Chair dips are a simple yet effective way to tone the back of your arms.

I do them with my legs stretched out rather than at a 90 degree angle. This makes the dip harder.

This simple exercise may not be easy when you first start doing it. A month ago I started doing them on a regular basis I could barely make it through 5 with out my arms burning. I am now up to 2 sets of 20 and am seeing improvement daily.

Miles admits - Mommy I'm better at taking pictures of things - not people :)

This exercise does not require a fancy gym machine and you can do it almost anywhere.

For a look at how to do traditional chair dips check out this Fitness Magazine article.

Do you do chair dips? Love them or hate them?


  1. Katie @ msfitrunner says:

    I love these. Most of my exercises are just like this one – very simple but very effective ones that I can do anywhere around the house or anywhere the kids are. And they work so well!! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I do them and hate them. Sometimes I also will have one leg extended and keep it up off the ground and the other leg bent with my heel into the floor, so it doubles as a hamstring/glute exercise for the bent leg and a quad/stabilizing exercise for the straight leg too that way. Hard! But good. Oh and I think Miles is a great photographer :) :)

  3. I love chair dips! They are so simple and yet provide some awesome results. When these get way too easy for you, try putting your legs up on another chair. Those are killer!

  4. So they really work? I have done them, with no regularity. Okay, I will give them another try…. legs OUT!

    Thanks, Dorothy.


  5. I’ve always given up after a few days but if they work, I’ll give it another go. These bingo wings have to go!!!!


  7. I love how Miles is your personal photographer! :)

  8. Ugh…I hate these!!! But I love them, too. These and pushups.

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