

  20. Hi Victoria, you are definitely not butting in! I will email you. I always feel alone with my PCOS. I truly believe that running has been my saving grace but I feel a hundred times better when my food is under control as well! Sounds like we are on a similar journey!

  21. So glad I found your blog. And this post. I think I may try this Whole30. I know my eating is my problem. I work out 10 hours a week, but something is off (weight.) Although I need to commit to trying…not try to try. I do hope you’ll be doing updates on your Whole30 day to day issues. :-)

  22. Krystin C. says:

    Hey Kelly, I live in Oregon as well, am hoping to qualify for Boston AND just found the Pacific Northwest Marathon. It looks like a great flat course! Are you on twitter or instagram (my name is krystinc03) ? What part of Oregon do you live in, I am in Tualatin. Take care and happy running!

  23. I really want to do the Whole 30. I tried last year but starting was hard because I kept getting headaches. So I am trying to gradually start the Whole 30 by February.

  24. Tried this tonight and I loved it!!! Thanks so much. I am doing Whole 30 as best as I can! :-)

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