The other night after a ‘family run’ my husband challenged me to a race (A family run being defined as me running pushing the babies and my husband running beside us listening to his ipod – I’m still not sure if the music is for extra motivation or to drown out my talking??). A dash if you will. It could not have been more than 15 feet. I knew there was no way I was going to beat him at this ‘distance’ if you can call it that. Despite being in probably the best shape of my life(well maybe not best – but close) and Eric to put it politely not being in his prime shape(I love you dear). I knew he was still faster. So we raced – he killed me. I sulked for a moment and then told him I could totally beat him to the stop sign. He had a good chuckle. I’m not a sprinter but give me some room to work into a pace and I really thought I could beat him. We raced – he killed me – I was bitter. He ventured to say that most guys have the upper hand when it comes to sprints like that and even if he picked his most out of shape non runner friend – he could beat me as well?!?! So now I want to race – I want him to pick this person and I want to race :0)

Realistically though I don’t really care if one of Eric’s male friends can beat me at a dash. I do care if these friends can beat me at longer distances. I’m more concerned with how long someone can hold the pace rather than how fast they can get for O about 20 seconds. Just call me competitive.

This leads me to my next topic…..

Chloe loves flashcards – I love random useless information – we are a match made in heaven.

Her latest addition to her collection are some animal ones from the dollar spot at Target. I like them because on the back they tell you all about the animal – including their top speed. I’m shocked at how fast these animals can run which leads me to wonder why they couldn’t have included another little fact on how long they can hold this pace.

Here are some I found interesting:

White-Tailed Deer: 35 mph
Red fox: 45 mph
Peccary(basically a glorified pig): 25 mph
Grizzly bear: 35 mph
Gray Wolf: 45 mph
Bighorn Sheep: 20-25mph – this one really gets me – you are telling me a stupid sheep is faster than me?!?!?!
Alligator: 30 mph
Roadrunner: 17 mph
Bobcat: 25 mph – you are telling me an alligator is faster than a Bobcat?????
Pronghorn(a glorified goat): 60 mph
Skunk: 5 -10 mph – well at least I can probably out run most skunks – this is good to know
Bison: 35 mph
Moose: 35 mph
Cougar: 35 mph
Coyote: 40 mph
Raccoon: 15 mph – note to self – YOU CAN NOT OUT RUN a raccoon
American Crocodile: 20 mph
Black Bear: 35 mph

So basically I can only out run a skunk – I think it’s time to get going on some more track work outs.


  1. Karen and Kevin says:

    ha!! thats so interesting about the animals!! Totally feel you on the running thing with guys… so frustrating! Kevin once beat me while I sprinted forward and he ran backwards… yes BACKWARDS!! The 10 miler is the most recent race we ran together and it was the same thing – I had been out there running every day and he gets out for runs like once a month and he still beat me by 2 minutes. Although he was hurting afterwards and I was fine :) I've always got that – oh and the fact that I beat his 1st marathon time by 40 seconds! :)

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