Every morning you wake up – you have a choice.

You can focus on all that discourages you OR you can focus on what encourages you.


Discouraging things can come in the form of huge things – like a close family member getting diagnosed with breast cancer OR they can come in the form of little things – like your fully charged garmin going blank and dying as you walk out of the house at 4:55am.

Encouraging things can be big – your grandfather is doing well on dialysis and is feeling better OR in the form of small things – fitting in to a pair of running shorts that you haven’t been able to get on in over a year.

Some of us are able to easily move past discouraging things and focus on those that encourage, for others of us it is a daily battle to focus on all the positive and not let the ONE little thing wrong with your day overpower you.

This morning as I was walking out of the house my fully charged garmin unexpectedly died. I tried to use the Map My Run app on my phone for the first time and failed at that. It was 71 degrees and humid at 5am. My legs felt heavy on my run and I questioned how I can feel great one day running and miserable the next.

I came back from my run a little more tired than normal but REALLY happy.

Today I am focusing on the fact that I was able to get on a pair of running shorts that I haven’t worn in a year. I almost donated said shorts, and 5 others just like them, because I told myself that I was never going to get back what use to feel normal, so why even keep them in my closet. Running in shorts felt so freeing this morning compared to my capris that I run in to hide my legs.

Miles graduates from preschool tonight. A preschool graduation seemed like a silly thing to me, until I saw how excited it has made him. He has been non-stop talking about it for a week. Can’t wait to see his big smile and little wave tonight when he sees us in the pew watching him graduate.

I’m going to be recording my first podcast with Dimity and Sarah of Another Mother Runner today. This scares the crap out of me – I don’t like my own voice and having 30+ minutes of me recorded talking about running doesn’t sound like anything anyone would want to listen to. I’m embracing my fear and telling myself that even if my own sister is the only one who listens to it then it was worth the time.

I am focusing on the fact that my husband booked a last minute beach trip for us to the Outer Banks and we leave in 4 days. This time next week I will be laying on a beach {or going for a run} on the lovely shores of North Carolina. I feel MOST at home at the beach. I pray when I am old and grey that I live near the beach. I can already imagine the pitter patter of little grandchildren running all around my future beach house.


I know this day may throw some more discouraging things at me, they may be big or they may be small, but I am making a conscious CHOICE today to focus only on those things that encourage me and make me happy.


What will you choose today?

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  1. This morning, like you, I chose to focus on the positive. I got up to run even though my legs are still sore, felt heavy and the humidity is out of control. I felt energized post-run and knew that I made the right choice getting out of bed early.

    How sweet that Miles is so excited about his graduation!

  2. I needed to hear this today! My run last night was NOT awesome at all. Legs felt heavy, I had to stop to walk twice, and more than once considered shutting it down early and heading home. I made it all the way in the end, but it wasn’t pretty. It’s moments like those that I question why the heck I still do this. (I probably should write all my reasons down somewhere so I can be reminded!) Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve been following your blog for about a year now. You are an inspiration!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! There are a million external elements that can get us down or discourage us, but at the end of the day we control how we approach and recover from setbacks and disappointments.

  4. You have the best attitude! I’ve been working on seeing the good in things and making the most of situations instead of taking the easy way out. It makes life seem a little brighter each day

  5. Looking forward to hearing you on the podcast!

  6. Wear shorts if you want to wear shorts! Always encouraging.

  7. I really hate the sound of my voice, too. I get the feeling that it will sound just fine to other people. Even weird voices can be nice on a podcast.

  8. I love this!
    I chose to wake up early today and was outside running at 5am! Felt great! :)

  9. Great post! I chose to get to the gym, even though I was running late, and work as hard as I could in what time I had! Got in 40 minutes and my legs feel like jell-o this afternoon!

  10. Today I chose to be fearless in my yoga class! To embrace my fears in both my postures and my life and to stretch it out, breathe it out, twist it out, and just go for it. I haven’t felt that good in a while in yoga. It was hard. I wasn’t perfect. I stumbled a little bit, but it’s just like life. Keep pushing, keep moving, and keep going for it!

  11. I completely understand. I think that sometimes when we feel “off” or feel vulnerable because we’re sick, have our period or migrane, the little things seem to bother us. All too often, we try and push the bother away by saying, “well, at least I’m not in a wheelchair Africa” not to say that you shouldn’t look at the bright side of things but, I do believe we need to acknowledge our discomfort or irritation but not let it control us. It’s OK to be bothered by your Garmin going dead. There is so much pressure in the world today to be perfect and this includes the pressure to be happy and see the joy every moment of the day, but to me that’s not possible. I don’t find joy in cleaning up my children’s throw up at 3am nor to I find joy when my Garmin goes dead. We must support each other in allowing a small window to be irritated, upset, to say “fuck” or be disappointed, that’s what friends are for. We acknowledge our irritation just as we acknowledge pain in the last mile of a race, the key is to not allow that pain or irritation to take over and control us… as you so brilliantly said “I run this body” we also run our thoughts :) So sorry about your Garmy.. huge hug xoxo

  12. I chose the encouraging today. I had my first run after my half marathon — complete with wicked ankle burns (weird story) — and it was awesome.

