My mom is in town so I had the rare pleasure of a solo run this morning. While I do love training with my kids – I am feeling a little burnt out pushing 100+ lbs of kids. 4 recovery miles in between getting #1 ready for school and on the bus and needing to get #2 and #3 ready for a pre-school Mother’s Day Tea at Miles’s school.

  • Mile 1: 8:08
  • Mile 2: 8:13
  • Mile 3: 8:11
  • Mile 4: 8:00

When I was in my early 20’s and had all the time in the world – I thought I was too busy. Now that I have NO time I realize that it’s not about having time – no one has time – you have to make time.

If you want to run – you have to stop making excuses as to why you can’t – why you don’t have time – why your knees are bad – why you have no one to watch your kids – why you are too overweight to attempt to run – just stop it with whatever excuse is in your head and do it. You are not alone. Even the fittest most motivated people, at times lack, motivation or make excuses – but they are quick to either find motivation or push through the excuses – it’s a choice you make to live your life to the fullest [whatever that may mean to you].

THERE are no breaks in parenting. It’s 24-7. Some days I think I have it all under control and other days I feel like a complete failure. Today it was under control – yesterday I felt like a failure. I am trying to be less weary and more present in the moment. Not just in the moments that involve running but in all other aspects of my life.

Miles is the sort of child that just makes you happy to be around. He is so thankful. So happy. So grateful. So full of life.

At one of his pre-school meetings – his teacher asked me if she could pray with me – in her prayer she prayed that she hopes that Miles never loses his sunny disposition and wonderful outlook on life. I pray as his mother that he is as happy when he is 20 as he is now at age four.

Here are some pictures from our morning!

What I’m Wearing:

  • Blue Jersey Skirt: J Crew [Spring 2012]
  • Grey Racerback Tank: J Crew [Summer 2011]
  • Denim Vest: Gap [Bought at Unique Thrift Store – $2.50]
  • Bracelets: J Crew, David Yurman, Braided Cotton Friendship [I made]
  • Ring: Anna Beck [Bought at Nordstrom Rack]
  • Necklace: Lois Hill [Bought at Nordstrom Rack]


  1. You are right its about making time for the things and people you love! Miles is adorable, the pic of him praying is precious, love it!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I love Mr. Miles. He truly DOES have one of the purest hearts ever. Such a sweet happy soul.

    I love that picture of him praying. Precious.

    Every moment matters.


    Ps – I have the same J Crew skirt! LOVE. Also have it in the black/bright blue stripe. I live in them. So soft and comfy.

  3. Okay I was debating whether or not it was worth it to get another :) I seriously love this skirt! Wore it to the Runner’s World Party so now it’s a fav cause it has a happy memory with it! xoxo

  4. You couldn’t be more right. When something is important to you, you will no longer make excuses but make the time to fit it in! Thanks for sharing the pics from your day. Love the outfit!

  5. You are absolutely right! Being in the moment is very important to being happy. Making the time to run and getting over the excuses in our minds are essential!

  6. I find it fascinating that when you do, in fact, stop making excuses and just do it, you look back and think of how silly all the excuses you’ve made previously were.

  7. Michelle says:

    Awe Miles is a cutie pie :-) He gets it from his mommy!

  8. Thanks for your reminder on excuses! Must remember to not get caught up with coming up with excuses. If you do somehow you end up having an excuse for everything!

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