My brain is in a fog this morning. This weekend was filled with so many wonderful things but the lack of sleep and the go go go, combined with eating things that my body reacted with has left me sluggish at best. I have a 6 mile easy run that I need to fit in this morning because waking up at 4:10 was just not happening.

Chloe Birthday 3

A little bit about our weekend —

Chloe turned 7 on the 7th! We got her an HD Kindle {I have convinced her she would LOVE to share this present with me – so it’s a joint one for both of us – hehe} We took her to get her ears pierced. My mom had a rule growing up you didn’t get your ears pierced till you were 13. I can remember as a child wanting my ears pierced so badly but having to wait longer than seemed possible, so I knew that I wasn’t going to make her wait that long – maybe 10 I told myself. Chloe has been asking and asking and it’s been hard to come up with reasons why I felt like she should wait – in fact I didn’t really have very many – so we convinced Eric that her “golden” birthday was a very special birthday that she would remember forever. She was and is OVER the moon about this. I am secretly hoping that not making her wait another 6 years to get hers done will mean that she doesn’t do what I did and get 6 piercings in one ear, 4 in the other, get to high school and pierce her own belly button with friends or go to college and think it’s a good idea to get her tongue pierced {GROSS – why did I do this?!?}. Again another instance of where I TOTALLY over did it. One day my mind will learn it’s lesson……

Chloe Birthday 2

Last night in the car on the way home from her FIRST track practice we talked about how she is a very lucky little girl and how there are many other children in the world who don’t even have food {we had just gone to the store and had a car full of groceries}. I think she is finally at an age where she is beginning to understand that she needs to be grateful for what she has and not focus on what she doesn’t have or can’t have.

Chloe Track

Her first track practice was a success! My heart was beaming for her the whole time. Ran into a friend from my old neighborhood that I haven’t seen in over a year. Her super cute little twins were wearing old school Saucony’s – ADORABLE!! While watching Chloe I got to meet another local running mom {who happens to be a triathlete} who follows me on instagram and has some of the same friends. It was fun talking to her about my relay triathlon that morning. The whole thing was a win on all accounts. I may have been either delirious or giddy but I didn’t stop talking the entire 60 minutes.

Baby Sauconys

On Saturday Miles had his first football practice! Eric played football in highschool and went on the play football for a couple of years at Virginia Tech {the year they went to the Sugar Bowl!} so needless to say Miles REALLY wanted to do this so he could be like his dad. To be completely honest it isn’t my first choice of activities I want my son in. It scares me even though it’s flag football BUT he loved it, so for now I will keep my two cents out of it. I tried to convince him to do track with Chloe – his response to me asking was very funny to me. So what do you do at track practice? JUST RUN? me: yes – you run Miles: ummmm I don’t JUST want to run. Funny to me coming from a kid I named Miles.

Miles Football 2 Mile Football 1

Sunday I was part of a relay team for the Nations Triathlon. It was my first {sort of} triathlon experience. Despite poor nutritional planning {and bad parking and possibly driving planning} on my part I had a really fun day watching and learning more about the sport of triathlon, while making some new friends. A recap will be coming this week {I’ve been terrible at doing recaps lately, but love going back and reading them myself so I’m forcing myself to start doing them more}. A HUGE thank you to Dennis who asked me to be on his team. As a child who was terrified of trying new things, I’m glad that I’m forcing myself as an adult to step out of my comfort zone.

 Nations Triathlon 1


I love hearing about your lives too!! How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

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  1. Happy Birthday Chloe!! I have been waiting to pierce daughters ears too! I keep saying 13 (that was how I was too) and I’m not sure if I’ll last that long either. I am excited to here about your experience Tri-ing!

  2. Fantastic weekend! Happy Birthday Chloe! I don’t remember how old I was when I first got my ears pierced but I am pretty sure it was before I was 13. I am 41 now with 4 earrings in one ear and 3 in the other. Belly ring came out years ago.

    I also was part of a relay team for a tri this weekend for the first time! It was a half IM distance and I was the runner. Watching it all take place was very exciting and I loved being a part of it. Would absolutely do it again!

  3. My family always went overboard on “golden birthdays” too. But you’ve got to- they are special ones! Sounds like it was just perfect for Chloe! :-)

  4. So scary to have your baby playing football! Crossing my fingers that my boy goes for soccer, swimming, running . . . BUT, I could suffer through football if it meant he was being active and loving it.

    Happy birthday to Chloe! I got my ears pierced for my seventh birthday too. =)

  5. Aww Happy belated birthday Chloe!! My parents said the exact same thing – you had to wait until you were 13 and I remember them taking me to a local jewelry shop to get them pierced the day I turned 13. It was such a great experience and special memory!

  6. Ummm these pics of the little ones are so so so so CUTE!

  7. Happy birthday to Chloe! Since I wasn’t allowed to get my ears pierced until 7th grade, I would have totally let my little girl get her ears pierced at that age if I’d had a girl.

    We had a fun weekend in Blacksburg at the Virginia Tech game. I met my hubby there my freshman year and we go back for most of the games! I’m super happy to hear that your hubby played for the Hokies. :-) Which Sugar Bowl did he play in… When we played Texas in ’95, Florida State in ’00, or Auburn in ’05?

  8. I had to wait until I was 13 to get my ears pierced too! When we went on my birthday my mom decided she didn’t want my younger sister to feel left out so she let her get hers done too at the same time (she was 10). Needless to say my 13-year-old-self was not happy she didn’t have to wait as long as I did…ha.
    Excited to read your race recap!

  9. Love this post, full of joy! My first triathlon I jumped in the water with this feeling I was going to drown! A couple weeks later I swam for a relay tri, go figure!

    This weekend I had the privilege of running with my BRF, my mom for 9 miles of her second half marathon training through the beauty of Asheville NC! Me at 18 weeks pregnant, and my mom rocking out her 9 mile run, it set up for an amazing Saturday!

  10. So cute, Chloe! Aw I wish we were doing the track program this year :)

  11. Happy Birthday, Chloe. I LOVE her pierced ears – so cute :) How was Nation’s?!

  12. I’ve been following your blog forever and never realized we had a Hokie connection. I was there the year we went to the Sugar Bowl with Michael Vick too!

    Happy birthday to Chloe!

  13. Wow I read this whole thing and only then realized it was from 2013. Ha! Sounds like it was a great weekend. I want to check if there’s more updated info. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to.

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