  13. Great post! We have to stay positive or we could really get down. WE control our happiness and outlook on life!

    I felt the heat and humidity of NOVA today, too. As the title of my post today showed, I had a crappy run, too. I chose to come inside and have an amazing strength training workout in my air conditioned basement!

  14. J @ semplicemente j ... says:

    You always inspire me. I am having trouble getting back to longer runs or constant runs. I sometimes wonder if it is still something within me. I ran with your amazing tshirt as I told you on my 6 mile run AND completed my own little challenge of running every day while at a tradeshow … but am already doubting what my running will be tomorrow. I too wondered how I can have a wonderful day when I feel as if I can run forever, just to wake up the following day trying to reach a mile. I am very hard on myself … little time … and my job and family responsibilities. I always feel I need to run at least 3 miles during weekdays, but now I working on just running whatever the distance it may be even if it is just one mile. Thank you for reminding me to concentrate on the positive. Love reading your posts.

  15. It sounds like you made some excellent choices! I’ve had lots of negatives pop up the last few months, some harder to get past than others, some more serious than others, but I knew I always had a choice. Sometimes I let myself wallow, sometimes I moved past more quickly than other times. But, making that choice to focus on the positive and move on is always a great one to make!

  16. Great post! I tend to let little things discourage me and ruin my whole day, but you’re right that it’s the individual’s choice on how to feel and let that influence the day. I’ve heard writing down a list of things to be thankful for helps – I keep meaning to do that to refer back to during frustrating moments.
    I look forward to listening to your podcast – I hope you post where we can find it once it’s all said and done :)

  17. I needed this tonight…thanks. :-)

    xoxo from Trinidad

  18. I love your blog. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks Dorothy. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!! Congrats to your little man:)

  19. Mile Posts + Another Mother Runner? Two of my favourite things combined!

  20. Rachael says:

    Thank you! I was just sitting here whining to myself that I haven’t ran in two days because of this crappy head cold and how I missed my 1st track workouts with a running group I finally had the courage to join! I’m thinking positive now! I’ll feel better in a few days and will be back out there running the roads! School’s almost out and this teacher will have all summer to run, run, run!

  21. I LOVE your first few sentences. I quoted you on my FB wall today. Such good words of wisdom. I’m excited to hear you on the podcast–love that one!

  22. Love this Dorothy! This is so true in climbing as well. Have a wonderful time in the Outer Banks! Out of all my family vacations overseas and within the US, my most memorable is still when my parents took my brother and I to the Outer Banks. It’s definitely a special place!

  23. So true Dorothy!! It’s amazing how a POSITIVE attitude can really change your day, even when things go wrong. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and just tell myself “today IS going to be a good day!”! It’s so easy to get annoyed when things mess up your day! I feel like I’m constantly trying to not sweat the small stuff, which my husband is constantly reminding me to do! And amen to that beach house sister!!!

  24. Life is inevitably hard sometimes and it is so true that our attitude dictates so much. It’s ok not to like bad things, but simply dwelling on the bad things and just being sad or mad (in an unhealthy way) doesn’t do much good either.

  25. This was just the post I needed to read! I made goals for this month that I have no idea if I will be able to reach them because all of a sudden I’m having a hard time running like I have been. Its so frustrating but focusing on the fact that we can just get out there and that we are lucky to do that is so true. Thank you for being amazing!

  26. Krystin says:

    Thank you for this post! I try to be more positive than negative, its a great reminder for all of us! Enjoy your weekend at the beach, I am going to the beach too! I love stepping away from everyday life to take a breath of fresh ocean air! Although here in Oregon it looks like we will be getting rained on but got the rain boots and rain coat packed! :)

  27. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I had a really crappy day yesterday. Luckily I have a husband with a level head because this morning would have been an emotional disaster and probably would not have worked out. But you make a point that I can’t let one issue ruin my whole day or at least the fact that I need to run to clear the bad (and feel good).

    I’m sure you rocked that podcast!!

    And congrats to your little guy. :-)


  28. Great post. So true. You’ve hit the nail on the head. :) I love your blog!

  29. Love you, love this post! Your attitude is so inspiring!

  30. Samantha H says:

    Thank you for your positive messages and motivation. Can not wait to hear you on the pod cast. You, Dimity, and Sarah – yes!!!!!!! Really looking forward to having you three “join” me on my run soon!!!!!

  31. I know exactly what you mean… I choose to be positive & work on something I’ve needed to do for a LONG time. Today, I developed a training plan to ween myself off my walk breaks when I run … so I can hit my 2-hour 1/2 marathon goal in November. Stay Positive!

  32. I listened to the podcast on a particularly difficult run last night and it motivated me to keep going. Thank you!

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