I’ve been blessed with talents, cooking is not one of them. I can however make a mean[in my opinion] tuna pasta. It’s my own recipe, ooo la la, and it’s easier than a 3 mile run. The ingredients are mostly from your pantry, so it’s a great one to go to when you have no time to make anything elaborate. It’s a great mix of carbs, from the pasta, and protein, from the tuna, so it’s a perfect meal pre or post long run.

Mile Posts’s Tuna Pasta:

ingredients –
two cans of tuna in water
one jar of classico tomato pasta sauce
light olive oil
light table cream
fresh basil (optional)
fresh grated parmesan cheese(optional)
black pepper
chopped garlic
any pasta you prefer (penne or angel hair are two of my favorites)

Add a small amount of light olive oil to a cold pan. Add a small spoon full of chopped garlic. Turn up the heat to med/high. Move the garlic around until it is lightly browned and then add the entire jar of pasta sauce. Stir. Drain tuna, getting rid of the water. Add two cans of tuna to the pasta sauce, stir. Turn the heat source down to low. Once blended add roughly half a carton of light table cream to the pasta. This turns the tomato sauce into a lighter pink color. Add salt and pepper to taste. If you have fresh basil, chop into small slivers and add to the sauce. Serve over al dente pasta. Garnish with fresh grated parmesan cheese.

The entire meal takes about 10 minutes to make or roughly as long as it takes whatever pasta you choose to boil. I use Classico tomato sauce because I not only like the way it tastes but because it comes in mason jars. After I use the pasta sauce, I clean the jars and put them away in my cabinet for use as a drinking glass. I’m weird about what I drink my water out of – Mason jars have become my favorite. How’s that for recycling :)

If you happen to be a chef or are naturally blessed with the talent of being a good cook then visit my two favorite food bloggers – Hungry Mom On The Run and Feed Your Sister. Tell them Mile Posts sent you [wink wink]


  1. saundra says:

    I like the plug for mason jars. Growing up, we only drank from mason jars and peanut butter jars though we had several sets of drinking glasses!

  2. Awww that pasta looks amazing. I love tuna and will continue eating it despite the mercury warnings! 😀

  3. Rebecca Samson says:

    This sounds delicious and I'm up for anything that is easier then a 3 mile run :)

  4. Thanks Dorothy for linking my blog to your blog!!! Glad you are enjoying it ! I'll try to come up with some good foods to eat after a good run!!

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