I had noticed that Daphne, our little Yorkie, had been wanting to inexplicably spend more time out in the back yard lately. The weather was not warm and sunny, like when she typically wants to be out for hours. I chalked it up to her being ‘strange’ and thought nothing more of it.

Eric however noticed one night that she was sniffing and lightly digging at a pile of grass near the side of the house. When he went to see what she was messing with he noticed something moving. Assuming it was a baby bird that had fallen, he got a bag and a shovel to check it out. What he uncovered under mounds of grass and hair puzzled us. They were the size of chipmunks, with ears like bunnies, and there were LOTS of them.

Me being the investigator I am, I hopped on google.

What type of animal essentially buries her babies in someones yard?

Turns out they are indeed baby bunnies!

The mommy bunny digs a hole in a place that she thinks will not be seen by flying predators. Pulls out her own hair and tears off grass. She gives birth to her babies and leaves them in this little hole covered. In the morning and night she returns to check on them and let them nurse. She does this so as not to draw attention to them, lest they become someones lunch or dinner.

I am fascinated by these little babies and want to hold them even though they are not mine. All of us feel like we need to protect them. We have been checking on them daily and watching the dogs when they go out to do their business.

We don’t even know how many are in this little nest but fingers crossed they all survive.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Easter and Miles’s birthday with real bunnies not just chocolate ones!


  1. Cute!! :) Happy Easter!

  2. carlybananas says:

    Squeal! Cute bunnies!! :)

  3. Jessica (The Pace of Me) says:

    Sooo cute and amazing!! I feel like tearing my hair out on account of my kids too, buy it's not quite the same thing 😉 haha. Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to sweet Miles!!!!

  4. Aw, what perfect timing! Happy easter!

  5. How cute and fitting. I have never seen little baby bunnies.

  6. How adorable! And thanks for the baby bunny lesson. I learned something new today (which I try to do every day)!

  7. That's so cool! I have two big domestic bunnies at home, and they were even cuter when they were littler :) I love baby animals!

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